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Crop Circle Codes - Shaw Hill

The Crop Circle season for 2021 is already underway and on the 14th of June this nice seven pointed star appeared in the young wheat at Shaw Hill, Wiltshire. These amazing geometrical patterns are more than just artwork, they have hidden codes that bring us extremely valuable information for this time of Transformation.

We see a beautiful 7 petaled rose flowering in the wheat field.

We are at the Turning Point of Time. Seven is the number of evolution, and like the octaves in music make seven steps before repeating as the eighth note, we also go through seven epochs before repeating again as the next era. Starting in the middle we evolve outwards in four steps of seven to the outer circle where turn again and devolve back again into the middle. At this turning point we have already made 4x7 steps which is 28. Eventually we make 7x7 or 49 steps in total.

Following the colours of the chakra's the left hand drawing starts with red, the base chakra, in the middle and spirals out to green, the heart chakra. Then we turn inwards again on the right hand drawing going from green back to violet, the crown chakra. Growing outwards in order to find ourselves, and then returning back to the middle with the knowledge of who we really are. We are now half way, we are at the turning point. Enjoy the journey.

The journey begins with the circle of 7 red cycles, at the top left, and then moves on, spiraling down to the next stage where the 7 orange cycles are added. Next the 7 yellow cycles and finally the 7 green, which is where we are now in this 7x7 eras of evolution. The turning point, half way. If we make the turn safely, that choice is still up to us, then we can let go of the green cycle and go back to blue, indigo and the last 7 cycles in violet. So, we still have a way to go but at least we have some idea of the journey now.

By drawing these geometric patterns yourself (especially when using simple drawing equipment, rather than computer software) it is then possible to make contact with the codes that have been instilled in the geometry unlocking the intended information. By following a number of crop circles throughout the summer you may begin to experience yourself the power and importance of these messages. We will also look a bit more into the background of the crop circles in England and what sort of energy is creating them.

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