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Into the Matrix – Crop Circle – Chillandham Lane – 4 July 2023

Bijgewerkt op: 11 jul. 2023

Our own star, the Sun, is best understood using the numbers 3, 6, 9, 12, the numbers of life, whereas this new crop circle is showing the most common astronomical view of stars, using the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, the numbers of technology. These are the numbers of the computer, the digital world, artificial intelligence, and the matrix. To find this symbol appearing on the 4th of July, our celebration of freedom, is a very clear warning of the dangers that are facing us today, the loss of freedom to a digital world.

When using digital technology to look up to the heavens, our physical reality of the higher worlds, it turns the images into a digital duality, the line, the cross, the square, and the cube. Those beautiful stars take on a strange matrix-like form, they draw us into this artificial reality, rather than the higher reality that the stars really represent, the light of the heavens.

Tarot card 17, The Star. Two times 8 plus one is seventeen.

This eightfold star appeared to us in 2021 at Rodfield Lane, just look at the eight inward pointing arrows around the outside of the circle, trapping us in the matrix, there is no escape. We were already being warned about what was coming, we seem to be deeper into the matrix than ever before, especially now that the internet is filling with an AI generated reality.

We need to escape. We need to reawaken to the reality of nature, to the real world around us, to escape the prison that is being built to entrap us. Look at this star that also appeared in 2021 at Longwood Waren, it is very similar to the new crop circle at Chillandham Lane, it uses the same method of construction, the same geometry, but is based on the numbers 5 and 10, the numbers of the pentagram.

These five-sided stars are what we always draw, as real people, not digital computers, when we are representing humanity, the human aspect of the heavens, and especially when we are drawing stars for children. The five-sided star is the symbol of our escape from the digital world, from artificial intelligence.

Now look at the following version of Leonardo’s Vitruvius man, the five-pointed star allows us to reach up above the box, the square that we are trapped in, allowing us to touch the top of the circle, the sun, above our head. This is what he was really trying to show us all those years ago.

Now we can look again at the crop circle from last month at Allan King Way. In the center is the sun, with the numbers 3, 6, 12, and above the sun is the crown, above our heads, with its five rays of light. It also shows the moon trying to surround the sun, to cast its shadow over the sun, or to eclipse the sun in darkness, however, the crown of man is cutting through the encircling moon, setting us free. It is up to us, as mankind, not as artificial man, to reach above the emprisoning shadow and to escape our current fate.

The task before us is not to embrace the matrix, but to rise above it. This will be the crowning of mankind here on earth. At present the rapid move to an artificial general intelligence is gambling the future of humanity on our ability to stay smarter than the robots. Will we survive the singularity, or will we be eclipsed by the moon. Will our true love of nature and our true faith in something higher than the earthly realm allow us to meet this challenge?

The singularity in physics is the point of no return on the edge of a black hole, the point in space, where you have got so close that you can no longer escape, once you cross this point everything you know about physics stops. We are lucky to not live close to a black hole and this singularity is purely hypothetical. However, we are currently approaching the technological singularity, the point, in time, where everything we know about human life stops. For some years the prediction for reaching this point was 2045, however in the last few months this has been moved forward to 2028!

We can only imagine what awaits us on the other side of the singularity, firstly, some say we will not even be there as we won’t survive the power unleashed by the AGI. But mostly, because everything will be different, a small group believes that that AGI will enable us to create a new paradise, a new utopia, where we will no longer need to work, and every need will be provided for us by the machine. Most believe, however, that the world will not be a better place for humanity after the singularity.

This crop circle is also clearly shows us the singularity, imagine you are looking at a black hole, the outer circle of outward facing points is warning us to keep a safe distance, if you ignore the barrier around the outside and travel inwards against the outer arrows, you will reach the singularity when you meet the inner circle of arrows, that are all pointing inwards. The singularity is a thin circle between these outward pointing arrows and the blunt end of the inward pointing arrows. Once you cross this circle there is no return, you cross the singularity and are directed in one direction, into the centre of the circle, into the point, the black hole.

The technological singularity is the point where life, as we know it, ceases and a new world begins. We also saw this at the big bang, where our current universe came in to being, most likely out of the collapse of an earlier universe. The holy grail of science rests in being able to describe this singularity point, whether it is the explanation of the big bang, or the understanding of light and darkness, gravity and levity, entropy and syntropy, time and reverse time, or the collapse of society at the point of the technological singularity to be replaced by an artificial general intelligence. Life does not grow out of a singularity, oneness, but from a harmonious balance between two opposing forces, duality.

Love & wisdom,

Gary Barham. The Alchemist

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