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Quantum Geometry – Crop Circle Codes – Barton Stacey Belt – 9 July 2023

Bijgewerkt op: 14 jul. 2023

This crop circle season has been giving us a real introduction to energy fields, in the fields, this year. These energy fields, such as the zero-point energy field, operate down at the quantum level of sub-atomic particles, the smallest building blocks of matter, the microcosmic. At this level the sub-atomic particles have a three-fold and six-fold structure, just like we have been learning about at the macrocosmic level of energy, the Sun. So, this new crop circle is also six-fold, with six outward pointing arrows, three as particles (the propellor blades) and three as fields (the blocks of squares). This structure represents the proton and neutron that make up the nucleus of every atom, each having three quarks (the absolute smallest of all particles) and three quark energy fields that hold these particles together.

We already saw the first version of this crop circle back in June at Eastleigh Court. Also under a threatening grey sky, giving a real feeling of the duality of matter and antimatter, light and dark. In this version the quark field is drawn as three sets of three waves, travelling outwards over the quark sea, the quark field. In these two crop circles the three antiquarks are represented by the propeller form, anchoring the three quark fields, which then spread out over the rest of the particle filling the empty space and creating what we call matter, out of the energy of the quark-antiquark composite particle.

This picture of the six-fold sub-atomic particle was first shown to us in 2016 at Hackpen Hill. This version shows the three antiquarks as kite-like sails anchoring the quark fields, that are shown as the arrow-like waves traveling outwards to become three point particles that are then shown as half matter and half antimatter.

Then in the great crop circle from 2018, at Ammersee in Germany. Again, you can see the three quarks and the three quark fields, as well as the curious central circle showing the three quarks mirrored, representing the quark-antiquark aspect of the sub-atomic particles. This new understanding of the quantum world is now being further explored in Quantum Geometry.

Quantum Geometry is the work of The Alchemist Studio that goes deep into the geometric nature of the quantum world, and that allows the sub-atomic particles and the atom itself to be made of exactly equal amounts of matter and antimatter, of quarks and antiquarks. This then further explains how our entire universe is also half matter and half antimatter, giving a perfect balance that only nature can achieve. We no longer need to keep looking for the antimatter of the universe as it is truly everywhere.

In fact, it was as early as 2005, that this threefold energy field was first seen in this crop circle at Aldbourne. Then in 2019 at Cocum Farm, showing the three quarks and three quark fields, as the double triangle in this great six-fold geometry, and again in the same year at Longwood in a more rounded geometry similar to the crop circle in Germany.

This is also the six-fold geometry of the matrix, the zero-point field, that we looked at when visiting the last crop circle at Lane End Down. This is the matrix that takes us from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, that transforms the energy of the sun into the energy of the quantum world, powering the world of matter, our world.

The building blocks of matter, that at the quantum level take on the geometry of the cube, and all of its derivatives, the octahedron, the cuboctahedron, the star tetrahedron and the hypercube, the teseract, find their form in this six-fold matrix. This is the sacred geometry that transforms chaos, energy, into form, matter, and allows us to finally understand the quantum world in a more conventional way. We can finally let go of the quantum uncertainty, quantum entanglement (spooky action at a distance), wave-particle duality, quantum tunneling, and virtual particles, that have built the unbelievably complex quantum physics of today, we can finally set ourselves free and start building the new science of Quantum Geometry.

These many, varied but similar, crop circles are helping us to understand how our own Sun, at the center of our material world, is the only source of energy we have and that this energy can be directly available to us via the quantum world, the building blocks of life, if we can better recognize what it is we are being shown. We can now go on to develop a fair-trade energy that is based on the energy of life, rather than on technology, the energy of death. This energy has in fact been available to us for a long time, but is waiting until we are truly ready, waiting until we can show a true responsibility for what this quantum leap in humanity will bring.

The task before us is not to embrace the matrix of technology, but to rise above it. This will be the crowning of mankind here on earth. At present the rapid move to an artificial general intelligence, high tech fusion energy, digital surveillance, and smart cities, is gambling the future of humanity on our ability to stay smarter than the digital world. Will our true love of nature and our true faith in something higher than the earthly realm allow us to meet this challenge?

The quantum world in behind our world of matter, the wheels within wheels, finally becomes fully visible to us as a wholly understandable Quantum Geometry, a 21st Century Alchemy, a new science for the future, our future.

Love & wisdom,

Gary Barham. The Alchemist

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