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Quantum Geometry - The Book, is published.  You can get the book now via our Living Earth Web-shop for €45 plus shipping. You can also help us out with our work by making a donation, this can be any amount you choose yourself.

the book
Quantum Geometry

The first of a series of books looking at Sacred Geometry as the guiding principle of our Universe, from the smallest sub-atomic particle, through all of nature at this level that we call normal, all the way through to the galaxies and the Universe itself. The book Quantum Geometry is now finished and is available for purchase. It has been an amazing journey and we are pleased to be able present the first insights of the book here online. It is a book with;

  • 277 pages

  • 9 chapters

  • A4 Large format, easy to read, 210 x 300 mm

  • 100+ colour drawings and diagrams

  • 28 pages of extra 'how does that work' information 

  • 11 inspirational thought experiments


You will discover how Quantum Geometry is the forming principle of the subatomic and atomic particles, determining how they are made, how they interact with each other and how they return to the quantum field to be recycled. You can explore how this geometry creates form out of chaos and matter out of the void. And don’t worry, this is not a book about Quantum Physics, it is not even a book about Geometry, it is the story of how the simplest application of geometry to the quantum world solves all of the present-day problems with this scientific theory. You will explore a much easier to follow geometry, that is also much closer to the simple geometry we all know already from school and create a wholly new and much easier version of quantum physics.


To understand the meaning of Life it is necessary to understand our universe, which has the direct difficulty that we are not outside looking in, we are inside trying to look out. So, when we look around us here in this world we see everything else outside of our self and only our own personal self on the inside. By understanding this duality we can make our first step towards understanding all of the other dualities and return to oneness. You can't look outside of the oneness of the universe but you can look outside of the oneness of yourself, so by fully understanding who you are on the inside, and knowing that you are connected with the universal oneness you can become that oneness. This is as much a journey into yourself as it is a journey to fully understand what is outside yourself, or as final goal. . . what is outside in the Universe.

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In this book you don’t need even a basic understanding of physics let alone of quantum physics and contrary to what some of you may have thought this is not about the specialized quantum geometry of highly complex curved and convoluted forms that the quantum string theory physicists are now using to describe their ingenious mathematical formulas. This is a story that takes us all into a new science, a totally new way of looking at the Universe that uses some very basic physics and a geometry no more difficult than what you would have already learnt at school, the triangle, the square and the circle. It gives surprisingly simple answers to many of the fundamental problems of science today.

It is absolutely fair to say that the steps laid out in this book would not have been possible without all of the astounding work and breakthroughs in science that have gone before it, all of the work of countless dedicated and motivated scientists. We are building on their story. In fact, the current complexity of science, especially quantum science, the chaos, uncertainty, and the endless unanswered questions is a bit like a look into any teenager’s bedroom nowadays, well most teenagers’ bedrooms. You will see one great chaos even though you know that everything essential to that particular life story is in there somewhere, it is all disarranged and quite illogical when it could easily be ordered and logical. It is only a youthful enthusiasm that is keeping it untidy and everyone knows that the potential for a great and successful career is only one step away. Your journey is going to take you just a few simple steps from chaos to order, to harmony and clarity, using nothing more than the enthusiasm of youth, harmonic resonance and fractal repeating patterns, Quantum Geometry.

Star Matrix Flower 7a.jpg

To help you on your way and make it all a little bit easier to get your head around, we have included a simple thought experiment in each chapter, where you can let your mind wander a bit without having to be too worried where it will take you. A sort of freestyle meditation, where you can let your higher consciousness lead the way and you can leave your calculating mind behind for a change. In fact, a great way to make this completely new concept in physics and cosmology a bit easier to assimilate is to see the whole book as one big Thought Experiment. If you let it sink slowly into your thoughts at first, before taking it all too seriously, you may be able to find the wholeness of the ideas more interesting and challenging.    

But most importantly this is a simple story of one adventure into the world of the smallest building blocks of our universe and how this knowledge will allow you to finally understand how everything else works, everything from the photon of light through to the light of the distant stars. And most importantly of all your place in this universe, and on this planet that we call Home, for now anyway…
By understanding our world at the quantum level you will be able to live fully on the level of middle earth and reach up to the levels of light above this world, as above so below. And you will be able to make the quantum leap to a new level of consciousness, a Universal Human Consciousness. 


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