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Crop Circle Codes - Nuns Walk - Matter and Antimatter Duality

This new crop circle at Nuns Walk, Hampshire is a square within a circle. The square always represents the physical earthly world, the world of matter, and the circle the heavens or cosmic world. The circle is oneness, completeness, the wholeness of the higher worlds. The square, as you can see in this crop circle, is divided diagonally into two halves, duality. All the many worlds of physical matter, the worlds below the heavens are duality. In fact, we can see clearly here the nine worlds of matter, the nine dimensions also divided again into two halves. The world where we are living has been divided and divided and divided again. It is this fractured world, this world of separation that we are being asked to recognize at this moment in time, to awaken to and to transform.

We are in one of the most challenging periods of human evolution. You can see and experience this around you in daily life right at this moment, we are being divided again into two definite groups, not just male and female, rich and poor, black and white, but now also human and transhuman. We are being divided and divided and divided again. This breaking up of humanity into endlessly differentiated and labeled groups will go on forever unless we decide ourselves to stop it. The wholeness of the circle shows us how to awaken and how to return to oneness. This is why we always talk about crop circles and not crop squares or wheat-field art.

At the very beginning of Time and Space, at the point of creation, there was already a division, a primordial duality. The creation of SpaceTime could only come about as a duality and that duality took the form of Matter and Antimatter. For every particle of matter that was created there was also a particle of antimatter, with an opposite charge. At the beginning of time the Universe was exactly half matter and half antimatter, just as science has been showing us for the last century since the beginning of quantum physics. In fact this primordial duality is still with us today, contrary to what this same quantum science went on to have us believe. The antimatter has not disappeared, or been annihilated, like we are led to imagine but is still here everywhere, in every atom and every living being, this is what many crop circles have been telling us and what this new crop circle shows in a clear and simple way.

Science is on the verge of discovering what esoteric science has always known and in the coming years it will confirm our knowledge that our universe is truly made up of equal amounts of matter and antimatter, just as all the current physics formulas show. Our work, through learning to understand what the crop circles have long been showing us, is to come to terms with this duality. Learning how to read the messages that are shown to us in the wheat fields each summer is all about learning to read the geometry, and the sacred geometry, of these symbols. Then you discover the key to understanding all of science, the alchemy of life and the basic building blocks of our universe.

It is a quantum geometry that governs all of matter at the smallest scale, the sub-atomic particles. Knowing how these particles are made at this smallest of scales is then a knowing of how our whole universe is made, and how we are made. At this quantum level there are only two different types of energy, or vortexes, one spinning clockwise creating particles of matter with a positive charge, and one spinning anticlockwise creating particles of antimatter with a negative charge. That’s it. This is then the fundamental core of all of physics. In every atom there is an exactly equal amount of matter and antimatter. It is the unique, and amazingly simple, geometry of the sub-atomic particles that keeps the matter and antimatter together in the atom without them annihilating each other. The immense tension field generated by this combination is what we know of as mass, and that creates all visible matter, our universe and us. The tension between the different halves of this crop circle can also be clearly seen as lightning bolts of energy.

So, at the basic level of existence we have this immensely powerful duality that is in fact creating matter out of the nothingness of the void, creating a physical universe of duality (the square) within the oneness of the creative force (the circle). This duality has long been known of as the concept of Yin and Yang. It is the concept of Light and Darkness and ultimately of Good and Evil. It is the primordial force of creation that permeates all of existence.

A modern 21st century Alchemy is not only showing us how to interpret and understand these crop circles but also how to understand all of quantum physics, the universe, and all of life. We are at an exciting turning point in our evolution, a paradigm shift where a whole new form of spiritual science is unfolding that will leave the old, outdated science of the 20th century behind and create a new science that is focused on a new future. It is about mixing fire and water, male and female, and matter and antimatter in a way that will produce the spiritual gold of transformation and enlightenment.

Although our world seems to be in turmoil and chaos at the moment, with immense challenges ahead of us, we are also deep in the process of a transformation to a better world, a new world of which only the very smallest of idea is currently visible but which is unfolding before our very eyes.

For up to date information, photos and videos of all of the crop circles during this crop circle season visit the website

Love and Abundance.

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