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I see You - Crop Circle Codes - Kitts Lane - 30 July 2023

Bijgewerkt op: 2 aug. 2023

Eye see you. Are we being watched? This new crop circle at Kitts Lane is clearly an all-seeing eye, and although it has a duality to it, it is not two eyes, as we would expect if we were looking at ourself. It is the One looking at us, watching over what is happening here on earth. We are the ones making the problems that we then have to face as humanity. It is not coming from outside the earth it is coming from what we as humans are doing ourselves to humanity. Even though the Sun is changing at the moment, it is principally our changing consciousness of how we view ourselves that is changing the Sun, in a positive feedback loop.

The Christ, as the great Sun being, is watching down on us from above, from the sun, not from here on earth, but also not as the Son of God, as he was, but now as the Son of man, as the representative of mankind. This is the crowning of the sun that we saw in the crop circle at Allan King Way on the 26th of June this year. You can see the same crown on this new crop circle, also shown as five rays going out from the top, and in this case also from the bottom, showing the duality of mankind.

The all-seeing eye, is the Eye of God that we find at the top of the Tree of Life and is really representing the One God that is looking down upon us from the heavens. There is no higher god than this, and although it symbolizes the Oneness of God you always see a triangle around the single eye, representing the Holy Trinity, the threefoldness of the highest God. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father is looking down from the heavens, the world of Spirit, and the Son now from the Sun, the Holy Spirit is the energy field that is around these beings and also around us, the universal field of consciousness.

This threefold God was shown in the crop circle on the 9th of July at Barton Stacy Belt, with what could be three eyes looking out in three directions, and three energy fields radiating out to fill the worlds. These energy fields, or spiritual worlds have been shown in many different crop circles over the last few years.

In the new crop circle at Kitts Lane we see a double energy field going out from the all-seeing eye, duality, and not a trinity, making this a representative of the Son of Man, the Christ after His ascension. This is the I Am, the spirit of God that has descended to the earth and has become the Son of man. This is the true I Am, of the I am watching over you, the Shepherd. Not the all-seeing eye of mankind, the one-eyed camera of big brother is watching you.

This crop circle eye, is also clearly created within the vesica piscis, the almond-shaped form that is created geometrically by overlapping two circles, which is also the first step of creation, the first step when drawing the Flower of Life.

The Vesica Piscis (shown on the left) is the holy union between two circles, between the two aspects of a duality, the father and the mother, giving birth to the third aspect, that of the child, the son. As well as this being the One eye, it is also used to depict a holiness or wholeness, and you will often find the Christ, or the holy Mother Mary, being shown within a vesica piscis.

The last Major Arcana card of the Tarot is 21 The World, and here you also see the vesica piscis depicting the natural earthly world in which the representative of man dances. Watched from above by the angel and the eagle, and from below by the lion and the bull.

We are being watched from above, from higher realms, in order to help keep us on the best path, but we are also being watched from overhead, from the one-eyed cameras of the big brother world of the security state. This is not what is being depicted in this crop circle, however it is one of the greatest threats to our freedom at the moment.

We are facing a splitting of humanity into two paths, that of a dystopian technological world, a world of AGI (artificial general intelligence), and the true path back to nature, back to a truly natural way of living in tune with our environment and in tune with those who walk this path with us, back to a human society.

At present the rapid move to an artificial general intelligence is gambling the future of humanity on our ability to stay smarter than the robots. Will we survive the singularity, or will we be eclipsed by the moon. Will our true love of nature and our true faith in something higher than the earthly realm allow us to meet this challenge? We can only imagine what awaits us on the other side of the singularity, firstly, some say we will not even be there as we won’t survive the power unleashed by the AGI.

But mostly, because everything will be different, a small group believes that the AGI will enable us to create a new paradise, a new utopia, where we will no longer need to work, and every need will be provided for us by the machine. Most believe, however, that the world will not be a better place for humanity after the singularity.

This crop circle from the 8th of August 2021, was also at Kitts Lane, in almost exactly the same spot as this new crop circle. It was already warning of the singularity, and the closing of the Star Gates that will occur when we are taken over by the machines. We will be closed off from the spiritual worlds, from the rest of the universe as a protection, for them and for us.

The geometry we see each year unfold in the wheat fields of South England brings us energy and information in the form of codes that we can interpret and use in a most positive way, and it is the same sacred geometry that has been used for thousands of years in esoteric, religious, and alchemical traditions. We ignore this information to our own peril. It is time to awaken.

Love & wisdom,

Gary Barham. The Alchemist

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