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Crop Circle Codes - Tawsmead Copse - Holding the Balance

Bijgewerkt op: 9 aug. 2022

This new crop circle at Tawsmead Copse is a direct continuation of Finding the Balance, the circle at Lay Wood on the 14th of July. Here we find that the balance is no longer perfect but has reached a tension between two circles, one slightly larger than the other, that are held together by a straight link and the energy lines of the third, central circle, which has also moves itself outside the combination, outside the tension field.

Our complete Universe is one whole, it is oneness itself. The only one who can truly ever see this oneness is the creator itself. You need to be outside of the whole to ever be able to see its true oneness, or you need to become the oneness itself and look into yourself, which is the same thing. This is the ultimate duality that we are in: outside the whole is one-thing and inside the whole is every-thing. Outside and Inside is a duality that we also call the zero dimension (this is the real fourth dimension). Ever understanding this duality is more of a philosophical quest than a scientific one.

To find true balance we need to connect the two opposites with the bar of the balancing scales. This allows us to find true justice when the scales balance, when we weigh the tribulations of the world against the ideal, the law of the land. The tension that exists between the two opposites can much more easily find equilibrium when connected in this way.

Already as long ago as the ancient Egyptians, it was believed that the heart recorded all of the good and bad deeds of a person’s life, and was needed for judgment in the afterlife. After a person died, the heart was weighed against the feather of Maat (goddess of truth and justice). The scales were watched by Anubis (the jackal-headed god of embalming) and the results recorded by Thoth (the ibis-headed god of writing). If a person had led a decent life, the heart balanced with the feather and the person was rendered worthy to live forever in paradise with Osiris.

So, even though the two sides of the scales held two obviously different weights, a human heart and a feather, it was still believed that if everything was equal the two sides would balance. Then the two aspects of a duality will find themselves creating the third aspect, equilibrium, balance.

To understand the meaning of Life, human consciousness, it is necessary to understand our universe, which has the direct difficulty that we are not outside looking in, we are inside trying to look out. So, when we look around us here in this world we see everything else outside of our-self and only our own personal self on the inside. By understanding this duality we can make our first step towards understanding all of the other dualities and return to Oneness. You can't look outside of the oneness of the universe but you can look outside of the oneness of yourself, so by fully understanding who you are on the inside, and knowing that you are connected with the universal oneness you can become that oneness. This is as much a journey into yourself as it is a journey to fully understand what is outside yourself, or as final goal. . . what is outside in the Universe.

To move from this duality back to oneness in this physical reality is not possible, even though it is desired by many seekers and promoted by many teachers. The moment you move into oneness you become One with everything that there is, everywhere, you become Oneness itself, you become the Creator. So, even if you find yourself closing your eyes and sinking into oneness (which is possible within yourself) the moment you open your eyes again you discover the reality of duality staring back at you. The harshest of all dualities, that of Life and Death, is just one of the many dualities that you face everyday. To be outside of Life is one way to overcome duality, however you will no longer have access to the sensory perceptions that you need to confirm which sort of oneness you find yourself in; a life before birth into this world, a life after death or some sort of unconscious experience in this life.

Now we can also count up the rings in each circle of this new crop formation at Tawsmead Copse and we find 3 rings holding the balance, 4 rings (counting the central dot as a small ring) for the smaller circle, and 5 rings for the larger circle. Giving us the 3, 4, 5, triangle, well known as the right triangle from Pythagoras. This triangle with its 30, 60 and 90 degree angles can be used for drawing this crop circle and also gives a good means for placing the floating circle in the top right corner.

So, maybe we are also getting a good lesson about putting things right. Now that our world has been successfully divided into every known possible duality is it not time to start putting these straight again, time to start bringing things back into balance, and to reach up to the 5th dimension.

Joining Fire and Water is alchemy, joining the Masculine and the Feminine in a world that has rediscovered Love, not sexual love, but Love of the world and all its dwellers, the Love of Life, is the 21st century Alchemy. Working together in a 50/50 partnership where both the feminine side and the masculine side are meeting heart to heart is one of the first principles of this new Alchemy. This starts with balancing the female and male aspects within yourself and then going on to work with this in every new relationship you enter, whether it is in a personal relationship or connecting with others in social and work groups. Many couples are already in alchemical partnerships where sexual love does lead on to higher intuition, which is also helping to heal the earth and the universe itself. It is a very special gift to be in such a relationship and this mostly comes to those who have done a lot of alchemical work already, not just on the physical level. Finding wholeness in yourself and using this to find wholeness in the world is the best starting point for creating an alchemical partnership.

The balancing of sun and moon, male and female, light and dark, fire and water, matter and antimatter is the heart of modern day Alchemy, however we also find this balancing of opposites in astrology, the tarot, religion, science, and everyday life. In the Tarot there are a number of cards showing this balance and a good example is The Star. Here we see the third aspect shown as the star and the energy field emanating from the star to influence the connecting link between the two opposites, the woman, holding two jars of water, one flowing from above, the sky and one flowing towards the ground, the earth. Her task is to bring these two forces, the earthly and the spiritual into equilibrium.

She is mixing fire from the heavens (Love) with the water of the earth (Life), as a symbol for reaching balance in everything that we do. Her own emotional connection with what she is doing has been placed outside of herself in the moon, that is in the center of this drawing and is the free floating extra circle of the crop circle. This ability comes to us near the end of our journey towards awakening, however it is one of the most powerful gifts that we receive on this journey.

Now that we are finally understanding the true message of the Pisces era, bringing the two fish in this symbol into balance with each other, balancing the opposites, as shown in the crop circle at Kiteland Cottages on the 3rd of July, we are now ready to move into the age of Aquarius, as shown on the tarot card of The Star.

We are ready to pour the waters of life out onto the starving earth, to renew our home planet and create the New Earth. Re-balanced and re-enlivened. Then the masculine sun is reunited with the feminine moon, being held by the holy star above, the higher consciousness of man, the newly developed Human Consciousness.

Love & Wisdom

The Alchemist.

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