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Crop Circle Codes - Rodfield Lane - Turning Point.

Bijgewerkt op: 30 jul. 2021

For up to date information, photos and videos of all crop circles during each season visit the website In the early years, back in the 1990's the crop circles had to be photographed from small aircraft, microlights and even helicopters, but now with the advent of drones it is much easier to get photo's and video.

A beautiful fiery Sun Wheel in the wheat fields for the Summer Solstice, 21st June, at Rodfield Lane, Tichborne, Hampshire. The Oneness at the center becomes duality at the crown, or corona of the sun, doubling the number of sun rays to sixteen.

We are at the turning point of the year, the days have grown longer since the Winter Solstice and we have reached the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice. Now the days will get shorter again, this is a breathing out and breathing in of the year as we cycle through the longer eons of time.

The last crop circle on the 14th of June at Shaw Hill was a seven pointed star and we now move on to the eight pointed star, the Sun. Eight is the number of the Cube with its eight corners and shows a completion of a cycle that is based on the doubling of Oneness. A single cube is doubled to two, which is doubled to four and finally doubled to eight, when it becomes a whole, single cube, again. This is the secret of the cube and it is why it is actually the one true basic form of our universe, it is the matrix of the Sun.

The Sun is Oneness, a fiery singularity in space, however this crop circle then shows the 8 rays of the sun each splitting into two, duality. Our Universe is Oneness and yet every aspect within the universe is duality. This is what this crop circle is telling us, we have been born into a world of duality and we need to return to oneness. We have been breathed out into a world of birth and death, darkness and light, male and female, rich and poor, love and hate, entropy and syntropy, matter and antimatter, electricity and magnetism, left and right, war and peace, or even vaccinated and non-vaccinated. We need to balance each duality in order to rise above the polarity it creates, to reach a wholeness that can return us to Oneness.

The sun is a common theme for crop circles which is quite understandable considering how important the sun is to our planet and to all of life. The summer solstice is the point halfway through the year when the sun will stretch the length of the days out to their maximum before shortening again through the winter solstice towards the end of the year (in the Northern hemisphere). This three layered sun appeared at the end of the crop circle season last year, in August 2020.

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