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Developing a Human Consciousness is the main task for us while here on the physical earth, it is our true goal. So, what does this mean? We have long been led to believe of gravity as a one-way force, a constant pulling towards the center, a never ending pull that continually leads us on to our final resting place amongst the dust of the earth. The forces of gravity and the destruction of matter powering our present world and pushing us towards an unknown future dominated by the massive depletion of resources, loss of biodiversity and extinction of species, leading eventually to our own extinction? It is so easy to be attracted towards the physical pleasures, wealth and domination of a world powered by matter, gravity.


A true Human Consciousness will repel us away from this physical prison, will radiate us, and our newly found wisdom, out into the etheric spheres, out to the stars and the whole cosmos. To power this revolution of consciousness we will use levity, the opposite of gravity. Levity is nothing other than the radiating power of the photon, and the photon is nothing other the upper half of the sinewave created by the photon-gluon partnership. It is the photon that is powering all of nature and that comes directly from the Universal Consciousness of God.


Through following the gluon down into the darkness of physical matter, down to the physical earth we have moved as far away as possible from this Universal Consciousness, and through this fall have developed our own form of free-will on our own special earth. By following the photon back to the light we can take our new found wisdom of the Tree of Knowledge, our own human version of the creation story, back to the etheric spheres where we can create a New Heaven and a New Earth in our own form.

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We are at the Turning Point of Time, we will need to choose between a world of gravity, a world dominated by machines and technology, of an artificial intelligence run by an internet of things and big data, or the path of levity that takes us back to Nature, back to the Etheric worlds, back to the Light, back to the Garden of Life and Love, a path that takes us on the long journey . . . back Home.

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