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Principles of 

The Universe, as we know it was born out of Oneness, the Universal Cosmic Consciousness . . . everything else is Duality.

We know most of these dualities from common use, however we must also realize that all of the one-way arrows in science are also dualities, dualities where the partner or opposite pole is not well understood. Finding these extra polarities allows us to complete the long searched for Theory of Everything, they are the Principles of Alchemy.


Each puzzle piece in this amazing Crop Circle van 2017 leads on to one of the many polarities in the natural world and the world of Quantum Geometry. Follow the links to find out more about these alchemical dualities. . .

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In this one simple drawing from eastern alchemy that we all now know of as the Yin Yang symbol you can directly see the duality of Light and Darkness and how they hold each other balance. It is therefore so often used when showing the concept of duality. Also nicely shown in this version of the yin yang are the two symbols of the masculine (male) and the feminine (female) and how the male is linked to light and the female to darkness. Only the aspect of God can show us Oneness and all of the material world, all of our visible universe is duality, with the ultimate duality then being everything that is inside our universe and everything that is outside, this can be seen as the duality of In and Out as represented by the point, Oneness, the beginning of SpaceTime, the beginning of the worlds. . .

yin yang.png

Overcoming duality:

When dualities become polarities they will tend to place themselves as opposites and enter a struggle to dominate each other, a battle begins to see which side of the polarity will win, a battle than can easily become endless. Oneness will not be the prize given to the victor of this battle, Oneness can only find itself in any duality at the moment we find the third aspect, Balance. The duality becomes threefold, as represented by the triangle. Finding balance in any situation is the only solution to duality; for example war and peace is not a duality, war is always between two sides, left and right, and peace is the balance point between these two warring parties. You see, the third aspect we often call the balancing Point, and a point is oneness, however it can only become true oneness when the duality that is being balanced is fully dissolved into the oneness. . . at the end of Time.

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