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The Transformation is Now!

Bijgewerkt op: 2 jul. 2021

The Alchemist Studio, where science meets spirituality, and matter meets antimatter. Where fire mixes with water and light penetrates the darkness.

The world is changing rapidly at this moment in time, we are in the time of Transformation. Slowly we have been awakening and finding out who we really are, we have been challenging the world around us and society as a whole. We have been looking for a better way to do things and asking ourselves if the earth is able to go on in the way that it is at the moment. We have been watching the destruction of the forests, the poisoning of the sees, the stripping of the earths resources, and the rapid decline of society, we are now saying it is enough. It is time for change.

We are waking up to the fact the world leaders we have at the moment are not going to be able to fix things in the ways they are proposing, that we are not going to be able to solve the huge economic, sociological and technological problems of now, with more of the same technology and the same old politics. There is an awakening happening right now and it is not a movement to smart thinking, smart technology, it is an awakening of the heart . . . an Awakening to the Spirit.

The last year of immensely rapid degradation of our civil rights, right of free speech, our right to demonstrate as a form of protest, and our right to use the social media in a social and open manner, has left us all in a spin of disbelief. We need to fix this tail-spin of society as quickly as possible, but most importantly we need to really understand what is happening and why. Why has this assault on our freedom as humanity, as the inhabitants of the earthly paradise, been so quick and so deep?

We are at the (second) Turning Point of Time and this moment has been in preparation for thousands of years. In fact since around 3000 BC, which was a deep point in the fall of humanity from Paradise when the angel of opposition, the angel of Lucifer, incarnated on earth in human form. This brought about the first flourishing of high intelligence and technology with many advances in agriculture, engineering, politics, temple architecture and culture. As well as the first true earthly materialization, division into different races and languages (tower of Babel), the first separation from the gods, earthly religion and war.

Then in 33 AD came the real Turning point of Time, the incarnation of the Son of Man, the Christ, on earth in order to lead us out of more than 2000 years of slavery, despair and sin. As mankind we had made a deep journey into the dust of the earth, discovering an amazing new world, the world of matter. We were able to work with the clay of the earth to build, the plants of this world to create an advanced agriculture and with the animals in a way that would go on to become our modern farming. We also developed an advanced civilization that created the empires of Egypt, Greece and Rome. However this earthly progress was paid for with a loss of connection with the spirit, the gods, and with our own humanity. The timely arrival of our Saviour was met with great disbelief and we dispatched him as quickly as possible.

Luckily for us the plans of the gods are much better prepared than our own and the Christ was not only able to effect significant changes on the physical earth but was also able to show us the path that we need to take in order to save ourselves. It is following this path that has led many of us to awaken to the new spirituality at the start of the 2nd Millennium. Two thousand years after what should have been the turning point of evolution we are being asked once again to turn away from the earthly delights, a materialistic earth technology, and the power of money, to turn back to the spirit and re-discover our true humanity as Children of the Heavens.

However, as always, this opening pathway back to Paradise did not go unnoticed by the advisories of mankind and they have of course also been busy with their own plan for many years. The visible result of their plan is what we can see and experience around us at the moment.

It is a move towards a one world government, world domination and the return of mankind to slavery, a modern 21st century enslavement to technology. We are being maneuvered into a net made of high frequency electromagnetic vibrations from billions of mobile phones, transmission towers, and satellites, and billions of new sensors connected to an internet of things and an artificial intelligence of immense power. We are building our own prison and paying for it ourselves.

Just at the moment of awakening to our true Spirit within, to the Christ consciousness, we are confronted for a second time by an angel of darkness, the earth-bound, pusher of earthly technology, the being called Ahriman, is preparing his earthly incarnation. We must wake up and see that the current health crisis has been artificially created as the final key to this plan. And the solution to this crisis, the genetic modification of humanity, that is being rolled out, right now, is the locking of the human spirit into an earthly physical body. Just at the moment of the awakening of the human spirit, the moment that we are finally ready to fly out of our cage, the door is being slammed closed in our faces and the key thrown into the sea of inner darkness.

As grim as it sounds, and looks around you, you need to realize that you are the one holding the key in your hand, you are the one locking the door, you are the one throwing the key into your own darkness of despair.

Your are the one who knows where to find the key again, you are the one who can unlock the door. You are the one who can set yourself free and fly again. You are the one who knows where the path begins.

The path begins in your own heart and your guide on the path is your own inner spirit. Once you begin on the path you will find out just how easy it is, it is the path that has already been walked by the Son of Man two thousand years ago and yet the footsteps are as fresh as yesterday. There are already many ahead of you and more joining behind you, we are doing this together and we are walking towards our own future.

There has never been such a clear splitting of the path that we are walking as mankind than at the moment. We need to realize just how dramatically we are being divided into two streams. How much easier it is to be doing what we are told, following the easy path where everything is already laid out for us. Following in a trance-like dream. We are being divided into left and right, black sheep and white sheep, those with the QR-code and those without.

But everything that is happening around us at the moment is the key to our own freedom, it is the Turning Point of Time and the time of our own Transformation. While everyone else is running towards their own prison cell we are awakening to our own inner Spirit, awakening to a New Spirit. While everyone else is choosing to not choose, we are already walking the path to Freedom, we are choosing to set ourselves Free and fly again. All you need to do is take up your wings, they are there waiting for you, and. . . Fly.

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