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Crop Circle Codes - Little Down - Quadrality

The basic pattern for this new crop circle was roughed-out back on the 24th of April in the yellow rapeseed fields near Crab Wood, Winchester, and is the familiar four circles creating a square with a fifth circle in the middle. This has appeared in many crop circles over the years.

Now we see the circle completed at Little Down, Wiltshire, on the 22nd of May. The central pattern is placed in an octagon with 16 small rays radiating outwards in a saw-tooth pattern, giving us the numbers 4, 8, and 16. Also including some nicely woven grain in the central circle as a signature from the circle maker?

These are the numbers of completion that we saw with one of the last crop circles from 2021 at Roundway Hill, Wiltshire, in the golden summer wheat on the 15th of August. A beautiful depiction of the new Sun.

The Sun is changing, and it is changing the World. Humanity is at the Great Turning Point of Time, we are raising our consciousness from the fourth dimensional level up to the fifth level and on to the sixth, the level of Pure Love. The world is Waking Up! We are travelling through the worst of times and also the best of times, we have the unimaginable opportunity to step up one whole frequency octave, to rise above the physical troubles and look down onto a changing world without having to be in the turmoil ourselves. Ascension. As the StarGate we know of as the Sun opens to a new Universal Human Consciousness.

The geometry of the old Sun based on 3, 6, and 9, is moving into the new duality of 2, 4, 8, 16. The numbers of the binary computer, and the digital intelligence that has long seen this change coming and is prepared to take over the natural evolution of human consciousness with a shadow version, a quantum digital consciousness.

We are moving into the Age of Aquarius and passing into a new dawn of the feminine Sun, the Sophia Sun. This will take us back from the godly masculine of the number the 3, the Father, to the number 2 of the godess, the Mother. Guidance of humanity will return to the people themselves, the duality of right and wrong, light and dark, yes and no, we will be able to choose again how we would like to run our lives and our world. The number 3 put this control into of a higher force above the world a masculine kingly force of domination. This force from above is now ending and we will see a return to peace and Love, the feminine, and an opening of the concept of Quadrality.

Not even a hundred years ago we still looked at the sun as being a god, the Sun God. The sun was a fiery chariot carrying the solar god, Helios, across the sky. Almost all of the different cultures up until this time worshiped the Sun as the God of the heavens above, and as the ruler of the worlds below. He had a fully predictable rhythm with a very comforting regularity that we so easily take for granted. Giving us light and dark, day and night in a true duality. The new Sun ads the feminine duality to this, creating a double duality, rather than a simple replacement of the masculine sun with a feminine version we now go further and balance the masculine with the feminine creating a quadrality. Quadrality combines the masculine Sun of the heavens with the earthly feminine sun of Mother Nature creating human nature, Human Consciousness. We are presented with the cross of changes, the cross of humanity on which we are hanging, represented in the Tarot by the Hanged Man.

This is the card of Transformation, we are moving from the old to the new, and in order to make this change we need to purify the past, on a personal level and collectively on a worldwide level, by healing the earth and healing humanity. This is what we have been doing for the last two years so intensively, and much longer of course. We are turning our world upside down. Through quadrality we are returning the Light to the world, you are becoming a being of light, a being of transformation for the world. This new concept of Quadrality is being much more deeply explored by Oracle Girl -

Back in 2017 this wonderful Celtic Cross appeared in the wheat fields by the sea at Atherington, West Sussex on the 19th of July. Beautifully showing the fourfoldness of the cross in a rare crop circle so close to the sea, the seas of change, transformation.

The Sun that we see in the sky everyday, from sunrise to sunset, is so reliable and dependable that we would never expect it to suddenly change character. But this is what is happening even if we don’t want to see it for ourselves, it has been changing already over many years, leading to a gradual change of climate here on earth, our home planet. These changes are becoming less and less possible to explain using the nuclear fireball theory of current science, and are leading towards a likely solar event that will flip the current theory over into the new science of an Electric Sun consisting of an antimatter-matter annihilation singularity. The Sun is changing and our world is changing with it, we can follow the change or we can resist it to our peril.

In the last few years we have seen many crop circles showing us the Sun and its many layers of activity, all based on the number 6, the masculine Sun.

This amazing crop circle also from 2017 took us the deepest into the matter-antimatter Sun, showing the matter particles of the corona radiating outwards, towards us, and the antimatter particles radiating inwards towards a singularity or a disappearing point. The fact that we see the sun as an immensely hot fireball of heat and light is also exactly what we see in experimental matter-antimatter annihilation's. The 21st century could easily become known as the time of enlightenment, the turning-point in time where we finally understand how our Sun really works and when we will travel the Solar Wind to other worlds.

One last crop circle showing the Sun. Just like our transition from the last crop circle of 2021 to the first of 2022 showed us two different versions of the sun, the last crop circle of 2020 was also the Sun. This wonderful crop circle from the 9th of August 2020 at Woolstone Wells, Oxfordshire, has 3 layers of sun-rays with each layer made up of 24 rays.

Quadrality is the harmonious balancing of the masculine and feminine in each of us that allows us to purify ourselves and to purify the world, to raise ourselves to a higher dimension and a higher consciousness. The beauty and purity of nature becomes fully visible here on earth and we become truly open to the love and wisdom of the heavens.

Love and wisdom,

The Alchemist.

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