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Fair Trade Energy - Crop Circle Codes - Broad Hinton

Bijgewerkt op: 31 mei 2023

A nice simple crop circle to get the 2023 crop circle season started, pointing the way to harvesting energy from the field (quantum field that is). It looks great in the wheat crop and you can feel it already spinning, although while drawing it you see straight away that it would also be a fun and easy circle to make. All it would take is 12 evenly spaced poles around the outer circle, and one in the middle, then you can make all of the circles and arcs, no straight lines to worry about. . . plus a lot of huffing and puffing to lay down such a big area of wheat.

The mystery behind all crop circles, where do they come from and who is making them, are they really extraterrestrial or man-made, has never been resolved even to this day. But one thing is certain, they are all symbols containing information and an indescribable energy. They inspire and create endless discussion. This phenomenon runs parallel with another, yet to be solved, mystery involving free energy devices, that could create endless energy from the aether, or zero-point field.

Over the years we have seen many crop circles that appear to be showing us the way towards free energy technology, and a society based on unlimited energy. Clearly we have never needed this development more than we do now, so are we any further, and where are these humanity saving machines. Or are they to remain some esoteric mystery?

This new crop circle at Broad Hinton is no exception, it clearly inspires us to dream on further, and it continues to encourage all who are interested to stay searching for answers. In fact the first of these crop circles already appeared in an adjacent field at Winterbourne Basset in 1995. A great blueprint for a free energy machine with three rotating magnets. 3, 6, and 9 being the numbers used to represent the energy fields of the aether.

Or this great crop circle from 2018, also at Winterbourne Basset, showing the radiating energy lines coming from such a device. Harmonic resonance in an electromagnetic field has long been investigated as a bridge to free energy, and of course it is the electromagnetic field rotating in all modern electric motors that currently powers our world. Looking at the map of this area there are plenty of large fields of wheat that could be used by the crop circle makers to give us a more detailed version of what they mean by a free energy device, one that actually works.

The 28th of May 2023 was also Pentecost, in the traditional Christian calendar, which celebrates the pouring out of the Holy Spirit over the Apostles, 50 days after Easter. The Holy Spirit is the modern church’s way of saying spiritual energy or life energy, and in esoteric traditions it is the aether field, or aura of life energy around the earth, and around all living beings. In quantum physics it is known as the zero-point field, quantum field, or the matrix.

The Holy Spirit most often being depicted as the white dove, above the head of Christ, or at Pentecost by the Pentecost dove, a white dove in flight above the heads of the 12 Apostles. The dove then being a metaphorical image of an invisible field of energy being shown in a more recognizably physical way.

We often use symbols to depict the things we cannot see, as representations of energy fields that we can feel, in a higher sense, but cannot explain or measure. So, like the Pentecost dove, crop circles, regardless of whether they are man-made, or from a more mysterious origin, are powerful reprasentatives of non-visible energy experiences or happenings.

This great crop circle from 2007 at West Overton, not too far from Broad Hinton and Winterbourne Basset, has been a great inspiration for research. Based on the Flower of Life pattern, and the number 6, it has wheels within wheels, and an immense amount of information. It is clearly not man-made, and has been a huge help in understanding the geometry and fields of the quantum world. With this type of wisdom we are much further on the road to understanding the unseen worlds around us, the fields that are the primary source of all energy in the universe, the aether.

This next drawing is an artistic rendition of the energy fields of the photon, the particle of light, based on the geometry of the West Overton crop circle, and an interpretation of the information contained in the crop circle. This is the kind of work we are doing when using this information to further the study of the unseen energy fields, of the aether. The quantum world of sub-atomic particles is the transformation point between the aetheric energy fields and our physical world and this is the true reason why so much effort and money is being spent investigating quantum physics. This is the true portal to unlimited new knowledge and unlimited energy.

However, strangely enough, the scientific world has banned, or eliminated the aether from all of its work. This occurred back at the start of the 20th century, just at the time of the first quantum experiments, and was based on the results of one experiment that went looking for the luminiferous ether. When their experiment failed to clearly establish this type of ether it was declared to not exist, despite the fact that much of the physics up to that time included the ether in their calculations.

The same experiment has been repeated many times, to much finer degrees of accuracy without reaching a definitive result, so up to today science does not include, or ever discuss the existence of the aether. They have never thought to look for other forms of ether, or to conduct experiments that look for the effects of a non-material ether on physical matter, the threshold where the non-material becomes material.

However, much of the old alchemical wisdom was already being buried at the start of the 20th century. Was this being done to forge a clear, and unburdened, path for a new materialistic science, or were there other motives for this blatant erasing of our scientific past? Not long after this time we also witnessed much of the work of Nikola Tesla, on ether technologies, also being buried. Did the banks and multinational corporations (oil barons) already have the information they needed to dominate the energy production of the world, deliberately sending science down a side road to keep them out of the way?

Do these corporations already have the technology to create endless free energy? Is the, so called, energy transition not from fossil fuels to wind and solar (which is doomed to failure), but from oil to a currently unknown, to us, ether technology. Are they deliberately collapsing western society in order to introduce a corporate dominated ether energy world.

According to many people, some already buried, free energy actually exists and awaits only a worldwide raising of human consciousness. Do we achieve this through coming together as one community through Love, or will this be achieved through a domination of the world through fear, control, and an artificial intelligence net, not for the people, but by the people, trapped in an artificial digital matrix.

Fair Trade energy is not free, but it is available to everyone, it is for everyone, through open cooperation, based on need, not greed, through fair trade, grounded in a collective consciousness of sharing, caring and Love.

Love & wisdom,

Gary Barham.

The Alchemist

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