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& Syntropy

Entropy tells us that all organised systems will eventually move from order to chaos and our universe moves from the Big bang to the great empty void. We move from birth to death. And yet it is exactly Life (nature) that is constantly rebuilding what entropy (death) is breaking down. The Sun is constantly sending energy out into our solar system, energy that is endlessly available to build and maintain the systems of nature, the laws of nature. These laws are called Entropy and Syntropy. 


The real mixing place of matter and anti-mater is the sun, in fact it also powers the sun, the sun is the focal point of our torus and the source of all of the energy in our solar system, it is a closed dynamic equilibrium, recycling everything within the system. The mixing of matter and antimatter in the sub-atomic particles, particularly the electron allows these particles to carry this energy, this potential, far out into the torus, out to the earth, where we can safely use the energy to power everything on our planet. The packages of anti-matter, anti-quarks, within the electrons flowing out from the sun are constantly building up our world, are constantly creating and supporting life, this flow of Life is called syntropy.


The decay of matter, the flow of matter back to the sun for recycling, the flow of death, is called entropy. For us, and especially our scientists who study the world of physical matter, this decay is very visible and measurable, entropy is working on all of matter all of the time, tearing down what has been built up. If it weren’t for syntropy we would have decayed away to nothing millennia ago. Luckily for us, however, we do not live in a one sided world kickstarted with a big bang, we live in a world of syntropy and entropy, a balanced duality that is building and rebuilding itself over and over again until the end of time, or until the turning point of time?

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Entropy, the never ending march of time towards decay and death becomes balanced with its opposite, syntropy, flowing out of the future to build up again, the vitality of life. Matter is balanced with antimatter, as we have now seen, the photon has its partner in the gluon, gravity is paired with levity, and electricity travels together with magnetism, we have in fact greatly simplified quantum physics when connecting these opposites. However even Newtonian physics has long asserted the same by telling us that ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’ so we should have known to always look for the dance partner, even when she was not always so easy to find.

Partnering the masculine photon with his feminine companion the gluon is the sort of alchemy, mixing of fire and water, that will lead us into the long awaited paradigm shift in science. It opens the door wide open to a New Holistic Science that easily incorporates all of the one-way arrows as true dualities. The study of light led to the equations of electromagnetism already way back in the 1860’s so we already knew the fundamentals of this duality in the last days of the true alchemists.


In the 1960’s these equations led to the quantum theory of light and the absorber theory that states that light will never be emitted unless it knows for certain that it will be absorbed somewhere. Photons when emitted will always travel paired with their dance partners the gluons, however, it may also be that the gluons are actually travelling the other way, from the absorber to the emitter, travelling backwards in time, allowing the future to inform the past. Entropy and syntropy being played out in the fundamental dance of light, following dutifully the equations of electromagnetism. The New Holistic Science of the future will flow back towards us, informing the past, and creating the change that is so urgently needed now.

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