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Above the visible world of the four elements, the natural world that we see and feel around us, is a super-natural world, a higher world, consisting of four refined levels of etheric forces. Our Earth, when seen alchemically, consists of the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, and in these four fundamental segregation's of matter we can find all of the atomic elements of science as well as the molecules and compounds all the way up to DNA, cells and life itself. As above, so below. Even though science has great difficulty in seeing the ether as real and actually denies its existence, it is the starting point of esoteric science. This boundary between our physically observable world and the world of the ethers is where science will move back to esoteric science, 21st Century Alchemy.

The four earthly elements evolved as a result of the condensation of the four ethers in the super-natural or etheric sphere around the earth. Fire together with the Warmth ether, Air together with the Light Ether, Water together with the Sound or Chemical Ether and Earth together with the Life Ether. The first two ethers, Warmth and Light, have a radiating character, similar to the warmth and light radiating out from our sun, and the second two ethers have a suctional character, drawing matter towards them such as with a magnet or a vortex and also with what we call gravity. These two extra aspects of the ethers are important to all creation of matter in our earthly world and so to our story of the quantum or sub-atomic world.

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Esoteric science describes clearly the seven incarnations, or evolutionary cycles of the Earth itself, and its inhabitants. Starting in the drawing above as only Warmth ether, top left (red), it evolves to the second step by adding the Light ether (orange), then the Sound ether (yellow) and finally the Life ether (green) to reach the turning point where are currently at in our evolution. You can see that we now have four ether forces (and out of these the four elements are born). After this turning point our earth will begin to excarnate again, losing one etheric force at each step until it arrives back at the top as only Warmth ether. (This drawing is only used as an example of these 7x7 cycles and has the colours of the chakra's rather than the colours used for the ethers in Alchemy).

Read any esoteric description of creation, from almost any form of religious belief, and you will recognize these steps and the effects that they had on the establishment of life on earth. The creation stories are the stories of the gradual evolution of the four ethers and the four elements of our world, the earth. These are not new stories, they are as old as the history of mankind, they are not made-up stories created by the wild imaginations of science-fiction writers or scientists, they are the age old stories of creation just waiting to be properly understood, to be deciphered as a modern description of spiritual science, a creation science, a true science of the very big, the very small and the world where we live in the middle, the Goldilocks zone where everything is just right for the support of life and the development of a new human consciousness.

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This colourful symbol appeared as a crop circle in 2018 and is very handy for showing the four etheric forces, the four elements and the four fallen ether forces. Starting again at the top the red circle is the element Fire and it is enfolded in a red moon=shaped embrace of the Warmth ether. Moving on to the left is the yellow coloured element of Air with the Light ether shinning out from it. Under is the element of Water and the Sound ether. Lastly, on the right, is the element Earth and the Life ether. The violet circle in the middle then represents the balanced combination of these elements and forces on our current Earth incarnation. The four smaller circles loosely connected with the Earth, hovering between the four Ethers, are the four fallen ethers, radioactivity, electricity, magnetism and plasma, the fallen or degraded forces that have become the driving forces of technology.

Next we can see that by utilizing just two direct polarities, the quarks and anti-quarks, and the photons and gluons, that are sons and daughters of the union of the quarks and anti-quarks, we have created the four fundamental particles that we need to build and power our material world from out of nothing more than the primordial Warmth Ether. This has taken four incarnations of our earth to evolve, to become our present earth, and even in this current incarnation it has been through a smaller repetition of these four steps allowing the four fundamental particles to create, step by step, once again, everything that we now know of as matter, as the solid ground on which we are standing. 

The four ethers are represented in our world by the electromagnetic force, which is invisible to science even though now extremely well known and used throughout our modern world. Without an understanding of the four ethers it will never be possible to understand electromagnetism, and science will stay in the darkness that it has pulled around itself. Returning the ethers to true science will transform science back into its rightful form, Alchemy, and reopen the book of Nature for our scientists of the future. The ether is not some sort of fifth element banished to an ancient belief called alchemy, but is the fourfold (seven-fold) foundation of Alchemy, the true science of the 21st century and beyond.

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Atom legend.jpg

The etheric realm is part of our experience every day, it is not outside of us or outside of our world, it is a within us and around us, it is the energy field that makes us, that allows our physical body and our physical world to be created out of nothing. If you look at this drawing of the atom when seen as a torus of energy, there is not one etheric energy field bur four etheric fields nestled within each other. Pushing outwards from the middle of the atom are the two radiating forces of the Warmth ether and the Light ether, expanding the energy fields of the atom out to an enormous size compared to the small nucleus of matter in the center. The two outer etheric fields of the Sound ether and Life are contracting forces that pull inwards, constricting an infinite outward explosion of the atom and giving it not just a clear and powerful boundary in space but also balancing the outwards force of the nucleus with an inwards force containing force. These two forces are always in balance, giving the atom its large size, in comparison to the amount of actual matter in the atom, and its physical mass. For more insight into this ground breaking concept go to . . . the Atom.

Without an understanding of the Ethers as a fourfold energy field with a balance between two radiating forces and two contracting forces, science will never be able to correctly explain the atom, the building block of matter, or come to the correct understanding of the energy fields and forces that are at work in the universe. There is no single all pervading, and scientifically banished, luminiferous ether or zero-point energy field filling the universe. The Ethers are in continual interaction with each other, balanced and focused where energy is needed. The focus points in the cosmos are the stars, also in the form of a torus of swirling and interacting ethers, and at the smallest level the focus points are the tiny atoms, a torus of massively concentrated energy, used to create all of matter. The Ethers are a fundamental of 21st Century Alchemy. 

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