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Crop Circle Codes - Woodborough Hill - The 5th Dimension

This new crop circle at Woodborough Hill almost takes us back to the early days of the modern crop circle phenomenon of the 1980’s, back when the circles were really little more than simple circles in the wheat fields, and we knew very little about how they were being made or who was making them. To talk about an extraterrestrial origin was still an accepted reasoning and the media still found it an interesting subject.

We see a simple pentagram star with 5 arms that is often seen as the esoteric symbol for man, representing mankind on earth. With one large circle in the middle and each arm then divided into 3 smaller smaller circles, or 4 circles if you count the middle circle as part of each arm, we get a confirmation of the 3, 4, 5 aspect of the last crop circle at Tawsmead Copse.

The most well known drawing of of this representation of man is from Leonardo da Vinci known as the Vitruvian Man. This was a study of the physiology of man in relation to sacred geometry. The square and the circle are shown, and you can easily visualize the pentagram over the physical body of the man reaching up to touch the heavens above.

The quintessence, or 5th element, as the higher body of man can also be nicely represented by the pentagram. This is the ether or spirit that is the higher sphere origin of the 4 elements that make up our earthly realm. This is then one of the well known fundamental basics of the original Alchemy.

Now that we can see the four elements of our three dimensional physical reality being anchored in the higher spirit realm or ether, we can also start to understand the 4th and 5th dimensions as well. The pentagram could represent the 5th dimension but what does this mean?

We obviously have a 3D physical body, however, as beings with a human consciousness we actually live in the 4th dimension. This fourth dimension is the energy, or information body, the active blueprint that constantly creates, or recreates, our physical body in every moment of time. It is not time itself but creates time in every moment of the physical world. Our physical sensory organs are constantly gathering the non-physical information that creates this 4D world, we swim in a sea of information, a sea of non-physical energy that we can feel and sense around us but cannot physically see or touch. This is the pure light of the ether realm that only becomes visible light when it physically interacts with the 3D world of matter.

Above the 4D sea of the ether is the 5th dimension. We cannot touch this world but are able to reach up towards it, like the Vitruvus Man. We reach up with our human consciousness to touch a world of spirit consciousness. The 5D world is a cosmic experience where our higher consciousness meets the spirit consciousness that is reaching down from above.

All of the dimensions of the worlds we call our home, the earth, are present in the same place and the same time, they are only separated by frequency. Our ability to experience these dimensions is dependent on our ability to access en process the frequency of each dimension. At this point in our evolution we experience the frequency of the 4th dimension as the sea in which we live and the frequency of the 3rd dimension as the visible world of our physical existence.

The frequency of the 5th dimension is opening up to us as we now absorb this high frequency spirit consciousness into our lower frequency experience. It is a frequency of intense information, vibration, colour, harmony, and awareness of beings that are not of this 3D world. The 5th dimension is the world of balance and harmony.

The 6th dimension is a frequency that is extremely limited to our perception at the present time, and is the frequency of Pure Love. We know of it in its lowest form as earthly love, and in its true form it will totally transform everything that we know and experience as our earth at the current moment in time.

So, now that we have had a 5D experience of this new crop circle at Woodborough Hill lets go back to that more basic 3D version that is the 16 simple circles arranged in a star formation. Although we can’t physically access this circle, as the farmer is not keen to have hoards of tourists in his field, we can get to know all about it and the energy field that it represents by taking out a piece of white paper and a pencil and drawing it. This is the quickest and easiest way to get to know each new crop circle and makes them accessible to everyone everywhere.

A great gift to all of us thanks to the crop circle makers and what they bring to us each year. In fact over the years the pentagon and the pentagram have appeared in many different forms and different places, each with its own special message and special energy.

From this original drawing (borrowed from the New Earth - Circle Makers Handbook) you can see the basic layout used to make the crop circle. Once you have laid down a simple pentagram star, which you can easily copy from the internet if you are not sure how to divide a circle into 5 equal parts, you then add a center-line to each arm. Add a circle that fits exactly in the middle pentagon and then 3 smaller circles in each arm. Now you have a mini Vitruvius Man made of 16 simple circles. Then you can colour it in the way you feel the most inspired to do. The 3, 4, 5, aspect becomes visible and you can experience this basic sacred geometry for yourself.

A last piece of sacred geometry from the alchemical texts of Agrippa von Nettesheim, here we see a less well known Vitruvian Man than that by Leonardo da Vinci, although this one gives a better depiction of man reaching out within the pentagram. You can see the Sun in the center with Mars above and the Moon below. Around the circle by the hand you can find Venus and Jupiter, and by the feet Mercury and Saturn. We are made here on earth by all the forces of the cosmos and we are becoming Cosmic Man.

Of course we shouldn’t forget Marcus Vitruvius Pollio who first described the perfect proportions of man and that led on to the drawings we have already discused, he stated:

Just so the parts of Temples should correspond with each other, and with the whole. The navel is naturally placed in the center of the human body, and, if in a man lying with his face upward, and his hands and feet extended, from his navel as the center, a circle be described, it will touch his fingers and toes. It is not alone by a circle, that the human body is thus circumscribed, as may be seen by placing it within a square. For measuring from the feet to the crown of the head, and then across the arms fully extended, we find the latter measure equal to the former; so that lines at right angles to each other, enclosing the figure, will form a square.

Love & Wisdom,

The Alchemist.

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