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Trying to picture the Atom itself has long been a fascination to all scientists, however the Alchemist is able to show in minute detail the structure of the atom and all of its sub-atomic particles. It should be no surprise then that the atom is also in the form of a Torus with torus shaped subatomic particles. 

What we now know from quantum physics is that the atom is made up of 99.9999% empty space. Even though this space is not exactly empty, there is a lot of energy packed into every atom and the quantum fields created by this energy is spread throughout the atom and beyond, there is very little physical matter in there. Let's say less than 0.0001% of the atom is matter and has mass, then we can determine the atomic weight of each sort of atom, you can find this number in the Table of Elements. Using the knowledge gained from Quantum Geometry we are proposing that exactly half of that mass is matter (in the form of Quarks) and the other half is antimatter (as Anti-quarks). So, like quantum physics says, our universe must be made up of equal amounts of matter and antimatter we are now able to show that it really does, even at the quantum level, or we should say, especially at the quantum level. This proposal is at the heart of the New Wholistic Science.

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The universe has to be 50/50 matter and antimatter, even though the antimatter has never been found by science. Their idea is that in the early history of the universe almost all of the antimatter was destroyed leaving only a matter universe, which is really not a good explanation and they are still looking desperately for the antimatter to this day. However if you take an atom that is 99.9999% empty space you could actually think that this would be a good place to put a little bit of antimatter, let's say 0.0005% without it getting into any problems with the 0.0005% matter that must also be in there. In fact when we build the atom using quantum geometry we are able to use tetrahedron shaped energy fields and the torus to keep the matter and antimatter apart. 

Here we see the symbol for Fire in alchemy, the red upward pointing triangle, representing the Antiquark, the masculine aspect. The antiquarks make up what we know of as Antimatter in the universe and have a radiating force creating the negative field known as Counterspace. Antiquarks are at the level of the smallest sub-atomic building blocks of the atom and in Quantum Geometry have the 3D form of the double vortex or octahedron.


Here we see the symbol for Water in alchemy, the blue downward pointing triangle, representing the Quark, the feminine aspect. The quarks make up what we know of as Matter in the universe and have a suctional force creating the positive field known as Space. Quarks are also at the level of the smallest sub-atomic building blocks of the atom and in Quantum Geometry also have the 3D form of the double vortex or octahedron.


Quarks and Antiquarks are a duality, in fact they are a duality of the smallest of all particles that are present in the atom. The quark has a positive charge and is coloured blue in Alchemy. The antiquark has a negative charge and is coloured red in Alchemy. The three composite particles that make up the atom, the Neutron, the Proton, and the Electron are all made up of a mix of Quarks and Antiquarks.

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It is through the application of Quantum Geometry that we discover how the atom can be made of exactly equal amounts of matter and antimatter and that it is in fact already at the very fundamental level of the quarks that we discover this duality and how it works. We use the geometry of the cube-octahedron, where each corner of the cube is replaced with an inward pointing tetrahedron, eight in all, that are the vortex fields of eight gluons with an immensely powerful magnetic field pulling inwards to the centre of the cube.

Cube octahedron.jpg

In this powerful form, also known as the vector equilibrium, there are six pyramid shaped openings, corresponding to the six sides of the cube (in the drawing you can only see three of them but you know the other three are there, just like in a perspective drawing of the cube). These openings are exactly the shape needed to receive six octahedron shaped quarks, attracted by the magnetic pull of the gluons. Knowing already that the antiquarks have a one-third negative charge, they are particles of antimatter, and the quarks have a one-third positive charge, as matter particles we can construct our three sub-atomic particles as follows:

Neutron = 3 quarks and 3 antiquarks = 0 (Neutral)

Proton   = 4 quarks and 1 antiquark = 1 (Positive charge)

Electron = 1 quark and 4 antiquarks = -1 (Negative charge)

This makes it much easier to build sub-atomic particles than using the complicated methods of standard quantum physics and as an added bonus it also gives a very simple declaration of where the positive and negative charges come from. The geometry of the cube-octahedron, with its eight gluons, and the magnetic field generated around it, ensure that the quarks and antiquarks in the sub-atomic particles never touch and never annihilate each other (unless of course they are destroyed in a particle accelerator experiment). 

Atom 3.jpg
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We can now go on to build atoms, and we are able to do this is a conventional way with equal numbers of Protons and Neutrons in the Nucleus and Electrons in a dance around this nucleus. The atom then takes on the form of the Torus, with a small octahedron shaped Nucleus in the middle and the Electrons in a choreographed dance around the nucleus, the actual matter, or mass of the atom then being less than 0.0001% of it actual size. The other 99.9999% of the atom being its immense energy field created by the tension between the matter and antimatter fields within the atom. With these matter - antimatter atoms we can go on to build the whole universe, they are the building blocks of all of visible matter.

Important for understanding how this works are the four Ether fields in the drawing, when seen as a torus of energy, there is not one etheric energy field bur four etheric fields nestled within each other. Pushing outwards from the middle of the atom are the two radiating forces of the Warmth ether and the Light ether, expanding the energy fields of the atom out to an enormous size compared to the small nucleus of matter in the center. The two outer etheric fields of the Sound ether and Life are contracting forces that pull inwards, constricting an infinite outward explosion of the atom and giving it not just a clear and powerful boundary in space but also balancing the outwards force of the nucleus with an inwards force containing force. These two forces are always in balance, giving the atom its large size, in comparison to the amount of actual matter in the atom, and its physical mass. For more insight into this ground breaking concept go to . . . the Ethers.

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