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Duality - As above, so below

Only the Creator, only the Universe itself is Oneness - everything else is duality. We are developing a new alchemy, an Alchemy for the 21st century, however we do not forget to establish the basic laws, the foundation on which we will build, and this foundation contains the original seed of alchemy itself. As above, so below, or in other words heaven and earth, shows us that we live here in the earthly world while the heavens move above our head. Only when we leave the earthly realm and become One again with the Universe will we become Oneness itself, we will be back with the Creator instead of only being the created, no longer trapped in duality. The old alchemical drawing shown above depicts this duality perfectly, only the world above is in the Oneness, in the world below everything is duality. On one-side we see the Sun, fire and masculinity, man and on the other-side the Moon, water and femininity, woman. Both the man and the woman are chained to the ever-turning seasons, to the turning of the heavens, the oneness above.

Our work, and the work of alchemy in its most basic form, is to re-unite these dualities, to combine fire and water, male and female in order to return to Oneness. But as you see in the drawing this is not possible in this world, the best we can ever do is to balance the two opposites by creating a third aspect, which is shown as the man in the middle that is both black and white, containing both male and female aspects, and the double bodied lion of fire spewing water, the combination of Fire and Water. It requires a full understanding of all of the forces at work in the universe, the sun and the moon, the planets, the elements of the earth and the elemental forces at work in the underworld, the forces of the atomic world of quantum physics, to begin to understand this balancing of the dualities of this world. This is the new Alchemy.

At this turning point of time we need a new science, a Wholistic Science, that goes much further than the old 20th century science, we need a paradigm shift in science. In order to understand the heavens above us, the universe, we need to dive deep into the worlds below us, into the depths of the earth, the underworld. This work has been done by the Alchemist studio and brought together in the book Quantum Geometry which will be published soon. The Alchemist studio website is already showing the way with much of this new science being made available to you there, its well worth taking a visit.

When talking about 'as above, so below' the above is the cosmic world, the world of the stars, and the below is not our earthly world, the world we see around us and stand on, like many people understand it, the below is the quantum world, the world of the smallest particles of matter. By getting to know this underworld, not as the home of the devil and his demons, but as the quantum world, we get to know all about the fundamental forces shaping our world and the sub-atomic particles that are the building blocks of the universe.

The quantum world is also a world of dualities, however, at this level of the universe, the very smallest world, the dualities are already balanced by the laws of nature herself, nature has already finely tuned this world for us. It is not a world of chaos but a world of form, every particle, every atom is in-formed by the universe itself, at this level the blueprint of the universe has been followed down to the smallest of details, without error, and the quantum world is the rock-hard foundation on which everything else is built. The balancing principle at work here is geometry, and the fundamental force is the tension field created between matter and antimatter. So lets explain that statement. The nucleus of the atom is balanced to have slightly more matter than antimatter (more Quarks than Anti-quarks) giving it a positive charge, and a force of attraction, whereas the electrons in their finely balanced dance around the nucleus have slightly more antimatter than matter (more Anti-quarks than Quarks) giving them a negative charge and a force of repulsion. The tension field between these two forces gives the atom its mass and massive objects their gravitational force.

Above us is the Cosmic world, it is a world of darkness. Darkness is what we see when looking up at this world at night, darkness with millions of pin-pricks of light, light that we call the stars. Strangely enough to our modern day intuition that darkness is also a duality, and like the world below it is a duality of Matter and Antimatter. Modern quantum physics tells us that the cosmos must be made up of equal amounts of matter and antimatter, this is a law of nature, and yet they have to this day not found the antimatter, producing wonderful theories to explain this, whilst longing to find that missing antimatter somewhere, the missing half of the cosmos. Yet, when we look up to the sky we see darkness, that is the matter, and the light we see, are the stars, which must then be the antimatter. The answer could just be as simple as this.

Our 21st century Alchemy, and cosmic geometry, tells us that the stars we see at night and our own star that we see so brightly during the day, are made up of matter on the outside and antimatter on the inside, in exactly equal amounts. The stars, and our Sun, are burning so brightly because they are mixing matter and antimatter at their surface. They are not burning nuclear fuel, as a run-away cosmic nuclear explosion, but are the visible light and heat of a controlled matter and antimatter reaction. This is what our Wholistic Science can show us, and explain fully, it is the duality of space and counterspace, matter and antimatter, light and darkness, in full view before our eyes every day and every night, across the sky. Matter and antimatter must be in equal amounts to create our universe, and they are, both above in the heavens and below in the quantum world.

As above, so below, our two worlds, the duality that we call the Universe, is in a perfect finely-tuned balance, and the balancing point of these two worlds is our world, the Earth. Here on the world between the worlds you find a third aspect, a higher aspect than you can find in either of the two worlds separately, an aspect that is the outcome of balancing these two worlds. This third aspect is called. . . Life. The world above and the world below have been created and brought into balance in order to create a separate space, a Living Space, where Life, the life that we know can evolve. Often we just don't realize how special, how unique, this middle world is, how fragile and temporary it is on the time-scale of the universe. This is Middle Earth, it is a wonder of the Universe, it is a blue pearl in the cosmos, it is a paradise growing with its roots deep in the quantum world, and it is our Home.

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