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Through the Lion Gate

The Alchemist Studio - Where science meets spirituality, and matter meets antimatter. Where fire mixes with water and light penetrates the darkness.

The 8th day of the 8th month of the year represents a particularly significant date. While the Sun is in its home sign Leo, we experience a specific alignment between the Earth and the fixed star Sirius that activates what is known as the Lion’s Gate. This is the activation of the Celestial Stargate and while it began on the 26th of July, its energy will be available to us until around the 12th of August. Both our individual frequencies and the electromagnetic field of the whole planet are strongly affected by this alignment. As a Zodiac Sign, Leo is associated with the heart center and represents the individualized expression of the Divine.

Sirius is the most shining star in the sky, twenty to forty times brighter than our Sun. Also known as Alpha Canis Majoris or the Dog Star, it is a Fixed Star. Each year, around this time, we experience the helical rising of Sirius, meaning that it will be possible to see Sirius just before sunrise, after it has been hidden from daylight for about 70 days. Sirius is also called our “Spiritual Sun”. Although it is not often taken into account in Modern Astrology, Sirius had a huge importance in Ancient Egyptian Astronomy and Astrology. All Egyptian temples were built according to their alignment with the stars and in fact, during the Lion’s Gate, the Orion Belt forms an exact alignment with Giza Pyramids. At the ancient Greek Temple City of Mycenae the Lion Gate has to be passed through in order to enter the citadel (as shown in our drawing above).

In the new 21st century Alchemy we can pass through the Lion Gate in our higher consciousness, using the powerful activation of this Star Gate in the first two weeks of August, but especially between the 4th and 8th of August. Taking us up to a higher frequency and a new octave. We reach up from the fourth dimension to enter the fifth dimension of Spirit Consciousness and the sixth dimension of Pure Love. The depiction of a glowing blue tesseract, or double cube, visible through the gateway shows us the infinite power of the sixth dimension.

In fact the month of July started with an amazing hexagonal crop circle at the Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire, England, an ancient portal of our ancestors, on the 2nd of July. Our Star Gates no longer need to be in the physical world, they are an activated geometry that we enter through a raised consciousness. The crop circles over the past 25 years have been showing us this clearly and allowing us to raise ourselves to these higher worlds. The hexagonal, or six sided gateway is opening for us now as we go into the age of Aquarius, the Waterman.

The hexagon is the gateway from the five dimensional world of spirit consciousness to the sixth dimension of Pure Love. This is the level of Heart Consciousness, a frequency thousands of times higher than our thinking consciousness. This higher level of Love is what we need right now to take us above the earthly level of chaos, anger, and fear that has been projected onto our world over the last year. It is an activation of your heart, of Love, to give you the Lions courage that is needed in the coming years. With the sun now rising in Aquarius, the Waterman, we have entered this special turning point of time, we are in the cross where the four fixed signs of the Bull, the Angel, the Eagle, and the Lion, are arranged as you can see in this drawing. We are directly opposite the lion (Leo) and are able to use this Lion Gate to raise our human consciousness up to that of our true self, the Angel. Pure Love. This transformation may take many years but we have the opportunity to go through the Lion Gate once every year on or around the 8th of August (8.8).

This is the opportunity for the radiant light of the Central Sun to flow through our already powerful Leo Sun, to create new solar codes of light within us, and to help us anchor more love and more abundance for the whole of the earth. This is a time for radical healing as we are transforming doubt, pain, anxiety, shame, judgment, guilt, fear and anger. We are meeting our small human self and transmuting this old energy with the courage and roar of the Lion within. Become your true self, become the Angel of Love that you know that you are.

During these days, there is a strong possibility of sudden spiritual awakenings, the spontaneous opening of blocked chakra's, as well as potent downloads from our Higher Self and Spirit Guides, visitation from Angels, Archangels, and higher dimensional beings. We could also experience visions of future or past lives, psychic abilities unlocking, unintentional astral travels, and especially vivid or intense dreaming.

The intensity of the frequency of number 8 is the reason why the 8th of August is considered the peak moment of the activation of the Lion’s Gate. We celebrate it on this date even though, astronomically, the exact day of the rising of Sirius slightly changes each year. Number 8 in Numerology is extremely potent. It is a symbol of infinity, power, and transformation. It represents the ability to manifest one’s reality, as well as balance, harmony, and decision making. In Astrology, number 8 is associated with the sign of Scorpio, the planet Pluto, and the Eight House. All these archetypes correlate with profound metamorphosis, emotional depth, psychological death and rebirth, and sexuality. Number 8 is a very karmic number associated with ambition, resilience, leadership, and success. Nonetheless, the benefits of its potent energy can be achieved only through the right and ethical use of one’s power, resources, and sexual energy.

In the Tarot, the eighth card of the Major Arcana is known as Strength and often depicts the power of the feminine overcoming the brashness of the Lion. Strength inspires us to master our instincts, emotions, and desires, and to come into contact with our inner courage and power, overcoming any self-doubt and insecurity. The conqueror and the conquered. The conqueror is the beautiful woman, symbol of the greatest power of all, Love. Her conquest is the Lion, symbol of the two great instincts of the body and its resistance against the spirit, we can also call these factors power and vitality. Both are equally important, but the power of the spirit, Love, must govern the vitality of the body.

This gateway is about turning a page, it’s about ascending, reaching a new level of Love and Light and stepping into greater harmony and alignment, you can have and be anything you truly desire. You can have and be Radiant Light and Infinite Love. Open your heart, mind, and spirit to receive this wave of light, along with the codes of consciousness, and energy of ascension that is supporting you. You are progressing rapidly now into Peace, Freedom, and the highest vibration of Divine expression of your unique gifts, your unique energy, and your highest light which is essential, and plays an integral role in the ascension of all.

We are in a time of heightened awareness and massive ascension. Be prepared for breakthroughs, and for the sudden breakdown of what is preventing you from expressing your fullest potential. Our Solar Plexus, Heart, and Third Eye are the Chakra's that are likely to be stimulated most powerfully by this energy. We are going through the last phase of a dark cycle in human history, the activation of the Lion’s Gate portal on August 8th is urging us to remember who we truly are and inspiring us to have faith in ourselves, to embrace transformation and change without fear. We are cosmic beings with an enormous spiritual potential that we are currently not using. The Lion’s Gate Activation raises our collective vibration: this celestial event reminds us that we are the Universe experiencing itself, and we have everything we need within. We have the power to change our reality and to create and manifest whatever we dream.

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