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Crop Circle Codes - Barbury Castle - Star Gate, Through the Portal.

Bijgewerkt op: 20 jul. 2022

This new crop circle at Barbury Castle is one of the truly beautiful circles that come along each year. It even appeared in 2 phases, one day apart. Last year we had a similar crop circle at Avebury, a real Star Gate that was taking us through the portal. Are we outside moving in, or are we inside the gate looking out?

Our complete Universe is one whole, it is oneness itself. The only one who can truly ever see this oneness is the creator itself. You need to be outside of the whole to ever be able to see its true oneness, or you need to become the oneness itself and look into yourself, which is the same thing. This is the ultimate duality that we are in: outside the whole is one-thing and inside the whole is every-thing. Outside and Inside is a duality that we also call the zero dimension (this is the real fourth dimension). Ever understanding this duality is more of a philosophical quest than a scientific one. Our journey is one that takes us deep into the Philosophy of Duality.

As preparation for the Lion Gate portal on the 8th of August, we are once again finding the hexagonal, or six-sided gateway opening for us now as we go into the age of Aquarius, the Waterman. Just like the hexagonal crop circle at the Avebury Stone Circle, on the 2nd of July 2021, an ancient portal of our ancestors, this new crop circle is at the Barbury Castle historic ring fortress. Our Star Gates no longer need to be in the physical world, they are activated geometry that we enter through a raised consciousness. The crop circles over the past 25 years have been showing us this clearly and allowing us to raise ourselves to these higher worlds.

In both the Avebury crop circle and the Barbury Castle circle we can see clearly the cube shaped hexagon, also known as Metatrons Cube or the Tesseract, that hovers in the Lions Gate awaiting our discovery. Both also spiral inwards in a fractal way to the centre of the gate. At Avebury there were 6 spirals each containg 16 steps and here at Barbury Castle there are 12 arms with 4 steps each, however if you follow the triangles spiraling inwards you also find 6 spirals with 8 steps each.

The hexagon is the gateway from the five-dimensional world of spirit consciousness to the sixth dimension of Pure Love. This is the level of Heart Consciousness, a frequency thousands of times higher than our thinking consciousness. This higher level of Love is what we need right now to take us above the earthly level of chaos, anger, and fear that has been projected onto our world over the two years.

This is the opportunity for the radiant light of the Central Sun to flow through our already powerful Leo Sun, to create new solar codes of light within us, and to help us anchor more love and more abundance for the whole of the earth. This is a time for radical healing as we are transforming doubt, pain, anxiety, shame, judgment, guilt, fear and anger. We are meeting our small human self and transmuting this old energy with the courage and roar of the Lion within. Become your true self, become the Angel of Love that you know that you are.

If you look back to the 19th of June we also had a similar crop formation at Hackpen Hill, the Windmill. A more simple circle with 10 windmill sails.

And a hexagonal, six-sided version of the windmill last year at Kitts Lane, a similar Star Gate formation. These are all very powerful transformational symbols. Humanity is at the Great Turning Point of Time, we are raising our consciousness from the fourth dimensional level up to the fifth level and on to the sixth, the level of Pure Love. This transformation has been especially active each year at this period known as the Lion Gate, from the 26th of July through to the 12th of August, and will be especially strong on the 8th of August.

However, for all of those who have not yet passed through the gateway, reaching up to the higher cosmic consciousness, even though the 24 Gates of the Great Transformation are closed after the 21st of December 2021. The Lion Gate period will remain available each year, for many years to come, as a possibility for transformation to the sixth dimension. Although, as each year passes it will become more and more difficult to pass through. The Lion Gate period is certainly an important opportunity to make the transformation and has been of immense help to many people over the last few years.

All you need to do is concentrate on this new crop circle with your heart, and step into the activated, dynamically moving geometry of the Lion Gate.

Dualtiy is the first principle of Alchemy, and of Life. To understand the meaning of Life it is necessary to understand our Universe, which has the direct difficulty that we are not outside looking in, we are inside trying to look out. So, when we look around us here in this world we see everything else outside of ourself and only our own personal self on the inside. By understanding this duality we can make our first step towards understanding all of the other dualities and return to Oneness. You can't look outside of the oneness of the Universe but you can look outside of the oneness of yourself, so by fully understanding who you are on the inside, and knowing that you are connected with the Universal Oneness you can become that Oneness. This is as much a journey into yourself as it is a journey to fully understand what is outside yourself, or as final goal. . . what is outside in the Universe. This is what Transformation truly means.

Reaching up to the sixth dimension of Pure Love is about mixing Fire and Water, about joining the Masculine and the Feminine. This is always shown as the symbol of the Star of David, the hexagram, and it is easy to draw in the masculine version of the Flower of Life called Metatrons Cube. As you can see this is the middle drawing shown above, and it is what appears when the two symbols in the lefthand drawing, showing Water in blue and Fire in red, are moved over each other to create a perfect balance. Then the third drawing appears as you continue to move the two symbols further apart again. The first drawing is the crucible of the Alchemist, with the Fire (Love) of transformation underneath, and the Water (Life) of human consciousness above, it is known as the Holy Grail. The middle drawing is the resulting higher human consciousness, or Cosmic Consciousness of Pure Love, known as Holy Purification. And the third drawing is the level of Universal Cosmic Consciousness, known as the Cosmic Egg.

We can now see how amazing the first phase of this crop circle was. It was important to include this in the process as it showed the duality of this Star Gate, the duality of the matrix. It is in perfect balance, with just as many red as blue segments, and the blue triangles (water) spiraling inwards in an anticlockwise spiral and the red triangles (fire) rotating inwards in a clockwise spiral. Which we see clearly in the following simplified drawings showing two of the spirals.

An excellent lesson in balancing duality out in the wheat fields of Wiltshire. Balancing Fire and Water, male and female, but most importantly this crop circle is here to let us know just how matter and antimatter balance each other in every atom, every sub-atomic particle and in everything all the way up to stars, galaxies and the whole universe. And it is the cube octahedron, the vector-equilibrium, that allows this magical alchemy of matter and antimatter co-existing together in the sub-atomic particles, the building blocks of everything we see and know.

Why should we even be talking about antimatter, we don't need to worry about it at all do we? Science tells us that it has all been annihilated, or at best has disappeared and can't be found. . . end of story. Well only if you believe the story of quantum physics, luckily we are dealing here with modern 21st Century Alchemy and it becomes possible to look at antimatter differently. Be ready to open your eyes and look at the Sun differently, to look at the universe differently. And to finally get to understand what is holding the atoms together and giving them their massive energy field. Antimatter matters!

Matter and antimatter are two sides of the same coin, in fact very much like the two poles of a magnet, or like this new crop circle is showing us. Quantum physics does tell us that whenever matter is created, out of energy (or another particle), it will always create a particle of matter and a particle of antimatter, always. Scientific experiments already allow us to see a particle splitting into a positron (antimatter) spinning counter-clockwise, and an electron (matter) spinning clockwise. However, they can never exist in the same space without annihilating each other, and so science still states that antimatter does not exist in our world, which is a space of matter only.

However, if the structure, the geometry, of space allows these two opposite particles to sit on either side of an electromagnetic barrier, creating the tension we know of as mass, they could co-exist without annihilation. Not only will we find this special geometry in the atom it is also how our own Sun works. The drawing below is a graphic of the magnetic lines of the sun, showing a polarity, just like every magnet that exists. When we start to look at these very real objects in a truly electromagnetic way a matter-antimatter sun clearly becomes tangible and the ratio of matter-antimatter throughout the entire physical universe does in fact appear to be perfectly 50/50, everywhere, including you. It is this duality that creates mass, creates matter, and puts antimatter back into physics. This is such an immensely fine-tuned equilibrium, a perfect balance, that not only allows our world to exist, but has also ensured that we no longer realize that this balance is even real, that matter and antimatter actually co-exist as brother and sister in every single thing.

Now that the 24 Star Gates are closed the Alchemy is finished and the level of Pure Love, the Holy Purification is reached. We can then go on to create within ourselves the Cosmic Egg, this is the spark of Love, Light and Life, known as the Cosmic Christ meeting the Holy Sophia in Alchemical union. Our long journey of Transformation is now complete.

Love & Wisdom

The Alchemist.

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