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Quantum Geometry is the forming principle of the subatomic and atomic particles, determining how they are made, how they interact with each other and how they return to the quantum field to be recycled. Here we will explore how this geometry creates form out of chaos and matter out of the void.

Here you can see an old medieval painting from the Book of Kells depicting, in the middle, the X and diamond form that was traditionally used as the symbol of Christ. And around the diamond are the four Tetra-morphs as spoken of in the Bible, above is the Angel and underneath the Bull, to the right the Eagle, and the left is the Lion. It is divided here into a puzzle with one of the principles of Quantum geometry hidden under each piece of the puzzle. . .


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The first book in the series Universal Cosmic Consciousness is called Quantum Geometry and should be available early in 2022 (it is currently being edited and prepared for printing). This website contains the basics of what you will find in the book and some extra background information that will help to understand the far reaching concepts that the book contains. Two major proposals of the book, that our solar system is a Torus where the light is constantly being recycled by the Sun, and that antimatter is powering the Sun through a constant matter - antimatter reaction, go on to become the basis for a new Theory of Everything at the end of the book.

At the quantum level Space and Time combine to create the SpaceTime Fabric, a constantly moving and recycling energy field that is also known as the zero-point field or the matrix. The building blocks of matter, and so also of our entire universe are powered from this quantum field, are constantly being created out of this field.

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