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Crop Circle Codes - Woodcote Lane - Transformation is Ending

In the last few years there have definitely been less crop circles appearing, and this has a lot to do with the great transformation known as the Turning Point of Time slowly coming to an end. This could mean that in the coming years the number of circles will slowly increase gain, in order to help us to find our balance again after the transformation has ended, or they could stop, which would be great shame as we have all benefited so much from this special phenomenon.

The world has been in one of the most significant transformations of all times, known as the Turning Point of Time, which had its focus around 2012. This period began at the end of 1998 and goes through to the start of 2022, but we can see the Lion Gate period of 2021 as the first cosmic step towards the closing of this cycle. The Lion Gate is a significant Star Gate activation that has been strengthening each year since 2012 and occurs from the 26th of July through to the 12th of August with the 8th of August always seen as having the strongest influence.

This new crop circle at Woodcote Lane shows us everything about this transformation point as a lead up to the 26th of July and is telling us that this year the strongest point will be on the 4th of August this year instead of the 8th of August.

Like the Avebury crop circle from the 2nd of July this circle is also based on the number 6 with two times six, or twelve, gateways around the outer circle, twelve days of transformation. Six and twelve are the numbers of cosmic evolution. The inner segments of the crop circle give us the numbers 4, 8, and 1, the inner most segment taking up 4 of the outer gateways, the second and larger segment takes up 8 outer gateways and the last smallest segment only one gateway. The numbers four and eight represent the square and cube, the numbers of the earthly world, earthly evolution, which we saw by the Rodfield Lane crop circle at the turning point of the year on the 21st of June. The numbers encoded in the three inner segments of 4, 8, 1 show us the date of 4/8/21 as being the most important day to focus on this Star Gate transformation.

We also saw with the Rodfield Lane circle this sequence of numbers 2, 4, 8, 1 as the doubling of the cubes starting with one then doubling to two, doubling again to four and finally doubling again to eight which gives us one whole cube again. The transformation in four steps to a higher dimension.

The square gateway allows us to move from the three dimensional prison of the world of matter up to the four dimensions of thinking, of true human consciousness. This gateway is opening for us now as we go into the age of Aquarius, the Waterman. Our Star Gates no longer need to be in the physical world, they are activated geometry that we enter through a raised consciousness. The crop circles over the past 25 years have been showing us this clearly and allowing us to raise ourselves to these higher worlds.

The double six is the gateway from the four dimensional world of human consciousness to the sixth dimension of Pure Love. This is the level of Heart Consciousness, a frequency thousands of times higher than our thinking consciousness. This higher level of Love is what we need right now to take us above the earthly level of chaos, anger, and fear that has been projected onto our world over the last year.

This portal, known in astrology as the Lion Gate, is an activation of your heart, of Love, to give you the Lions courage that is needed in the coming years. With the sun now rising in Aquarius, the Waterman, we have entered this special turning point of time, we are in the cross where the four fixed signs of the Bull, the Angel, the Eagle, and the Lion, are arranged as you can see in this drawing. We are directly opposite the lion (Leo) and are able to use this Lion Gate to raise our human consciousness up to that of our true self, the Angel. Pure Love. This transformation is now ending and you have one last chance to go through the Lion Gate in such a powerful way on the 4th of August 2021 (4/8/1).

This is the opportunity for the radiant light of the Central Sun to flow through your already powerful Leo Sun, to create new solar codes of light within you, and to help you anchor more love and more abundance for the whole of the earth. This is a time for radical healing as we are transforming doubt, pain, anxiety, shame, judgment, guilt, fear and anger. We are meeting our small human self and transmuting this old energy with the courage and roar of the Lion within. Become your true self, become the Angel of Love that you know that you are.

Strangely enough the glowing blue Tesseract (double cube) that we met in the Lion Gate drawing when discussing the Avebury crop circle from the 2nd of July is represented as 12 gates around the outside of this new crop circle at Woodcote Lane, the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Showing us once again that the physical gate is no longer needed and is merely a metaphor for what we can all now do in our own newly activated Heart consciousness.

For up to date information, photos and videos of all of the crop circles during this crop circle season visit the website

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