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The Torus is the fundamental energy recycling dynamic that is found at every level of existence, from the smallest sub-atomic particle all the way up to galaxies and probably the Universe itself. Energy is never wasted in nature and the Torus with its double vortex structure ensures that everything flowing outwards from the center will eventually curve back again around the circumference of the torus to be pulled back into the center again (as you can see in the animation above).

The Torus becomes the most important form in our physical universe. The Torus is the universal, perfectly balanced, four dimensional, anti-gravitational, eternally recycling, life enabling, infinitely fractal, matter-antimatter energy reactor.  It is the undisputed champion, standing at the interface between the visible and invisible worlds, between space and counterspace, between matter and antimatter, between the inside and outside of cells, and as a barrier between different energy systems, or vortexes, especially at atomic and sub-atomic level. Energy flows from the center out via the central vortex until it bends back around the outside of the torus and flows back inwards again, recycling energy in a highly efficient way, nothing is wasted and a continual flow of energy is always available.

Quark Torus.jpg

The Quark - Starting with the smallest sub-atomic particle known to us is the quark, a tiny geometric energy field that is used by the sub-atomic particles, the electron, proton and neutron to build the atom, they all have a toroidial form. Then on to the molecules, cells, and all living forms, we also find the torus. Going out into the cosmos, the earth, the sun, and the galaxy itself are all tori. Maybe even the outer boundary of the universe itself, at infinity, will show us the Universe as a wholistic torus. This repeating at every scale from the infinitely small through to the infinitely large is known as fractal scaling and it is how our universe really works. 


The Atom - Even though our atom is made up of the three-dimensional forms of the star-tetrahedron, the cuboctahedron and the octahedron it takes on as its final shape, in the real three-dimensional world, the form of a dynamically active octahedron, a Torus. This drawing shows how this would look in cross-section allowing us to see the diamond form of the nucleus, also an octahedron, and the forming electron clouds around the nucleus radiating out as distinct layers. What is also very significant is how the double light-cones above and below allow electrons in free space nearby the atom direct access all the way into the nucleus, when needed, making it not necessary for this flow to have to go inwards, or outwards by stepping from one layer to the next. This keeps our atom in a dynamic resonance at all times within its own form and within the active field in which it sits. For a closer look at why the torus becomes the true form of the atom go to . . . the Atom.

The Solar Torus - One of the most important contributions of the New Wholistic Science of the Alchemist studio, and virtually unknown to conventional science is the concept that our Solar System with the Sun as its central point is in fact also an energy Torus, in fact probably the most important torus we need to know about. We all think of the sun as a real nuclear explosion, parked 150 million kilometres away from us, and radiating massive amounts of energy out into space, out to infinity. However nature, even at a cosmic scale, never wastes this sort of energy, it is always recycled back to be used again and the only sensible way to do this is with the Torus. Energy, mostly as photons, plasma, and newly formed atoms is radiated out from the northern half of the sun in a cone shape, known as the light cone, until it reaches the outer boundary of the suns magnetic field where it curves back around the torus to be drawn in again via the light cone underneath, into the southern half of the sun (you can see this beautifully in the animation above). Energy being emitted out from the southern half of the sun travels out and around to the northern half. All forms of matter in this solar wind, planets, moons, plants, animals and us all make use of this energy to live, grow and evolve, with the energy that is not being used simply going around to be recycled again by the sun.   

Solar Torus.jpg

This drawing of the Solar Torus shows us the immense energy fields at work in our cosmos. There are four primary energy fields that are otherwise known as the Ethers, nestled one within the other. The outer two fields are the Warmth ether (in red) and the Light ether (in yellow), and these have a radiating effect, shinning warmth and light out into space. The inner two energy fields are the Sound ether (in blue) and the Life ether (in soft violet, seen as the cross and the Sun in the center), these have a contracting or suctional effect, also known as the immense magnetic field of the Sun, pulling everything towards the center. The centripetal or pulling effect balances the centripetal or radiating effect, keeping the Solar Torus within the boundary that we know of as our Solar System. This effect is in fact strong enough to actually pull most of the radiated light from the sun back around the torus to be recycled again in the Sun. For more information on these energy fields go to . . . the Ethers. 

The Galactic Torus - the last torus we will look at comes from the immense energy of a complete galaxy, a whole universe in itself, flowing in this mighty torus field is so strong that it gives the impression of flattening the billions of stars of the galaxy into a disc hovering in the torus, a world within a world. We have colored the torus itself black in this drawing to show the field of energy that recycles through the galaxy center as matter that is invisible to our telescopes and is often referred to as dark matter and dark energy.

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