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Crop Circle Codes - Avebury - Star Gate

Bijgewerkt op: 30 jul. 2021

This crop circle very close to the Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire is an active spiraling hexagonal portal, or Star gate that can be used to transform your human level consciousness to a higher level of spiritual consciousness, of Pure Love.

The Avebury Stone Circle is an ancient gateway into other worlds and although this is not the common use for this old stone circle anymore, it has been the location for quite a number of Star Gate crop circle formations over the years. The most famous is what we call the Avebury Star from 2008. It was a huge and geometrically beautiful star based on the hexagonal geometry of what is known alchemically as Metatron’s Cube.

It is still one of my favorite crop circles with the triangles pointing inwards and outwards, giving it a balanced energy and a feeling that you need to discover a password in order to activate or open the portal. You can find the six-fold geometry of the hexagon at all levels of this wonderful crop circle.

Up until now we have already had activated Star Gates based on the triangle (3), the square (4), and the pentagon (5), but not the hexagon (6), which is quite difficult to draw in this way as the hexagons get very closely stacked. This difficulty has been nicely solved by allowing the six sided hexagons to spiral inwards, giving the beautiful spiraling lines and a real feeling of movement. The triangle gateway reminds us to step out of the two dimensional world of the flat screen media, that we have become addicted to, into the three dimensional world of (real) reality. The square gateway allows us to move from the three dimensional prison of the world of matter up to the four dimensions of thinking, of true human consciousness. Then the pentagonal gateway has allowed us to step up from a simple human consciousness to a higher spiritual consciousness, enlightenment, which has been available to us for some time now.

The new crop circle, from 2nd of July, is in almost the same spot as the Avebury Star and is also clearly the same geometry of the hexagon, or cube. However this time it is already in motion, spiraling inwards into the open portal in the center, it has already been activated and you don’t need a password.

The hexagonal, or six sided gateway is opening for us now as we go into the age of Aquarius, the Waterman. It couldn’t have been done in a better way than this new hexagonal crop circle at the Avebury Stone Circle, this ancient portal of our ancestors. Our Star Gates no longer need to be in the physical world, they are activated geometry that we enter through a raised consciousness. The crop circles over the past 25 years have been showing us this clearly and allowing us to raise ourselves to these higher worlds. The hexagon is the gateway from the five dimensional world of spirit consciousness to the sixth dimension of Pure Love. This is the level of Heart Consciousness, a frequency thousands of times higher than our thinking consciousness. This higher level of Love is what we need right now to take us above the earthly level of chaos, anger, and fear that has been projected onto our world over the last year.

This is the new portal known in astrology as the Lion Gate, it is an activation of your heart, of Love, to give you the Lions courage that is needed in the coming years. With the sun now rising in Aquarius, the Waterman, we have entered this special turning point of time, we are in the cross where the four fixed signs of the Bull, the Angel, the Eagle, and the Lion, are arranged as you can see in this drawing. We are directly opposite the lion (Leo) and are able to use this Lion Gate to raise our human consciousness up to that of our true self, the Angel. Pure Love. This transformation may take many years but we have the opportunity to go through the Lion Gate once every year on or around the 8th of August (8.8).

This is the opportunity for the radiant light of the Central Sun to flow through our already powerful Leo Sun, to create new solar codes of light within us, and to help us anchor more love and more abundance for the whole of the earth. It is a time for radical healing as we are transforming doubt, pain, anxiety, shame, judgment, guilt, fear and anger. We are meeting our small human self and transmuting this old energy with the courage and roar of the Lion within. Become your true self, become the Angel of Love that you know that you are.

Just like the old stone circle at Avebury, which is one of the most ancient initiation centers in England, the Lion Gate at Mycene, Greece, is also an ancient portal, or Star Gate. We have presented it here as one method you can use to take your higher self through into the 6th dimension. Strangely enough the glowing blue Tesseract (double cube) that you meet on the other side looks a lot like the hexagonal crop circle of the geometrical Star Gate at Avebury, showing once again that the physical gate is no longer needed and is merely a metaphor for what we can all now do in our own newly activated Heart consciousness.

This new drawing (that we were working on, and posted earlier this week, before this new Avebury Star Gate appeared), can be used in preparation for this activation on the 8th of August. All you need to do is concentrate on this new crop circle with your heart, and step into the activated, dynamically moving geometry of the Lion Gate.

For up to date information, photos and videos of all the crop circles during this season visit the website

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