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The great void, the emptiness, the ether, or the matrix, is the universal energy field (see the Ethers) where all of matter is born. Our universe is 99.9999% emptiness, just like the atom, leaving only a very small percentage that appears visible to us as matter. So, how does this matter appear from out of the void, from out of nothingness? The vast emptiness is a seething energy field of unimaginable power, potential, and in this sea waves of energy are traveling in all directions, crossing and interacting with each other. Forces above this sea can attract or draw energy upwards (or downwards) from the field in the form of a vortex, a tornado of concentrated energy that creates a tension between the ether sea and our world of matter. 

Photon Gluon.jpg

These two different but similar vortexes are what we are already becoming familiar with in this alchemical study, they are the photon of fire and the gluon of water. So, in Alchemy we know of them as Fire and Water, and in Quantum Geometry they are known as the Photon and the Gluon. In our technological world they are called electricity and magnetism. These two forces together are electromagnetism and in the world of matter they are the point particles called the photon and the gluon. From the drawing you can also see that they are also the fields of gravity and levity.

Quark Antiquark.jpg

This is all that you need to create matter, planets, stars, the whole universe, everything. Although there are also two extra important things that are worth knowing. Firstly, what makes up the void, the matrix of energy fields known as the Ethers; the ethers are the force fields created together with the original masculine and feminine duality at the beginning of creation known as the Quarks and the Anti-quarks. Secondly, what causes these energy vortexes to arise out of the ethers in order to create matter; that is our own creative consciousness. We are the original male and female duality at the beginning of time and space, we are creating our own universe, and we are doing this to evolve a new Human Consciousness, separate from the Universal Cosmic Consciousness. 

The vortex starts at its origin and moves progressively wider as a spiral in space, while time adds another dimension, creating the form of the 3D cone or funnel. Once the vortex reaches its point of maximum expansion it then begins to narrow until it reaches its end-point which is also the origin of the new vortex. Another way of seeing the same thing, if time is not taken as being fixed in one direction, is that once the maximum is reached, the vortex begins to retrace its path in the opposite direction. 

Double vortex.jpg

We have often been using the 2D triangles as representatives for these etheric forces and physical particles, however you can see that the vortex is really a 3D spiral, a tornado, in the form of a funnel and also in some cases a tetrahedron or a pyramid. When these energy vortexes meet point to point you have a suctional or attractive force, and when they meet at their base they have a repulsing or radiating force. In the third drawing they can also interact with each other in balance; this is the central force field of the Torus.

Quark Torus.jpg

The Quark is the smallest active torus of all sub-atomic particles and yet it has the same basic form and activity as the torus of the atom, the solar system or a whole galaxy. It is all based on the vortex energy of the etheric fields. The double vortex allows the torus to form easily out of any electromagnetic field and ensures that the torus is continually radiating and recycling energy at a ground level that is higher than the energy balance of the void, the etheric, giving it a tension field and a mass. It becomes matter.

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