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Crop Circle Codes - Etchilhampton Hill - Creation of God

Bijgewerkt op: 28 jul. 2022

There is always the temptation to straight away start talking about the Free Masons when seeing this symbol, even when it is etched into the wheat fields of Wiltshire. However, we can also look at how they originally found this drawing for their work in God the Geometer, God the Creator.

Our complete Universe is one whole, it is oneness itself. The only one who can truly ever see this oneness is the creator itself. You need to be outside of the whole to ever be able to see its true oneness, or you need to become the oneness itself and look into yourself, which is the same thing.

God created the Heavens and the Earth as the Great Architect and used geometry as the foundation of everything, as shown is this well known painting by William Blake.

“Philosophy [nature] is written in that great book whichever is before our eyes - I mean the universe - but we cannot understand it if we do not first learn the language and grasp the symbols in which it is written. The book is written in mathematical language, and the symbols are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without whose help it is impossible to comprehend a single word of it; without which one wanders in vain through a dark labyrinth.” Galileo Galilei

Just like the Freemasons created the foundations of the great cathedrals and monumental buildings all around the world were using Sacred Geometry, the inspiration for their work was taken directly from the Book of Nature and used the symbols of triangles, circles and squares. In this new crop circle at Etchilhampton Hill we are being asked to look deeper than the Freemasons, to delve into the depths of Sacred geometry itself, and to discover there the foundations of the universe, the foundations of the earth. We will also discover the significance of the number 8 in this crop circle.

Firstly, we can see in this print from an old book on alchemy, all of the symbols of this crop circle being used to energize, or enliven, the earth itself which is on the creation table in the middle of the drawing, the blueprint of Life. The stars above in the heavens and the 7 moving stars, the sun, moon and the planets, are raying in to the focal point of the double pyramid, or octahedron, with the symbols of sulphur and mercury, and then as focused rays on to the table with the earth in the middle. The seas above and the seas below. The duality of the sun and moon, each on their own pillar with the elements of fire and water, air and earth. The pillars stand on the force field, the matrix, the quantum world below, shown by the tiled floor, and reach up to the stars above. The earth, and all of the elements below become enlivened by the energy of the heavens above.

Although the crop circle and this old alchemical drawing give an impression of being an altar for some kind of earthly ritual, this is not the case. We are seeing a representation of high spiritual processes of creation, manifestation, that are being shown in an earthly way. This is the creation of God, not man.

Then, we can look at this crop circle from 2020 in Germany, one of the really great circles from that year. This is a beautiful graphic presentation of the quantum paradox of wave-particle duality, showing how the photon can be both a wave and a particle at the same time. The new crop circle at Etchilhampton Hill shows the same 8 waves around the circle and the 8 particles, this time in a half circle inside the wave. The 3 increasing in size circles moving out from the center of the new crop circle are seen in the Germany circle as the 3 circles radiating out from the centre of the circle. This German circle shows that wave-particle is a reality, that it works, and the new circle in Wiltshire shows the geometry of how it is created. This is the fundamental principle at the heart of quantum geometry, the building blocks of the universe.

Next, we see that the blueprint of the universe itself is the Flower of Life and out of this universal symbol emerges the symbol of Metatrons Cube that can show us the way into the geometry of the quantum world and of the cosmos. This was shown to us back in 2007 in this amazing crop circle at West Overton, the geometry of the hexagon and the cube.

The cube has 6 sides and 8 points. Seven of these points are visible as circles in the drawing of Metatrons Cube, above, and the eighth point is hidden from view in behind the central circle. From the cube, as building block, we can also directly derive two more geometric forms based on the number 8, the octahedron and the cube octahedron. These two new forms are the fundamental geometry of the 3 sub-atomic particles, the proton, neutron and electron, and give us the ability to construct these particles with exactly equal amounts of matter and antimatter without these annihilating each other. This is the new science of 21st Century Alchemy.

In both the Avebury crop circle, from 2021, and the Barbury Castle circle, from this year, we can see clearly the cube shaped hexagon, also known as Metatrons Cube or the Tessaract. Both spiral inwards in a fractal way to the center of the circle. At Avebury there were 6 spirals each containing 16 steps and at Barbury Castle there are 12 arms with 4 steps each, however if you follow the triangles spiraling inwards you also find 6 spirals with 8 steps each.

This 6 and 8 geometry of the cube is also found in the octahedron and the cube octahedron. The cube octahedron forms the nucleus of all three sub-atomic particles and is made up of 8 tetrahedral forms pointing inwards to the center, 8 gluons representing the strong nuclear force, in perfect balance, giving an immense suctional force focused on the center of the cube octahedron. This form is also known as the vector equilibrium, the most balanced geometric force field. This geometric form also has 6, square shaped sides, in the form of 4 sided funnels pointing inwards.

The 8 sided octahedron, the geometric form of quarks, will be drawn into this funnel shaped opening of the cube octahedron, with 4 sides sitting in the funnel and 4 sides pointing outwards. In every cube octahedron there is room for 6 octahedrons, quarks. Thus, an 8 gluon, cube octahedron nucleus, will draw in, with immensely strong force, exactly 6 quarks. And because of this unique shape it is possible for these 6 quarks to be 3 balanced pairs of quarks and anti-quarks, matter and anti-matter, fire and water.

This is quantum geometry, 21st Century Alchemy, and it is the foundation of the universe, the foundation on which every single molecule, cell, tree, animal, planet, star and galaxy, including us, is built. This is the geometry of the building blocks of the universe, as shown in the Flower of Life.

So although this crop circle at Echtilhampton Hill shows us the compass and square of the Freemasons these are truly symbols of the building blocks of the universe, the sub-atomic particles. The squares making up the cube represented by the builders square, 90 degrees, and the triangles making up tetrahedron, octahedron and cube octahedron, represented by the architects compass, 60 degrees. The Freemasons were not the creators of quantum geometry but are simply the most familiar group associated with the use of Sacred geometry.

Duality is the first principle of Alchemy, and of Life. To understand the meaning of Life it is necessary to understand our Universe, which has the direct difficulty that we are not outside looking in, we are inside trying to look out. So, when we look around us here in this world we see everything else outside of our self and only our own personal self on the inside. By understanding this duality we can make our first step towards understanding all of the other dualities and return to Oneness. You can't look outside of the oneness of the Universe but you can look outside of the oneness of yourself, so by fully understanding who you are on the inside, and knowing that you are connected with the Universal Oneness you can become that Oneness. This is as much a journey into yourself as it is a journey to fully understand what is outside yourself, or as final goal. . . what is outside in the Universe. This is what Transformation truly means.

Reaching up to the sixth dimension of Pure Love is about mixing Fire and Water, about joining the Masculine and the Feminine. This is always shown as the symbol of the Star of David, the hexagram, and it is easy to draw in the masculine version of the Flower of Life called Metatrons Cube. As you can see this is the middle drawing shown above, and it is what appears when the two symbols in the left-hand drawing, showing Water in blue and Fire in red, are moved over each other to create a perfect balance. Then the third drawing appears as you continue to move the two symbols further apart again. The first drawing is the crucible of the Alchemist, with the Fire (Love) of transformation underneath, and the Water (Life) of human consciousness above, it is known as the Holy Grail. The middle drawing is the resulting higher human consciousness, or Cosmic Consciousness of Pure Love, known as Holy Purification. The third drawing is the level of Universal Cosmic Consciousness, known as the Cosmic Egg.

This is the Geometry of the Creator. God the Geometer.

Love & Wisdom

The Alchemist.

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