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The matter - antimatter Universe

This is where all of life and all knowledge begins. . . and ends.

The Alchemist Studio has now published their first scientific paper on the origins of a matter-antimatter universe.

The Universe that we live in is a universe of matter, even though we know that there must be just as much antimatter around that will balance the matter it appears that the antimatter is no where to be found. We know this to be simply true, as a matter-antimatter universe would vanish in one annihilation event, which is what apparently happened very, very soon after the big bang. We are here by grace of a very small imbalance in favor of matter, one particle of matter surviving for every one billion matter-antimatter pairs.

Other than the mirror matter-antimatter universe hypothesis, or matter-antimatter bubble universe, most research in baryon asymmetry, is directed at finding a good mechanism for symmetry breaking. To date there are no viable theories, and the matter-antimatter imbalance remains as one of the great unsolved mysteries in physics. However, this then implies that nature has created a universe that is so out of balance that the dance partner is nowhere to be found.

Quantum Geometry is a new proposal to allow baryon symmetry to be conserved, and a universe with 50% matter and 50% antimatter, to actually exist, everywhere. At the lowest level of existence, that of the fundamental particles, both quarks and antiquarks can be used to construct the composite particles of the second level, the subatomic particles, without annihilation. In the heart of the sub-atomic particles, the proton and neutron (baryons), the geometry of the gluon equilibrium allows these particles to contain quarks and antiquarks, the proton holding four quarks and one antiquark, the pentaquark, and the neutron being made up of three quark-antiquark pairs. These sub-atomic particles then interact further as particles of matter, avoiding annihilation in the world of matter.

Then, Quantum Geometry is used to propose a composite electron. This sub-atomic particle would be made of four antiquarks and one quark, an antimatter pentaquark. The atom then becomes the third level building block of matter, made of protons with a baryon number of +1, neutrons with a baryon number of 0, rather than also +1, and a composite electron with a baryon number of -1, rather than being a simple point-particle. This allows the universe we see to have a baryon number of 0, to have baryon symmetry, without having to search for the antimatter or to consider that it has all disappeared in an explosion of light.

Every atom contains an equal amount of matter and antimatter, held in equilibrium by a powerful geometry that is fully explained in this new theory of Quantum Geometry that will take us beyond relativity theory. Our universe is a balanced geometric matter-antimatter universe, at all levels, each balanced through a zero-point that is anchored in absolute time.

The universe is a fully symmetric and geometric whole, balanced on all levels through the zero-point field, space and counterspace, time and anti-time. Looking through the telescope of our collective wisdom we are now discovering the other half of our Universe for the first time, discovering the universe in its fully dual nature, we are leaving the dark labyrinth, setting ourselves free, free to wander the great book of Nature.

Quantum Geometry not only gives a new, and complete, look at the geometric structure of the universe, of nature, at all scales, it also opens the door to a completely new science. We could call this QuanTime physics, as we are not combining space and time, as in the SpaceTime of relativity, but we are combining the quantum world, the subatomic and atomic world of space with the zero-point of the universe, Time, combining quantum space and quantum time, QuanTime. This is not an annihilation science but a science of order, of wholeness. QuanTime physics is the first truly post relativistic, post Einsteinian physics, that anchors the momentum of space to an absolute time.

QuanTime physics will finally explain much of the new electronics that is being developed at present but not yet fully understood, will enable a more complete understanding of the new chemistry and material science, and importantly will finally enable us to truly develop the new energy projects that are so necessary for our future.

The Solar space-counterspace torus opens a whole new view of the universe and astronomy, and could very quickly simplify space travel, interstellar travel, and spacecraft propulsion.

A balanced matter-antimatter atom can explain so much about chemistry, molecular science, and biology, that will enable whole new approaches to material science, the biology of life, and health. It may enable us to take a path into the future that is less technology oriented and more based on a balance between technology and nature. Nature has always been recycling energy, balancing systems, working in harmonic resonance, and fully respecting the balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of life.

Read the full article on Academia or download the PDF:

This is a 21st century Alchemy that takes us out of the current paradigm of science into a whole new world, a world that finally balances the one-way arrows of time, gravity, matter and entropy, showing that our universe is not out of balance, asymmetric, but balances matter and antimatter, time and anti-time, gravity and levity, electricity and magnetism, entropy with syntropy, and masculine and feminine. Our universe has not reached an untenable state of baryon asymmetry, with a hopeless search for antimatter, but is baryon symmetric, and always has been.

Gary Barham. The Alchemist.

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