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& Antimatter

Why should we even be talking about antimatter, we don't need to worry about it at all do we? Science tells us that it has all been annihilated, or at best has disappeared and can't be found. . . end of story. Well only if you believe the story of quantum physics, luckily we are dealing here with modern 21st Century Alchemy and it becomes possible to look at antimatter differently. Be ready to open your eyes and look at the Sun differently, to look at the universe differently. And to finally get to understand what is holding the atoms together and giving them their massive energy field. Antimatter matters!


Matter and antimatter are two sides of the same coin, in fact very much like the two poles of a magnet. Quantum physics does tell us that whenever matter is created, out of energy (or another particle), it will always create a particle of matter and a particle of antimatter, always. Scientific experiments already allow us to see a particle splitting into a positron (antimatter) spinning counter-clockwise, and an electron (matter) spinning clockwise. However, they can never exist in the same space without annihilating each other, and so science still states that antimatter does not exist in our world, which is a space of matter only.


However, if the structure, the geometry, of space allows these two opposite particles to sit on either side of an electromagnetic barrier, creating the tension we know of as mass, they could co-exist without annihilation. Not only will we find this special geometry in the atom it is also how our own Sun works. The drawing below is a graphic of the magnetic lines of the sun, showing a polarity, just like every magnet that exists. When we start to look at these very real objects in a truly electromagnetic way a matter-antimatter sun clearly becomes tangible and the ratio of matter-antimatter throughout the entire physical universe does in fact appear to be perfectly 50/50, everywhere, including you. It is this duality that creates mass, creates matter, and puts antimatter back into physics.

sun 2.png

The surface of the sun, that we observe from here, is matter, in fact it is mostly plasma made up of atoms of hydrogen and helium that have been ionized in the very high temperatures of the corona. This surface layer and the layers above this are well known to our scientists as it is all observable from here, however once we drop under the surface it all becomes speculation. The immense amounts of hydrogen and helium fuel and the high temperatures and pressures proposed to be within the sun are all based on a gravity model of the sun. Yet when we get a peek through the sunspots on the surface, we see a rather cool looking darkness, which is quite hard to explain. Why would it be dark inside a nuclear fireball? It is proposed that this comes from the immensely strong magnetic fields cooling the region of the sunspot. Of course, these super-strong magnetic and electric fields also seem rather hard to explain around a nuclear sun.


What if our sun is filled with nothing. Or even less than nothing, negative space; anti-matter, counterspace. This has always been proposed by esoteric science and with the current advances in science it also appears to be more possible than ever. The sun has a heart of anti-matter with matter in orbit around it, in a reflection of the atom which has its matter in the nucleus surrounded by anti-matter in the electrons. A star, or our sun for example, is a great place to hide anti-matter; although we have no real way, yet, to go there and look. However, when we do put it there, everything starts to have a much simpler way of working, of being. You don't even need to worry about annihilation, there is a lot of it happening continuously, you can see it with your own eyes, this is what is powering the sun and giving us all the light and warmth we need here on earth. This is what is powering our whole solar system in fact, nothing else.


In this Nasa close-up of the sun surface you can see the sea of boiling plasma at the boundary between matter and antimatter. The two sunspots shown here give a real feeling of looking into the sun, into the darkness within, the world of counterspace and antimatter.


This concept is by far the greatest breakthrough in the Alchemy of this New Holistic Science. Quantum Geometry shows how the true geometry of the quantum world allows matter and antimatter to co-exist in exactly equal amounts and at every scale, from subatomic particles up to the largest galaxy clusters. We don't need to keep looking in vain for the antimatter, it is not hidden somewhere in a far off corner of the universe or in another dimension it is everywhere and in exactly equal amounts as matter. When we look at what we call matter, the visible world, we are looking at a finely tuned balance between the two building blocks, matter and antimatter, and it is the quantum equilibrium between these two ingredients that creates our visible world. The antimatter is not hidden, it is simply fully integrated in what we do see, and what we call visible matter.

Here you see a common bubble chamber photo from a particle accelerator experiment. The spirals are particles of matter and antimatter and are always seen in pairs joined to a V shaped trail. The point of the V is where a particle split into a matter - antimatter pair with an antimatter particle spiraling off to the right in an anticlockwise spiral and the matter particle going to the left in a clockwise spiral. 


At the atomic level there is no matter - antimatter annihilation, the subatomic particles are captured in an in-formed geometry that allows all atoms to be made up of equal amounts of matter and antimatter, exactly equal, always. The geometry ensures that the matter and antimatter particles never touch, and so can never annihilate, even though a huge tension field is created. This tension field is also a duality, that we call electromagnetism, a force millions of times stronger than gravity could ever dream of becoming, and that gives matter its mass. This spinning outwards (centrifugal) and spinning inwards (centripetal) in an endless dance of the subatomic particles is what we call Quantum Geometry. This is what powers our universe at the quantum level and is what has been baffling scientists for the last hundred years. Without adding equal amounts of antimatter into the alchemy of the atomic world we can only know half of the story and continue to make very little further progress in understanding quantum physics. To find out more about how the atomic world arranges itself into the beautiful geometric patterns of quantum geometry you can jump to the page that is all about the atom.

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