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Often it is the last resort of the Alchemist to introduce the feminine into what he is doing, when after half a lifetime of toil he finally discovers that it all comes down to joining the feminine with the masculine that will complete his great work. In the new 21st century Alchemy this principal becomes a powerful driving force from the beginning of the journey. We are now entering the era of our evolutionary path where the excessive male dominance of society, and especially science, awakens again to the feminine role in the evolution of humanity. Since the fall of man, at the end of the time of Lemuria, we have been chained to the cycles of the physical earth as male and female, fully aware of our nakedness in this world. Not only have we become fully separated from the world , we have become separated from each other, a separation where man has come to dominate all of nature and the masculine to dominate over the feminine. 

While powerful men have come to dominate the physical world with their outward strength and developing individuality, or ego, we must now come back to our senses and realize that true Wisdom resides in the feminine, with Sophia, the Mother. It is the wisdom of nature, of Mother Earth, that will lift us out of the current catastrophe, and the wisdom of every mother, every woman, that will bring the men back to their senses. The return of the feminine is not about women coming to dominate the world and men, as a sort of matriarchal world replacing the patriarchal world power, common stupidity, that is running the world at the present time. The feminine will simply seek to return balance in the duality of masculine and feminine, returning us to common sense. 

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The symbol for Fire in alchemy is the red upward pointing triangle, it becomes the symbol for man, the Sun and the Son, and for the trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This Holy Trinity only shows us the masculine side of the story, the side of explosions, centrifugal forces, radiation, and electricity, the rule of the Father over the earth, mankind and all of nature. The Son came to bring the light of the Sun to all of mankind but first had to overcome the darkness of the material world. He has shown us the path and all we have to do is follow. This is our true test of faith. Are we ready to relinquish our earthly treasure for the wisdom that can be given to us if we step up one dimension.


The symbol for Water in alchemy is the blue downward pointing triangle, it becomes the symbol for woman, the Moon and the Daughter, and for the trinity; Mother, Daughter and Holy Soul. This second trinity, the trinity of the Mother, Sophia and the Daughter, Mary Magdalene, is little known to us, it is the missing part of the biblical story of mankind. Now we can return it to its place in this 21st century alchemy, at the Turning Point of Time the Wisdom of Sophia returns to empower all women and free men from their addiction to power.


With the matriarchal trinity restored to its rightful place we can complete the star, like we did with Fire and Water. We see the perfect balance between the masculine and feminine again, between the Christ and Sophia completing the full picture. In this one symbol we return the balance between man and woman, son and daughter, and between spirit and soul. We can reach up again to the heavens. All you need to do is open your heart, open your mind, and raise your frequency.

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Joining Fire and Water is alchemy, joining the Masculine and the Feminine in a world that has rediscovered Love, not sexual love, but Love of the world and all its dwellers, the Love of Life, is the 21st century Alchemy. Working together in a 50/50 partnership where both the feminine side and the masculine side are meeting heart to heart is one of the first principles of this new Alchemy. This starts with balancing the female and male aspects within yourself and then going on to work with this in every new relationship you enter, whether it is in a personal relationship or connecting with others in social and work groups. Many couples are already in alchemical partnerships where sexual love does lead on to higher intuition, which is also helping to heal the earth and the universe itself. It is a very special gift to be in such a relationship and this mostly comes to those who have done a lot of alchemical work already, not just on the physical level. Finding wholeness in yourself and using this to find wholeness in the world is the best starting point for creating an alchemical partnership.


Finding the real balancing points of all dualities will lead us on to a world of peace, of wholeness, and Love. You can begin on this new world today by working on the world around you, the things that are creating and maintaining your own local environment, and your own inner self. By creating a world of peace within yourself and letting it flow out to others around you you are changing the world and changing society. This is where it starts. Now.

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