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At the Heart of Matter - Crop Circle - Wayland Smithy - 4 August 2023

This Sun is a matter - antimatter reaction that is effectively burning matter using its opposite partner, antimatter. This is what is really producing the massive amounts of heat and light that we can see and feel on our face. The energy fields of the sun are a zero-point energy field, and they are also operating down at the quantum level of sub-atomic particles, the smallest building blocks of matter, the microcosmic. At this level the sub-atomic particles have a three-fold and six-fold structure, just like we have been learning about at the macrocosmic level of energy, the Sun. So, this new crop circle is again three-fold, with three circles being held together by an inner circle and an outer circle. This structure represents the heart of the proton and the neutron that make up the nucleus of every atom, each having three quarks (the absolute smallest of all particles) and the antiquark energy fields that hold these particles together.

This picture of the sub-atomic particle was first shown to us in the great crop circle from 2018, at Ammersee in Germany. Again, you can see the three quarks and the three antiquark fields, as well as the curious central circle showing the three quarks mirrored, representing the quark-antiquark aspect of the sub-atomic particles. This new understanding of the quantum world is now being further explored in Quantum Geometry.

Quantum Geometry is the work of The Alchemist Studio that goes deep into the geometric nature of the quantum world, and that allows the sub-atomic particles and the atom itself to be made of exactly equal amounts of matter and antimatter, of quarks and antiquarks. This then further explains how our entire universe is also half matter and half antimatter, giving a perfect balance that only nature can achieve. We no longer need to keep looking for the antimatter of the universe as it is truly everywhere.

In fact, back on the 9th of July we saw a beautiful representation of the three-fold and six-fold nature of these subatomic particles at Barton Stacy Belt, that showed how the three quarks appear as particles and the three antiquarks are seen as the energy fields of the proton or especially the neutron. Or in 2019 at Longwood this nicely rounded threefold crop circle.

These threefold crop circles have been appearing in the wheat fields, almost every year since the modern crop circle phenomenon truly began back in the 1980’s. We are being shown the actual blueprint of the atomic structure, the heart of matter, that makes up all of what we see in the universe, the macrocosmos reflected in microcosmos.

It is this heart of matter that we introduced when looking at the last crop circle, Absolute Time, at Preston Grange on the 2nd of August. We saw matter and antimatter meeting each other in the now, the present, matter coming from the past meeting antimatter coming backwards in time from the future, creating the present. The only real moment in time where the matter of the universe is experienced by us. To prevent these two opposite particles from annihilating each other in this instant of time we introduced the geometry of the gluon equilibrium.

This happens at the three-fold and six-fold geometry of the matrix, the zero-point field, that we looked at when visiting the crop circle, Quantum Geometry at Barton Stacey Belt on the 9th of July. This is the matrix that takes us from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, that transforms the energy of the sun into the energy of the quantum world, powering the world of matter, our world.

Drawn at the heart of every crossing point, zero-point, of this matrix is a geometric cuboctahedron, the vector equilibrium, a zero-point particle that is made up of eight gluons (the partner particle of the photon) pulling inwards towards the zero-point, attracting everything inwards towards this vanishing point. This is the form called the gluon equilibrium, that you can see appearing in the middle of this new crop at Wayland Smithy, that pulls the quarks and antiquarks, of every subatomic particle, into form without annihilation. This is what creates matter at the zero-point of absolute time, at every moment of time, in a high energy tension field of the subatomic particles that are making up each and every atom of visible matter.

The building blocks of matter that, at the quantum level take on the geometry of the cube, and all of its derivatives, the octahedron, the cuboctahedron, the star tetrahedron and the hypercube, the teseract, find their form in this six-fold matrix. This is the sacred geometry that transforms chaos (energy) into form (matter), and allows us to finally understand the quantum world in a more conventional way. We can finally let go of the unbelievably complex quantum physics of today, we can finally set ourselves free and start building the new science of Quantum Geometry.

The gluon equilibrium was also shown nicely at the Cocum Farm crop circle back in 2019, with the three quarks and three antiquark energy fields. Originally called the Vector Equilibrium by one of the 20th centuries greatest thinkers, Buckminster Fuller, it was already recognized as the most powerful geometric form, the great attractor, that we now see at the heart of matter, at the heart of the sun and in every human heart. This is the zero-point of every particle of matter and when working together as the zero-points of absolute time, they create the zero-point field.

Although we like to envision the zero-point field as an endless energy field, one that we may be able to tap into to supply endless energy, there is really no scientific information on this field, it is very much a hypothetical concept at present. However, it may just be that the zero-point field is connected at every zero-point, every vector equilibrium of the matrix, and is truly the sum of all zero-points throughout the universe.

If this is true, then tapping this field is not so easy as everyone is hoping. Which takes us back to the first crop circle of this year, Fair Trade Energy, at Broad Hinton on the 28th of May, where we looked at extracting energy from the universal field. There we also showed the crop circle from Winterbourne Basset of 1995, which was one of the very early fair-trade energy crop circles, which also looks quite familiar to the new circle at Wayland Smithy, twenty-eight years later.

According to many people free energy actually exists and awaits only a worldwide raising of human consciousness. Do we achieve this through coming together as one community through Love, or will this be achieved through a domination of the world through fear, control, and an artificial intelligence net, not for the people, but by the people, trapped in an artificial digital matrix. Fair Trade energy is not free, it is available to everyone, it is for everyone, through open cooperation, based on need, not greed, through a collective consciousness based on sharing, caring and Love. When we truly understand the heart of matter, we may have evolved far enough, as humanity, to understand who we are, and our true place in the universe.

The quantum world behind our world of matter, the wheels within wheels, finally becomes fully visible to us as a wholly understandable Quantum Geometry, a 21st Century Alchemy, a new science for the future, our future.

Love & wisdom,

Gary Barham. The Alchemist

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