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The quantum world, and our own world as well of course, plays out in three dimensions, or four, or five, we all like the sound of the 5th dimension and would love to go there, or nine . . . or even eleven! So, that doesn’t help our story much. The string theory of quantum physics needs at least seven and mostly likes to use up to eleven dimensions, but only on paper, it is only a theory and is based on mathematical calculation. We actually only see, and supposedly live in three dimensions, however, the theory of space-time adds on a fourth, time. But time is not actually a dimension, even if we want it to be. In our 21st Century Alchemy and Quantum Geometry we will talk about four physical dimensions known as the Zero dimension, and the First, Second and Third dimensions. This is all we need to create our physical universe, however in our wholisitc Universe we have another six dimensions that are non-physical, higher dimensions of pure consciousness. 

Four Dimensions.jpg

0 - The Zero Dimension. The point represents the Zero dimension, it has no actual size and can be as big or as small as you want it to be, it is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. A good way to visualize the zero dimension is the Torus itself, it has a zero point in the middle that can travel out around the torus, to be swallowed up again into the center, the point. So it is as big as the torus or as big as the point in the center, you can be in the center or out at the periphery. You can be In or Out. The Zero dimension is about being In the spatial dimension, in space, or Out of space. You can have a spatial consciousness, a physical experience, or you can be outside of space, which can only be a higher consciousness, a non-spatial consciousness. 

1- The First Dimension. As you can see we are already at the second dimension but we actually call it the first, it is the first real spatial dimension, the Zero dimension in effect being Space itself. To create the first dimension we add a second point, we now have two points, so you can join them together with a line. This line then represents the first dimension. You can travel all the way to the left or all the way back again to the right, but with only this first dimension you can never leave the line, it is very one dimensional. The First dimension is about Left and Right.

2 - The Second Dimension. We can now add a third point into our space, and joining these together we create a triangle, the Second spatial dimension. You can see that we have created a flat plane, a surface where we can walk around and explore, we can go left and right and we can go to the back or to the front, Forwards and Backwards. However we are trapped on this two dimensional plane only ever able to create a flat world, who would want to live there?

3 - The Third Dimension. Finally we can add a fourth point, and joining these together we create a three dimensional form (in our example this is called a tetrahedron), the Third spatial dimension. We are finally in 3D, the Third Dimension. You can fly, you get Levity and can now go Up or Down, which we know of as Gravity. We are finally free, or are we? Although we can now move left and right, forwards and backwards, and up and down we are still confined within space, within the torus. We have a true felling of spatial freedom but this is where it stops, this is our prison cell. However, there is a way out . . . if you think about it.

4 - The Fifth Dimension. The Fourth dimension is actually the Zero dimension! It is the dimension that allows us to go In and Out. Look at the the line going straight Up, and Down, it can take you out of the Torus, out through the vortex holes in the torus, this is our escape tunnel, this can set us free. Now that you have reached the Third spatial dimension you can use Levity to go Up and Out. The Fourth dimension is the zero dimension, In and Out, from the center, it allows your spatial consciousness to escape from itself, if you want to. This is actually what we are all talking about when we talk of the Fifth dimension . . . it is the escape from three dimensional space, reaching a higher consciousness, a return to a true Threefoldness, a wholeness, a return to God . . . Oneness

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