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The Sun, our local Zero-point - Crop Circle - Cley Hill - 10 August 2023

One on the best-known symbols in Alchemy and Astrology is the Sun ¤, a circle or zero, with a point in the middle, just like this new crop circle at Cley Hill, which clearly shows us the Sun. The Sun has of course been one of the main themes this crop circle season and we have seen it shown in a number of different ways, but this symbol in the wheat fields is very plain and very simple. So, what are we being shown about the sun? This crop circle, apart from being very simple, nothing more than a central circle with a much larger single line circle around it, is quite large for a crop circle, covering almost eight tractor-lines, most circles being between two and three lines. The sun is getting bigger.

Nowadays we talk about a zero-point as being a quantum occurrence when an object or field shrinks to a vanishing point and is then reflected into the opposite condition on the other-side of the zero-point. The Sun is our local zero-point that governs all that happens in this local environment, the solar system. It is a vanishing point with matter on one side and its opposite, antimatter on the other side. Did the ancient Alchemists know much more about this zero-point when they developed the symbol for the sun? The symbol ¤ effectively being a zero with a point in the middle.

We can also see clearly that the 3D depiction of the light cones raying out from the sun in both directions, when reduced to a 2D projection produces a zero with a point in the middle.

This is the zero-point of space, for our solar system and also the zero-point of time as we have seen with the crop circle from the 2nd of August at Preston Grange - Absolute Time. The three circles represent the threefoldness of time, past, present, and future, and the fourfold star in the middle represents the four directions of space. In this one symbol we incorporate both space and time, it is a SpaceTime diagram. The first circle on the left shows us that the past has already gone, and the circle on the right shows us that the future still has to arrive. Then the cross in the middle shows us that everything spatial, everything that we know of as matter, is only happening now, in the present. This is Absolute Time, that shows us clearly that there is only the now, the present, and that we always live in the now, that the now is the only place that we find the physical world.

When we turn the crop circle into a swinging pendulum, we clearly see that a swing to the left takes us out of the now, back into the past, where we have come from, and that a swing to the right takes us out of the now into the future. Both of these swings take us out of the now, they are not real, the only reality is now. These two outer points of the swinging pendulum are held apart by the cross of matter in the middle. Outside of the two arrows, that are pointing towards the past and the future, there is no now, no physical matter, only what has been and what is to come.

In this simple drawing of the swinging pendulum we see that the Sun is the central cross, the point of matter and the point of absolute time, the present. The red circle is antimatter traveling backwards in time and the blue circle is matter, traveling forwards in time, our own feeling of linear time, leaving a trail of events behind us in time. The yellow cross is also a symbol for the zero-point of the Sun, always in the present, always synchronizing time in the now. Thus making the Christ, the spirit of the Sun, a Son of God, the Father of the Universe of Space, the Universal God, and a brother of Chronos the Father of Time. The cross of the Sun is the true cross on which the Christ is hanging, the cross of space and time, our SpaceTime.

Then we should look at this Tarot card of the Sun (Le Soleil) from the older versions of the Tarot. Here we find that the symbology in this card confirms what we have been showing about the sun so far, and we find some beautiful Alchemy at work. The two figures are standing in a circle of green with a circle in the middle ¤, the middle circle is yellow, the zero-point of the Sun. The woman is in blue, representing matter and the past, whilst the man is in red, representing antimatter and the future.

In Alchemy we are joining matter and antimatter, female and male, and the past with the future, in order to live in the present, the pendulum is constantly swinging between the two opposites, creating the world of space in which we live. The circle of green is the world of life where the two opposites of duality are meeting, and they are being rayed upon from the sun, bringing life. The building blocks of matter are also shown behind the two figures, in blue, red, and yellow.

The crop circle from the 7th of June at Potterne Hill already introduced the duality of the sun to us with its double layer of sun rays and its effect of having an outside and an inside, of matter and antimatter. The outer circle has 18 sun rays around an antimatter vacuum in the middle of the circle, 18 + 1 = 19, The Sun. And if you have ever counted the number of circles in the Flower of Life, the blueprint of the Universe, you will discover that it is also 18 + 1 = 19!

In the new 21st century Alchemy there are nine dimensions in the world of light, the world we live in, above the zero-point, and nine dimensions in the underworld, the world of darkness, the quantum world. These two worlds are reflected in the mirror of the zero-point, the zero dimension of Absolute Time, giving us the true number of dimensions of our world, 9 + 9 + 1 = 19, The Sun, and the blueprint of our World, The Flower of Life.

The quantum world behind our world of matter, finally becomes fully visible to us as a wholly understandable Quantum Geometry, a 21st Century Alchemy, a new science for the future, our future. Read more about this on the Alchemist Studio website, and in our first fully illustrated book, Quantum Geometry, How we created Light out of the Darkness.

Love & wisdom,

Gary Barham. The Alchemist

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