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By coming to understand how Quantum Geometry brings order into the chaos of quantum physics, we also begin to see an underlying structure to the void, the nothingness that is the birthplace of matter. There is a division of the seas above and the seas below and between these two worlds is a zone of intense activity, where these two worlds collide and matter is born. This membrane is often called the matrix or the fabric of SpaceTime.


At the quantum level we do in fact find the matrix as a real membrane, or fabric, between the two ether fields above and the two ether fields below - although we can also refer these two seas as Fire and Water, the Warmth Ether and the Sound Ether. The interaction between these two fields at this level is what creates a sort of woven fabric, the knots in the weaving being small vortexes created by the photons and gluons.


Even though bending SpaceTime is proposed by science as a real geometry that gives us gravity, in a purely mechanical way, this theory is simply not necessary in an electromagnetic environment, such as the one we live in. We can certainly count in the reality of gravity as a force in our environment and it would be crazy not to as this force is clearly fundamental to our world. However, it is not a mechanical indentation in the fabric of space but rather a product of the immensely strong suctional force of the gluon being felt in the space just outside the atom. It is an extremely weak force, and certainly needs to be, and doesn’t reach much further than the atom. But when combined with the electrical charge force of free electrons and the effect of the net flow of this energy towards the atom, the atom being a net user of energy, this photon and electron flow combined with the effect of billions of billions of atoms that make up the large massive objects, such as the earth or the sun, then you can feel, certainly, and see the everyday, big world effect of electromagnetic gravity.


It is firstly the photon as an independent particle of light, separate from the sun, carrying the light of the sun, energy, out into space that creates the first opportunity to move out away from the warmth and the love of the sun. Giving all living beings the opportunity to establish a separate world, independent of the sun itself but certainly still being powered by the sun. Secondly, the ability of these photons to team together with the anti-quarks to create the electron, a real chariot of fire, forged in the furnace of the sun itself, that really gives a boost to our own creative abilities. The electron is able to carry much greater quantities of energy away from the sun in a way that makes it freely available for use as a fully rechargeable battery that can be used anywhere by anything that needs to use this energy, including us.

Finally it is the almost unimaginable success of the electrons to team up with the protons, already available in vast quantities in the sun, to create the atoms, the real building blocks of life, that allowed us to establish the many islands of matter, far away from the sun, that we know of as the planets, including our own home, the earth. The electrons circling the protons in the heart of the atoms, in a highly charged tension field, can carry these building blocks of matter, pre-loaded with their own energy charge out to our building site, the earth, where we are free to create. In fact, to create whatever our imagination likes, whatever our heart desires, there are no limits and no boundaries, except the boundaries that we set ourselves.

So, to truly understand SpaceTime we need to recognize the hidden energy patterns of the ethers and we will see just how close the scientists of the last century have come to truly revealing the breath of the gods, the fire of the heavens. The real paradigm shift will come when we can fully understand the significance of the torus form of our solar system, created by the sun and creating all of the material bodies in this torus, the planets, moons, comets, meteors and eventually us, the living inhabitants of planet earth. The torus of light and electromagnetic fields reaching far out into space before returning back to the sun to be fully recycled make the four etheric fields visible and allow us to see the four fallen ethers of plasma, electricity, magnetism and radioactivity, the four horsemen of the underworld that we now so easily welcome into our daily lives without any consideration of the perils they represent, even seeing them as the long awaited savior.

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