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SunSpace - Crop Circle - Lane End Down - 8 July 2023

Once again, we are looking at the Sun, just like the crop circles this year at Potterne Hill, Allan King Way and recently at Norton Plantation. They are based on the numbers 6, 12, and 24. We are getting a lot of new information about the Sun and how it is changing quite dramatically at the moment. Here you see the sun in the middle with four waves of energy flowing outwards.

The Sun in the centre is coloured red, orange, and yellow. This is actually the surface of the sun, and the photons of light raying out towards us here on earth, that we see. The surface of the sun is an extremely hot, high-pressure plasma, actually a form of matter-antimatter annihilation, emitting vast amounts of energy that is available to power the rest of the solar system. The blue, indigo, and violet waves are how this energy reacts when coming into contact with matter, they show the energy-matter reaction we have here on earth, and everywhere there is matter, as shown with the formula E=mc2.

The crop circle at Allan King way also clearly showed this outward radiating energy from the sun, in red, yellow, and orange, and their radiating lines. It also had two waves of 12 rays, giving 24 in total. In the recent crop circle at Norton plantation you also see that same 24 petal layout, and a repeat of that 5-fold crown, or flower, that shows us how the six-fold energy of the sun is converting into this five-fold matter that is making up our earth. This five-fold matter is shown as the red-pink halo around the new crop circle at Lane End Down, and represents the life energy of the earth, the energy of Life.

That life energy halo was also part of the first crop circle of this year at Broad Hinton that was proposing a fair-trade energy harnessing device. Also with six vanes, it showed the possibility of gathering energy from the zero-point field, the energy of the sun as it is transmuted into matter here on earth. With the current changes to the sun, this harnessing of fair-trade energy directly out of the life energy halo around the earth may finally become a possibility.

A number of older crop circles had already been showing us the way, such as this great crop circle at Muncombe Hill in 2018 that shows two waves of 12 rays, giving 24, that are turning anticlockwise like the circle at Broad Hinton, with the zero-point energy field shown in the middle. There are a lot of similarity with this crop circle and the new circle at Lane End Down. Or the circle from 2019 at Pepperbox Hill that has the six outer circles rotating around a central sun.

You can also see that these crop circles are not only based on the Flower of Life, but even more clearly, on the geometric symbol of Metatrons' Cube, that is the progression of the Flower of Life. Here seen in 2016 as crop circle at Nunsteed.

Lastly this crop circle from 2017, next to the sea at Atherington, showing a similar outward wave of energy from a central sun, to the circle at Lane End Down, but then with only four rays, the cross of matter overlaid on the seas of zero-point energy.

These many, varied but similar, crop circles are helping us to understand how our own Sun, at the center of our material world, is the only source of energy we have, and that this energy can be directly available for us if we can better recognize what it is we are being shown. We can now go on to develop a fair-trade energy that is based on the energy of life, rather than on technology, the energy of death. This energy has in fact been available to us for a long time, but is waiting until we are truly ready, waiting until we can show a true responsibility for what this quantum leap in humanity will bring.

The task before us is not to embrace the matrix of technology, but to rise above it. This will be the crowning of mankind here on earth. At present the rapid move to an artificial general intelligence, high tech fusion energy, digital surveillance, and smart cities, is gambling the future of humanity on our ability to stay smarter than the digital world. Will our true love of nature and our true faith in something higher than the earthly realm allow us to meet this challenge?

Love & wisdom,

Gary Barham. The Alchemist

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