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Crop Circle Codes - Kitts Lane - Transformation, Star Gate is Closing

Humanity is at the Great Turning Point of Time, we are raising our consciousness from the fourth dimensional level up to the fifth level and on to the sixth, the level of Pure Love. This transformation has been especially active each year during the period known as the Lion Gate, from the 26th of July through to the 12th of August, and is especially strong on the 8th of August.

This new crop circle at Kitts Lane, from 8-8-21, shows us a transformation of the dynamic hexagonal Star Gate at Avebury from 2-7-21, into a hexagram, or six-pointed star, with 24 activation gateways around the outside circle.

The Star Gate at Avebury showed the hexagonal portal spiraling beautifully inwards, drawing the cosmic traveler into the doorway and a consciousness expanding experience that can take us up to the level of Pure Love, the Christ Consciousness. In this new crop circle the hexagram is more static but does show a spiral movement coming outwards from the center.

Both of these crop circles are based on the number six and allow us to see the 3D representation of the cube. This is also what we see hovering in the Lion Gate as the double cube, or Tesseract, the infinity powerful transformation symbol, taking us from the fourth dimension on to the sixth dimension.

Here you can see the Gate clearly open and welcoming, even though it is guarded by two lions as you walk towards the gate and two lions above the gate itself. They appear to be passively challenging you to recognize your dual nature and showing that this duality will be transformed into a powerful spiritual Oneness as you go through the Gate.

We also saw this duality in the double gateways around the crop circle at Woodcote Lane, from 18-7-21. This crop circle is showing us 12 gateways, very much like the stone Lion Gate of Mycenae, open and especially passable between the 4th and the 8th of August. In the new crop circle at Kitts Lane these 12 double gateways will become 24 single gateways, which appear to become barred to entry? The Lions Gate is closing.

The world has been in one of the most significant transformations of all times, known as the Turning Point of Time, which had its focus in 2012, or more presicly, 21-12-12. This period began at the Winter Solstice of 1998, 21-12-98, and goes through to the Winter Solstice of 2021, or 21-12-21. We can see the Lion Gate period of 2021 as the first cosmic step towards the closing of this long transformation cycle. You can in fact count exactly 24 Star Gates from the start of this period in 1998, through to the close in 2021.

We are passing through the Lion Gate, in our higher consciousness, using the powerful activation of this Star Gate in the first two weeks of August, but especially between the 4th and 8th of August. Taking us up to a higher frequency and a new octave. We reach up from the fourth dimension to enter the fifth dimension of Spirit Consciousness and the sixth dimension of Pure Love. This is our last chance as this specific Star Gate closes to us on the 12th of August, all 24 gates will now be closed. A hint of this was also seen in the same zigzag line around the outside of the Avebury crop circle on the 2nd of July.

The crop circle at Spiers lane from the 1st of August with its two triangles pointing towards each other, like the symbol for closing doors, also showed us that this Star Gate is about to close. The fourfold and eight-fold geometry of this crop circle, representing the duality of Light and Darkness, emphasized the importance of this closing phase of the Great Transformation. The Darkness becomes the greatest just before the Light shines in, as we can see around us at this moment in time, this time of greatest despair, of fear and chaos.

However, for all of those who have not yet passed through the gateway, reaching up to the higher cosmic consciousness, even after the 12th of August, you still have a few more weeks before the full transformation period ends on the 21st of December 2021. The Lion Gate period is certainly an important opportunity to make the transformation and has been of immense help to many people over the last few years. In fact the Lion Gate period will remain available each year, for many years to come, as a possibility for transformation to the fifth dimension, even though the 24 Gates of the Great Transformation are closed. Although, as each year passes it will become more and more difficult to pass through.

Duality is the first principle of Alchemy, and of Life. To understand the meaning of Life it is necessary to understand our Universe, which has the direct difficulty that we are not outside looking in, we are inside trying to look out. So, when we look around us here in this world we see everything else outside of our self and only our own personal self on the inside. By understanding this duality we can make our first step towards understanding all of the other dualities and return to Oneness. You can't look outside of the oneness of the Universe but you can look outside of the oneness of yourself, so by fully understanding who you are on the inside, and knowing that you are connected with the Universal Oneness you can become that Oneness. This is as much a journey into yourself as it is a journey to fully understand what is outside yourself, or as final goal. . . what is outside in the Universe. This is what Transformation truly means.

Reaching up to the sixth dimension of Pure Love is about mixing Fire and Water, about joining the Masculine and the Feminine. This is always shown as the symbol of the Star of David, the hexagram, and it is easy to draw in the masculine version of the Flower of Life called Metatrons Cube. As you can see this is the middle drawing shown above, and it is what appears when the two symbols in the lefthand drawing, showing Water in blue and Fire in red, are moved over each other to create a perfect balance. Then the third drawing appears as you continue to move the two symbols further apart again. The first drawing is the crucible of the Alchemist, with the Fire (Love) of transformation underneath, and the Water (Life) of human consciousness above, it is known as the Holy Grail. The middle drawing is the resulting higher human consciousness, or Cosmic Consciousness of Pure Love, known as Holy Purification. And the third drawing is the level of Universal Cosmic Consciousness, known as the Cosmic Egg.

When the 24 Star Gates are closed the Alchemy is finished and the level of Pure Love, the Holy Purification is reached. We can then go on to create within ourselves the Cosmic Egg, this is the spark of Love, Light and Life, known as the Cosmic Christ, shown here in an old Celtic Christianity drawing from the Book of Kells. Our long journey of Transformation is now complete.

Love and abundance.

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