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Transformation of Life - Crop Circle - Norton Plantation - 7 July 2023

Transformation of Life, the Sun, can be seen in this crop circle. It is based on the Seed of Life which comes from the Flower of Life. The heart of the circle is left empty, like the other crop circles of the Sun this year, and there are six five-petalled flowers arranged in a circle, to give us a hybrid between the seed of life and the flower of life. Six times five petals gives 30, however the flowers are sharing petals in the middle, so we actually have a count of 24. It appeared on the 7th of July 2023 (which is 7-7-7 in numerology).

The crop circle of the Sun at Potterne Hill on 7-6-2023 (in numerology 7-6-7) was a similar design with 36 petals (6 x 6) around a central empty circle. Now with this new crop circle we move to 6 x 5, a transformation from the heavenly 6 to the 5 of humanity.

If we look at the Seed of Life, this is a six petaled seed that sits in the middle of the Flower of Life, by adding another six circles we start to transform to this new version. In fact, we see that the seed has actually germinated, and it is growing outwards towards the light.

The Flower of life is the completed flower and is always used to represent the two dimensional blueprint of the Sun. The Sun is where we are evolving towards, and this first great transformational step is the germination of our seed archetype.

This similar crop circle, that appeared in 2016 at Blackwood, is also a lot like a seed, although it hasn't germinated yet. The Flower of Life, in its complete form, has never been seen in the wheat fields of Wiltshire, but has been found in many different forms that are directly recognizable as connected with the flower of life.

Here you can see the seed (flower petals) that was in the middle moving upwards and turning into a five-petaled flower rather than the six-petaled seed.

These five-sided stars are what we always draw, as real people, when we are representing humanity, the human aspect of the heavens, and especially when we are drawing stars for children. The five-sided star is the symbol of our escape from the material world. This is exactly what we were looking at with the crop circle at Allan King Way on the 26th of June - Crowning the Sun.

The five petals become the Crown, crowning man. This is our transformation, not our birth into this world, but the germination of our own seed, the start of journey back to the sun. We are moving from childhood to puberty as humanity, the awakening. It is the most special of moments, also referred to as the turning point of time, but is also the most crucial of moments, as we have now developed the technology to destroy everything that we have achieved so far.

The five-petaled flower represents the flowering of mankind, our new found maturity, but it is exactly the creations of man that are leading us over the edge of the abyss, the four horsemen of famine, pestilence, war, and death. These are all in front of us every day even though we now have the chance to rise above our own nemesis, to break through the darkness, just like our germinating seedling and reach up to the light, to reach for the sun.

The task before us is not to embrace the matrix, but to rise above it. This will be the crowning of mankind here on earth. At present the rapid move to artificial general intelligence AGI is gambling the future of humanity on our ability to stay smarter than the robots. Will we survive the singularity, will we survive WW III, the nuclear winter, or a climate catastrophe, where the seas boil? Or will our true love of nature and our true faith in something higher than the earthly realm allow us to meet this challenge?

Love & wisdom,

Gary Barham. The Alchemist

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