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Crop Circle Codes - Longwood Warren - Society Divided

At the Alchemist Studio we have long had the feeling that the crop circle geometry is sent to us by a higher human consciousness from the future, that we are being helped to understand our own pathway in the evolution of mankind. At the moment, as society becomes divided, we need all the help we can get and although these messages from the future can help us on our way they are not direct answers to our current troubles, as this would then be interfering with the laws of nature that prevent this.

The pentagram, or five-sided star will usually represent man, humanity or society. This new crop circle at Longwood Warren, Hampshire from the 4th of July, has been made with 10 points, doubling the pentagram, representing the duality of man as male and female, but also the many dualities of mankind at this stage in evolution. We are at a turning point and are faced with the challenge of bringing all of these dualities into balance in order to move on to a higher level of consciousness.

The pentagram has been used often over the years as crop circle pattern with 2014 as a year where there were at least four beautiful pentagram stars. These all had the theme of bringing society together, they were showing us the importance of family, togetherness and wholeness. There was a feeling of defending the outer circle and protecting the heart.

In the years since 2014, up until now, there have been more pentagram crop circles, but if you look at how they are made up you can see that they are very much divided, shattered almost, into many smaller stars. This is reflecting the breaking up of family, of society, and world cohesion that has been happening in the last few years.

With this new circle you can see a simple double pentagram star within a single 5 sided pentagon. But you can see that 5 of the points are nestled nicely within the pentagon and 5 points are pushing through into the outer circle. Society is being divided 50/50, almost as if half of the world is loosing its head. We have not only felt a real division between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have not, but see this division now on many levels. A proposed digitized social score system is the present challenge to world peace and a clear division of society into two paths.

However we can also look at this drawing in a much more positive light, 5 of the heads are pushing through the veil of darkness into a higher dimension, from the 5th dimension into the 6th. We are being given the opportunity to go through the Lion Gate, through the portal in the veil and bring a whole new level of consciousness, of understanding, to the world. At the top of the crop circle drawing you can see an angel in white, stretching its wings, joined by four other angels around the circle. The angels in the five corners of the pentagon seem to have their wings closed covering their eyes.

The sixth dimension is the dimension of Pure Love, it is achievable to at least half of humanity at the moment. In fact it is what is needed to take us out of the world panic that we have been led into. You can make this transformation by opening your mind and opening your heart to a world that is more than just what you can see and touch around you. It is our true future.

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