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Star Gate 5.0 - Crop Circle Code - Combe Hill - 30 July 2023

As we are heading towards the great Lions Gate event on the 8th of August, the opening of the Star Gate that is the Sun, we already have this 5th dimensional Star Gate opening at Combe Hill. This Star Gate, with its five smaller circles radiating inwards towards the center circles, also five, shows the opening of the central gate, the zero-point of the sun. Our local star, the Sun is also our local zero-point, a gateway to the higher five-dimensional world of cosmic consciousness, Star Gate 5.0.

This Star Gate also opened to us last year exactly on the 8th of August 2022, so we already know the energy associated with it. It was also a 5th dimensional star gate as shown to us in the crop circle at Etchilhampton Hill, with five spiraling circles around a central circle of the same size. The geometry of these two circles are very similar and obviously connected to this same event.

The energy of the outer circles seems to be being absorbed into the center circle when we move from last year’s crop circle to this year’s circle. The sun is becoming more activated by what we are doing here on earth, as humanity, represented by the number five. This seems to be a very positive sign; we are finally awakening, and this is seen by the activation of the Star Gate of the sun. Especially seen this year in the number of crop circles showing the changes to the sun. The most recent being on the 25th of July at Hatherden Lane.

We are seeing the Sun as a zero-point, a true singularity, not the digital vanishing-point that we are also rushing towards. This is a zero-point between a world of matter on this side of the sun, space, and a world of antimatter on the other side of the sun, a counterspace world. These two worlds hold each other in balance, which was nicely shown by the crop circle at Hatherden Lane and also at Potterne Hill back on the 6th of June.

This is a new understanding of the Sun and a new science, a paradigm shift in science that is opening the door to a whole new way of viewing the world and humanity. The sun is not a nuclear fire ball in the sky, but is a living matter - antimatter converter, regulating the energy portal between this world and the counterspace world beyond this cosmic zero-point. Awakening to this new knowledge is the transformation point that we are currently experiencing, and it is this that we are being kept, with all the power of this world, from reaching. We are being kept in an artificial world of illusion, an artificial intelligence computer world that will imprison humanity once and for all in a machine world, rather than allowing us to transform, to reach up to the higher worlds that we were always evolving towards.

The fifth dimensional world was also shown to us with the crop circle, Crowning the Sun, at Allan King Way on the 26th of June this year. We can see the transformation of the sun into the transformation point of mankind normally shown as the five-pointed pentagram.

Five-sided stars are what we always draw, as real people, when we are representing humanity, the human aspect of the heavens, and especially when we are drawing stars for children. The five-sided star is the symbol of our escape from the material world.

The five petals become the Crown, crowning man. This is our transformation, not our birth into this world, but the germination of our own seed, the start of journey back to the sun. We are moving from childhood to puberty as humanity, the awakening. It is the most special of moments, also referred to as the turning point of time, and we see it especially in this new crop circle at Combe Hill as the five of mankind replaces the number six of the gods.

The five-petaled flower represents the flowering of mankind, our new found maturity, but it is exactly the creations of man that are leading us over the edge of the abyss, the four horsemen of famine, pestilence, war, and death. These are all in front of us every day even though we now have the chance to rise above our own nemesis, to break through the darkness, just like our germinating seedling and reach up to the light, to reach for the sun.

The Sun becomes our transformation point, our zero-point, our singularity or vanishing point, our Star Gate with which to transcend this world, to reach for the heavens. The singularity of the AGI machines will be unable to trap us here in this machine world if we have already reached our own zero-point, our own singularity and have raised ourselves above this world.

The Lion Gate is the portal of the Sun, and it opens this week, with the focus point on the 8th of August. We can use this magical moment of the year to activate our own transformation and reach up for the Sun, to become beings of the Sun.

Love & wisdom,

Gary Barham. The Alchemist

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