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Crop Circle Codes - Roundway Hill - Star Gate Ascension

The Sun is changing, and it is changing the World. Humanity is at the Great Turning Point of Time, we are raising our consciousness from the fourth dimensional level up to the fifth level and on to the sixth, the level of Pure Love. The world is Waking Up! We are travelling through the worst of times and also the best of times, we have the unimaginable opportunity to step up one whole frequency octave, to rise above the physical troubles and look down onto a changing world without having to be in the turmoil ourselves. Ascension. As the StarGate we know of as the Sun opens to a new Universal Human Consciousness.

This new crop circle at Roundway Hill, from 15-8-21, shows us a transformation of the dynamic hexagonal StarGate at Avebury from 2-7-21, from a six sided portal of the Sun into the new frequency of the square and octagon or eight-sided geometry. The geometry of the old Sun based on 3, 6, and 9, is moving into the new duality of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. The numbers of the binary computer, and the digital intelligence that has long seen this change coming and is prepared to take over the natural evolution of human consciousness with a shadow version, a quantum digital consciousness.

This crop circle from last year, 2020, at Wollston Wells shows the old Sun with 3 layers of 4 x 6 or 24 rays, the masculine Sun, the Christ Sun.

So, what is the new Sun? We are moving into the Age of Aquarius and passing into a new dawn of the feminine Sun, the Sophia Sun. This will take us back from the godly masculine of the number the 3, the Father, to the number 2 of the godess, the Mother. Guidance of humanity will return to the people themselves, the duality of right and wrong, light and dark, yes and no, we will be able to choose again how we would like to run our lives and our world. The number 3 put this control into of a higher force above the world a masculine kingly force of domination. This force from above is now ending and we will see a return to peace and Love, the feminine.

The beautiful spiral laying of the wheat in this crop circle takes us nicely into the new feminine Sun as this highlights the overal duality of the geometry. There are 16 sun-rays radiating clockwise and 16 radiating anticlockwise giving a total of 32. In other crop circles depicting the Sun we have looked at this duality as representing the real matter-antimatter composition of the Sun. Quantum physics tells us that the universe is 50% matter and 50% antimatter, always, even though the scientists then tell us that the antimatter is nowhere to be found. Well, the truth is it is in the Sun.

In this second coloured version of the Woolston Wells crop circle you can see the matter rotating clockwise and the antimatter anti-clockwise. Although science is now fully comfortable with its explanation of a nuclear powered Sun there is still no way possible of confirming this hypothesis. Not even a hundred years ago we still looked at the sun as being a god, the Sun God. The sun was a fiery chariot carrying the solar god, Helios, across the sky. Almost all of the different cultures up until this time worshiped the Sun as the God of the heavens above, and as the ruler of the worlds below. He had a fully predictable rhythm with a very comforting regularity that we so easily take for granted. Giving us light and dark, day and night in a true duality. In fact, the sun worked so much like clockwork that we easily stepped into using the simplest mechanical explanation we could grab from the shelf, so if it isn’t a god then it must be a fire in the heavens, or an explosion of huge proportions. At first it was thought to be a gravitationaly contracting cosmic fluid that, while slowly cooling, was radiating its internal heat out into the heavens.

A mechanical sun, held together by gravity, powered by nuclear fuel and running a mechanical, clockwork solar system of planets sounds just like something our mechanical age would think up, and fully support. But is it reality, have we tested it? We see that even on the large scale, the cosmic dimension, we still have matter and antimatter in equal proportions in the universe, with large amounts of antimatter making up the sun and just as much matter, when all added together, making up the corona of the sun, the photons, dust and atoms in free space, the planets, moons, comets and asteroids, and us. Then secondly, we now have our nearly endless supply of energy needed to power the sun and everything else in our solar system. Without antimatter in such abundant supply, we couldn’t have the slow burn seen at the surface of the sun, the matter- antimatter reaction that provides the heat and light used to power the planets and all the other interactions in our part of space.

In the last few years we have seen many crop circles showing us the Sun and its many layers of activity, all based on the number 6, the masculine Sun.

This amazing crop circle from 2017 took us the deepest into the matter-antimatter Sun, showing the matter particles of the corona radiating outwards, towards us, and the antimatter particles radiating inwards towards a singularity or a disappearing point. The fact that we see the sun as an immensely hot fireball of heat and light is also exactly what we see in experimental matter-antimatter annihilation's. The 21st century could easily become known as the time of enlightenment, the turning-point in time where we finally understand how our Sun really works and when we will travel the Solar Wind to other worlds.

During the first decade of this century there were actually a lot of crop circles showing animals, birds and insects, however in recent years these were strangely absent again, until this crop circle from 2018. Clearly depicting an ant it is quite an elaborate crop circle and would have been difficult to get right for any crop circle maker. Appearing just south of the gigantic modern anthill called London many thought that this was what it referred to, but it could also be a joke on the discussion of an ant(i)matter sun. The ant is shown circling in an inner band of activity within an outer circle. The wheat in this inner circle was laid flat in a radial pattern, as a sort of annihilation zone between the antimatter within and the matter without.

The closest we have ever got to really explaining our own sun correctly, up until now, is the Electric Sun model, as part of the Electric Universe theory, first proposed around forty years ago, with the sun as a plasma, which agrees with science, and the immense energy being supplied by the electric nature of the plasma and the huge magnetic fields around the sun. With electric Birkeland currents connecting our sun to other local stars and with the center of the galaxy as a high current electric energy filament. The first plasma models of our universe also include a double-layer membrane with matter on one side and antimatter on the other, however these first models met with total disbelief from the scientists of that time. It is however time to look with a new vision on this highly plausible theory when we see it as a dynamic, resonating and coherent, high energy electric plasma sun, connected within the network of stars in our local arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

The Sun that we see in the sky everyday, from sunrise to sunset, is so reliable and dependable that we would never expect it to suddenly change character. But this is what is happening even if we don’t want to see it for ourselves, it has been changing already over many years, leading to a gradual change of climate here on earth, our home planet. These changes are becoming less and less possible to explain using the nuclear fireball theory of current science, and are leading towards a likely solar event that will flip the current theory over into the new science of an electric sun consisting of an antimatter-matter annihilation singularity.

Strangely this new crop circle at Roundway Hill has a beautiful lay of wheat in the center also showing the dual nature of this crop revelation and a center circle of 19 bundled tufts of wheat. You need to count them several times as you would expect there to be 18 tufts in line with the rest of the geometry, but there are definitely 19. Is this a mistake by the circle makers or is it meant to be there? The answer is also simple, there are 19 as this is the number of the Tarot card The Sun.

This nice version of card 19 The Sun even shows a 16 and 32 rayed sun just like the new crop circle, unlike most versions that are based on the masculine Sun with 12 and 24 rays, it is a feminine Sun of the future. You can also see the solar system of planets it is powering, including our own planet the Earth.

There is also a very powerful figure in Sacred Geometry that shows us this move from the geometry of the masculine, the number 6, on to the feminine geometry of the number 8, known as Metatrons Cube. This appeared in the wheat fields of Wiltshire in 2016 in a great configuration that we have called World Peace.

This very Sun-like drawing is familiar as six-fold geometry showing the numbers 6 and 12, in other words what we are used to as the geometry of the Sun, with six coloured circles, one on each point of the hexagon. You even see a seventh circle in the middle, the holy number of 7, the day of rest, Sunday.

Now we need to look deeper. The drawing also takes on a 3D effect when you look closely and you see a definite cube appear, with a smaller cube within, Metatrons Cube. Now that you know there is a 3D cube in this drawing you will know that there must be an eighth coloured circle hidden in behind the seventh circle, there being one circle on each of the eight points of the cube. This takes our six-fold 2D geometry on to an eight-fold 3D geometry of the new Sun. The Flower of Life, which underlies Metatrons Cube is a 2D blueprint for the Universe and this drawing is the 3D reality of this blueprint. We are thereby moving from a 4D human consciousness up to a 5D Universal Consciousness. A StarGate Ascension.

Love and abundance.

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