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Power of the Sun - Crop Circle Codes -Potterne Hill - 7 June 2023

The Sun powers our world and has done since its creation, it is the only direct power source we have, and it will continue to power our modern technology until our earth comes to an end, whenever that may be. How we harness the power of the sun depends on the technology we are using, but whatever it is, and whatever the fuel is, it always relates back to the physical sun in the sky above our heads.

This new crop circle at Potterne Hill is a beautiful and simple drawing of the sun, looking very much like a large sunflower in the wheat field, with two layers of sun rays, or petals, arranged around a large and empty core. Each layer having 18 petals, 2 x 9, with 2 x 18 giving us 36 petals in total.

Over the years we have had many good crop circles clearly depicting the geometry of the sun, with this great circle appearing in 2021, at Roundway Hill.

Or this crop circle at Woolstone Wells in 2020. In these circles we often see double layers of rays going out from the sun, with this newest crop circle at Potterne Hill also very clearly having a double layer. Lets look into what this is showing us, as we have earlier done by these other circles.

We have understood, for the last hundred years, that our sun, in line with current astrophysics, is powered by a large nuclear fusion reactor burning hydrogen into helium. Since the time of our first discoveries, here on earth, into the atom and its flow on theory of quantum physics we have been without a doubt that the sun is nuclear powered. But do we know for sure? Well, no, we have never been anywhere near close enough to the sun to clearly establish this with any certainty.

All observations of the sun certainly show an immense fire-ball with unimaginable temperatures and ejections of super-heated plasma far out into space. So, what else could it be other than nuclear powered? Surely there are no other possibilities.

In this 21st century Alchemy, an all inclusive science that moves on from our currently floundering modern science presently claiming to be the only holder of the facts, we put forward an alternative view. This comes directly from a much older wisdom that has always said that the sun is empty, or hollow, in the middle, in fact more than empty, it has a negative space, or counter-space at its core. It is the high energy tension field between space and counter-space that fuels the sun, and we can best see this as the sun having matter on the outside and its opposite, antimatter, on the inside. Where these two meet at the surface of the sun we get the immense annihilation energy we see as the burning exterior of the sun.

The double layer of rays around this new crop circle show firstly the layer of antimatter around the empty, counter-space, core of the sun and then the layer of matter on this, visible, side of the sun interacting directly with each other releasing the huge quantities of light and heat that we see every day. There is really no physical reason why this version of powering the sun may not be possible, and once we start investigating it again we may one day realize that we lost a century of real science when we assumed the sun is nuclear powered.

One of the earth based laboratory proofs used to justify the nuclear sun are the high energy experiments that re-create the temperatures of the sun in a magnetically confined plasma in a toroidial chamber. These fusion experiments cost vast sums of money and, after decades of work, are no closer to success.

Strangely enough, a matter – antimatter powered sun is toroidial shaped with vast magnetic fields and an unimaginable electric current flowing in from the galaxy. It is the real model of how our sun works and could be the path towards a true fair-trade energy supply here on earth.

If we look further into the Potterne Hill crop circle we see it is based on the number 9, with two layers of petals each containing 18 petals. 2 x 9 = 18, and 1 + 8 = 9. Then 2 x 18 = 36, and 3 + 6 = 9. Also 3 x 6 = 18 and 6 x 6 = 36. Here we find the 3, 6, and 9 code that Nikola Telsa mentioned when talking about free energy from the atmosphere. Our atmosphere here on earth has the same equal amounts of matter and antimatter that we find on the sun, luckily for us we have a water based environment where the hydrogen is locked up in water and not free to self combust. To release this energy will require a deeper knowledge of matter and antimatter, we know that we can find this real energy here in our own atmosphere, all we need is to create the new technology that will release it. Or to re-discover the knowledge that we have lost in the last century.

It is not science that will take us into this new world but a new spiritual science, based on morals and ethics first. We will need to understand all aspects of science, nature, the environment, and especially the quantum world in a holistic way, integrating all parts of the puzzle into one picture and preventing the exploitation of its individual parts for pure profit.

The mystery found in the geometry of these crop circles is a code, just like all symbols, that reminds us to look where we have already looked, and to see what we already know, to understand that everything we need is already here and the key to unlock it all is already in our hands, in our hearts.

Just look at the tarot card of The Sun, filled with sunflowers, the energy of the sun brought to earth, supporting the life on earth, shown here as the duality of masculine and feminine in their purest form. The dance between fire and water, matter and antimatter, and space and counter-space. The power of the Universe. The number of this card is 19, which is the number of the 18 rays plus the 1 core in the center.

We will create a Fair Trade energy, that is not free, but is available to everyone, that is for everyone, through open cooperation, based on need, not greed, through fair trade, grounded in a collective consciousness of sharing, caring and Love.

Love & wisdom,

Gary Barham. The Alchemist

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