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The New Sun - Crop Circle Codes - Hatherden Lane - 25 July 2023

Over the last few years our own Sun, the center point of our solar system and the great attractor that holds our planet earth in orbit, has been undergoing significant changes. We are seeing a New Sun. Although the sun goes through shorter and longer cycles, it also has a number of very long cycles that are hard for us to measure or relate to as they unfold over hundreds of thousands of years. We are now in a new combination of these cycles, and this is creating not just new solar phenomenon but also significant changes to our own planet, the earth.

This crop circle at Hatherden Lane appeared on the 25th of July 2023 (which is again a 7-7-7 in numerology) and is part of a series of crop circles this year with the sun as theme that started on 7th of June 2023, at Potterne Hill, (in numerology 7-6-7). This was a similar radiating design with 36 petals (6 x 6) around a central empty circle. With this new crop circle, we move to 3 x 9 or 27, completing the 3, 6, 9 series that relates to the energy grid of heaven and earth.

Then on the 26th of June the crop circle at Allan King Way, Crowning the Sun, that clearly uses the same radiating circles layout as this new crop circle at Hatherden Lane, neatly balancing twelve smaller, inner circles, with twelve outer circles. With 24 rays, standing on the forces of the moon it is crowned with the five rays of humanity, representing Christ as the Son of Man, and the sun as the zero-point, or transformation point of humanity.

Then even more recently the crop circle at Lane End Down on the 8th of July 2023. Here we saw 3 x 12 + 6, or 7 x 6 which is 42. Also again showing the radiating circles of the Sun and the new concept of the sun being powered by a matter - antimatter reaction rather than a nuclear powered sun. This is what we need to investigate further as it is a totally new way of looking at the sun.

When particles of matter meet a particle of antimatter they will annihilate each other, and this is why it is still believed that our universe is made up of predominately matter. Science has long been looking for the antimatter of the universe, as it must be somewhere in order to balance the matter. There are a number of theories as to where the antimatter may be but none of these have been found to be viable theories. To date the most predominate idea is that all of the antimatter was destroyed at the moment of the Big Bang, which would also explain why it was such a big explosion. However, this leaves us with a completely out of balance universe.

A more esoteric explanation of where we can find the antimatter, which has also been around for over a century, but not accepted by science, is that the antimatter can be found within the stars, including our own star, the sun. The stars are powered by antimatter, the ultimate energy source in the cosmos.

Antimatter has long been seen as the ideal source of energy for powering interstellar space ships, or as a replacement for nuclear power generation here on earth. It has always been ruled out however, as being not feasible, as there is no known economic way of producing antimatter. Making this a very poorly researched aspect of quantum physics. Antimatter has always been known to annihilate immediately with matter, since its first discovery in the 1930’s, and so not only very difficult to produce but also difficult, although not impossible, to store in significant quantities.

The nuclear powered sun has only been popular since the advent of nuclear physics in the 1920’s, however, it has become so general in science that virtually no one is occupied with alternative theories. The Electric Sun is one possible alternative that has some popularity, although it is also an offshoot of the nuclear sun model which includes massive electric currents to regulate the reaction process within the sun, as proposed by the Thunderbolts Project.

A matter - antimatter sun works in an almost identical way as the electric sun, with the major difference being that the massive electric field is produced by an annihilation zone at the surface of the sun. The internal structure of the sun is not physical but becomes the opposite of this, it becomes a negative space, a counterspace, that is filled with the opposite of matter, antimatter. This should, of course be impossible, without annihilation, and that is true. The visible surface of the sun is an annihilation zone, producing vast amounts of heat and light, just like any annihilation. The surface of the sun emits large quantities of photons, electrons, and atomic matter as radiation and coronal mass ejections, creating a solar wind of charged particles that powers the rest of the solar system, including the earth, and us.

This is the New Sun, the matter - antimatter sun, and the most powerful alternative to the nuclear sun that we now have. It is proposed by The Alchemist Studio as an important area of research for the near future, and as a solution to the energy crisis, as well as the crisis of consciousness that is currently crippling humanity here on earth. It is a proposal based in a new science that is not science fiction but a serious area of scientific investigation.

There is no scientific reason that the sun cannot be a matter - antimatter reaction, and in fact everything is pointing towards this explanation, not only for the sun but for the universe as a whole. This would of course be a major paradigm shift for science, and humanity itself, but is that not what we are desperately looking for at the moment?

In fact the sun itself is leading the way in this shift, as it changes character dramatically. At the moment it is heading towards a much earlier solar maximum (a period of higher sun-spot activity and coronal mass ejection) than was predicted. Which could also lead to dramatic problems here on earth with major geomagnetic storms disrupting sattelites and the electricty grids. It would certainly be a good idea to take this seriously as the disruptions to all life on earth could be significant. We have been expecting this for a while now, so predicting its effect is a bit like crying wolf, but what happens if we aren’t prepared.

Although crop circles have never been seen as a serious scientific phenomenon we can still choose, if we like, to use these yearly occurances as an additional source of information, if we know how to decode the geometric symbols being presented to us. They do seem to be telling us of the present changes to the sun and its effects here on earth.

When we overlay the matter - antimatter sun with the electric sun model we are able to see how the massive electromagnetic forces around the sun are able to regulate the matter - antimatter reaction (annihilation) to prevent it from going to infinity and creating a big bang sort of event that would go on to destroy our whole solar system, or even the whole universe. This is a regulation mechanism for the powerhouse that is called the New Sun.

With an antimatter powered sun we are then able to go on and discover how antimatter is also included at the subatomic level in all of matter, as discussed with the Barton Stacey Belt crop circle from the 9th of July 2023. The universe itself is matter and antimatter at all levels and is actually fully in balance with itself, just as we would expect.

Love & wisdom,

Gary Barham. The Alchemist

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