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Crop Circle Codes - Kiteland Cottages - Return to Quadrality

This circle at Kiteland Cottages, Hampshire, on the 3rd of July, at first sight looks like a very good representation of duality, fire and water, yin yang or space and counterspace. However, it takes us much deeper into the rabbit hole, as an introduction to Quadrality.

Quadrality is the harmonious balancing of the masculine and feminine in each of us that allows us to purify ourselves and to purify the world, to raise ourselves to a higher dimension and a higher consciousness. The beauty and purity of nature becomes fully visible here on earth and we become truly open to the love and wisdom of the heavens.

And with those words we finished the last article decoding the crop circle at Hackpen Hill on the 19th of June, including this artwork from Thomas Boulvin.

So, with this new crop circle we are invited to go deeper into the concept of quadrality that we first looked at with the crop circle at Little Down on the 22nd of May this year.

The geometry of the old Sun based on 3, 6, 9, and 12 is moving into the new duality of 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32. The numbers of the binary computer, and the digital intelligence that has long seen this change coming and is prepared to take over the natural evolution of human consciousness with a shadow version, a quantum digital consciousness.

We are moving into the Age of Aquarius and passing into a new dawn of the feminine Sun, the Sophia Sun. This will take us back from the godly masculine of the number the 3, the Father, to the number 2 of the goddess, the Mother. Guidance of humanity will return to the people themselves, the duality of right and wrong, light and dark, yes and no, we will be able to choose again how we would like to run our lives and our world. The number 3 put this control into of a higher force above the world a masculine kingly force of domination. This force from above is now ending and we will see a return to peace and Love, the feminine, and an opening of the concept of Quadrality.

The positive message of duality as seen in tarot card number 6 The Lovers is mirrored into the negative in card number 15 The Devil giving us a dual duality.

So, this amazing new crop circle at Kiteland Cottages shows us not only the duality of the two half circles, left and right, just like the two figures in each of the tarot cards, but also these circles are divided into a chequered pattern of light and dark. A dual duality, or quadrality. The circles are touching but not overlapping or interfering with each other, like waves, they are being influenced by the background field of the square in which we find them, the Matrix. They are chained to the matrix, supported and fixed by this field in the same way as the figures above in the card representing The Devil.

The Angel of Light that is guiding The Lovers is the feminine aspect of Light that is now showing us the way out of the matrix, the masculine and negative aspect of darkness that we see in The Devil card. It is our task to recognize both of these aspects in our life, to embrace the light and the darkness within each of us and to rise above the dual duality. We will become Quadrality, the new people, a risen humanity that has found its own way out of the chains of the physical world, out of slavery and into the free world that we have created ourselves.

Not only are we looking at the concept of light and dark, feminine and masculine, but also the less known aspects of Space and Counterspace and Matter and Antimatter, that are a key to the new science of 21st Century Alchemy. In the crop circle we can see the matrix of matter and antimatter divided into the two circles of space and counterspace.

Science is on the verge of discovering what esoteric science has always known and in the coming years it will confirm our knowledge that our universe is truly made up of equal amounts of matter and antimatter, just as all the current physics formulas show. Our work, through learning to understand what the crop circles have long been showing us, is to come to terms with this duality. Learning how to read the messages that are shown to us in the wheat fields each summer is all about learning to read the geometry, and the sacred geometry, of these symbols. Then you discover the key to understanding all of science, the alchemy of life and the basic building blocks of our universe.

A modern 21st century Alchemy is not only showing us how to interpret and understand these crop circles but also how to understand all of quantum physics, the universe, and all of life. We are at an exciting turning point in our evolution, a paradigm shift where a whole new form of spiritual science is unfolding that will leave the old, outdated science of the 20th century behind and create a new science that is focused on a new future. It is about mixing fire and water, male and female, and matter and antimatter in a way that will produce the spiritual gold of transformation and enlightenment.

Love and wisdom,

The Alchemist.

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