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Crowning of the Sun – Crop Circle – Allan King Way – 26 June 2023

When we look directly at the sun hanging in the sky, even though we shouldn’t really do this, we tend to see either yellow, orange, or red, depending on the time of the day or the atmospheric conditions at the time. However, if we are looking at the sun from the International Space Station, hanging in space, we will see it as white, which is its true colour. So why do we see all those other colours? Are we being fooled, or is it some kind of magic?

This new crop circle is related to the circle at Potterne Hill, from the start of this month, which also showed the dual nature of the sun. That crop circle was easy to colour red and yellow to show the matter and antimatter nature of the sun’s surface, the immensely hot transition zone between space and counterspace that we see with our eyes, the amalgamation region where matter and antimatter react, giving off, or creating, light, with heat as a major byproduct.

This particular theme of the Sun as something other than a nuclear fireball has been occurring in the fields of Wiltshire for quite a few years. For example, these two crop circles from 2017 at Oxleaze and Hannington, both also based on the numbers 12 and 24 and the Oxleaze circle also includes the half-moon shape.

Or this crop circle at Woolstone Wells in 2020. In these circles we often see double layers of rays going out from the sun, with this newest crop circle at Allan King Way also very clearly having a double layer. Lets look into what this is showing us, as we have earlier done by these other circles.

We have understood, for the last hundred years, that our sun, in line with current astro-physics, is powered by a large nuclear fusion reactor burning hydrogen into helium. Since the time of our first discoveries, here on earth, into the atom and its flow on theory of quantum physics we have been without a doubt that the sun is nuclear powered. But do we know for sure? Well, no, we have never been anywhere near close enough to the sun to clearly establish this with any certainty.

In the 21st century Alchemy, an all inclusive science that moves on from our currently floundering modern science presently claiming to be the only holder of the facts, we put forward an alternative view. This comes directly from a much older wisdom that has always said that the sun is empty, or hollow, in the middle, in fact more than empty, it has a negative space, or counter-space at its core. It is the high energy tension field between space and counter-space that fuels the sun, and we can best see this as the sun having matter on the outside and its opposite, antimatter, on the inside. Where these two meet at the surface of the sun we get the immense amalgamation energy we see as the burning exterior of the sun.

When we burn carbon or hydrocarbons here on earth, we see mostly yellow, orange, and red, and when we look through our own earth-based atmosphere which is full of carbon atoms, like CO2 for example, at the surface of the sun we see these colours. However, even though we are seeing the surface of the sun, the particles coming from the sun are principally being ejected by the corona of sun, the corona is the third aspect of the sun that is the combination of the other two layers, that of matter and antimatter. It is the Son of the sun, being born out of love, the melting together, or amalgamation, of the mother (matter) and the father (antimatter). This the Alchemy that we are working with and that is being shown to us in these crop circles.

The crown of the King and Queen of creation is the Son, that we see as the corona of the sun. In this new crop circle this is shown very clearly as five large radiating sun-rays from the amalgamation of the King, the sun, and the Queen, the moon.

Normally we don’t see the corona as it is much less bright than the surface of the sun, but during a solar eclipse (when the moon is in front of the sun) it becomes clearly visible as a beautiful white halo (crown) around the sun.

This white light is also what we see when we are lucky enough to be a member of a team visiting the International Space Station, we can take a photo that is looking directly at the sun through space and not through the earth’s own atmosphere. Then the sun is its true colour, white.

As real as it is, a white sun does not invoke the same feeling that we have when looking at a glorious sunset at the beach. We still love all of those red, orange and yellow, colours, the golden crown, even though the true colour is the purity of white.

In Alchemy the amalgamation of the King and the Queen of the heavenly world, the sun and the moon, is the Son of God, shown as the six-pointed star, the Christ. After the death and resurrection of the Christ he became the son of man, represented by the five-pointed star, or crown, that we see in this crop circle at Allan King Way. . . The way, the truth, and the Life.

Love & wisdom,

Gary Barham. The Alchemist

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