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Electricty & Magnetism

The electromagnetic force is a duality, made up of the electric force and the magnetic force. These two forces are carried by the photon and the gluon, as forces of repulsion and attraction, opposite sides of the same coin and joined as a combination force called electromagnetism that can be found working in the real world of the big, as well as the quantum world. The strong force and the weak force are only found at the sub-atomic or quantum level, of the world of the small and are both represented by special aspects of the electromagnetic force.

The strong force being a special case of the magnetic force of the gluon, pulling together the sub-atomic quarks as a super strong force of attraction. The weak force being a special case of the electric force, pulling the quarks apart again as radioactive decay. The first three fundamental forces, which are still really four forces (electric, magnetic, strong and weak), are all governed by the electromagnetic forces of the photon and gluon.

The last force, gravity, needs to really be two forces, the duality of gravity and levity, whereby the second force is strangely overlooked by science, and are again special cases of the electromagnetic force. Levity being the repulsive force of the photon working on matter, mass, by pushing it apart (or upwards in relation to us here on earth), and gravity being the attractive force of the gluon as mass, pulling it together (or downwards to us here on earth).


The torus is again the form of the electric field and magnetic field, these two forces mostly work together as the electromagnetic force. On the left the electric force is radiating outwards from the center and then down around the torus to re-enter at the bottom. The magnetic force, on the right, is pulling back into the center at the top. Our speculation is that these two drawings, when combined, would show that the electric force radiates outwards at the top and then back in at the bottom as magnetism, with a second flow of electric force radiating out at the bottom and back in at the top as magnetism.

The electromagnetic force is the only force governing all the forces we need in physics, the electric, magnetic, strong, and weak forces, as well as the forces of gravity and levity. For all of this we need only the radiating force of the photon and the suctional force of the gluon.

Electricity is related to fire and radiation. It is powering our technological revolution but doesn't come without dangers. The symbol for Fire in alchemy is the red upward pointing triangle. Then you can see the photon radiating outwards creating the electric force and strangely enough also levity. You can read more here about Gravity and Levity


Magnetism is related to water and suction. It is powering our modern machines and also comes with hidden dangers to our health. The symbol for Water in alchemy is the blue downward pointing triangle. Then you can see the gluon sucking inwards creating the magnetic force and thereby also gravity. You can read more here about Gravity and Levity


Electromagnetism is the most visible force in the universe, the photon is the carrier particle of electromagnetism and light, it is light. It is what we need to shine light into the darkness of matter and the only way that anything becomes visible to us, see Light and Darkness. When we join electricity with magnetism we see the star again, created by the photon and the gluon, and creating the mystical duality of Gravity and Levity. You will also find that this is the one drawing you need in order to understand the wholistic Theory of Everything. The Power of the Universe


On our physical earthly level we are able to visualize the electromagnetic flow, or EM wave as the verticale electric field, in red, and the horizontal magnetic field, in blue, travelling together in space. 

em wave.jpg
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