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Could we actually be looking at viruses wrongly?

Does a virus have the ability to invade and kill living organisms, plants, animals or people? Can a virus kill you? This is the most fundamental question that we need to ask about any virus, and especially now during this crisis.

It is a question that has never really even been asked, the answer seems so obvious that it would be foolish to even bother asking it. Of course viruses kill, you only have to look at the statistics, the number of people that went into our hospitals alive and came out dead, these statistics are currently splashed all over our TV screens, newspapers and internet, of course viruses kill, especially during a pandemic as we can see. Viruses have been killing people for thousands of years.

Or are we seeing it wrongly? Our scientists, especially the medical scientists, certainly seem to be giving the impression that they know how a virus kills, and the media will always have a complete line-up of these experts to back up the stream of articles and statistics that are flooding our screens at the moment. The scientists are also carefully and wisely advising the whole of our political system as to what to do, and our politicians are responding, on our behalf, to ensure that we understand what is happening and what we all need to do to stamp out this killer virus as soon as possible, or at least to get everyone immune to its effects as quickly as we can. How do you kill a virus then, and are we doing that right now?

You can’t kill a virus. We can’t kill a virus, for one main reason, proven by science, not just by the best scientists, all the scientists know this, a virus is not Alive, therefore of course you can’t kill it. So, how does it know how to attack us, to kill us, and how does it reproduce and mutate? It doesn’t. This is the most significant piece of scientific information that is lacking from the whole discussion at the moment and the key to ever knowing what to do in a pandemic. How do we get a virus pandemic then if these things aren’t even alive? Or, maybe the virus is alive after all, otherwise we can’t really blame it for the obvious deaths it causes and the dramatic disruption to our own lives, our world economy, our social order, to the whole of our modern civilization.

To understand what determines if something is alive, and is not just inert matter, we actually look at what characteristics are no longer there in the organism when it dies. In other words, order to see if something is alive, we count up the list of things it should have if it wasn’t dead. Here are the most commonly things included in that list for any living organism and for any virus;

Then we see, clearly, why we can’t kill a virus, it most definitely isn’t alive, it has none of the characteristics needed to be alive. So, why do we call it a living virus and why do we fear its ability to organize against us, to attack and kill us, to cunningly wreak so much havoc without giving us any means at all to fight back, or to kill it before it kills us?

The simple answer to this question is that we are seeing the whole process wrongly. It is one of those paradoxes where we have understood the whole thing wrongly from the beginning. We are so determined to always fight our enemies, to the death if needed, that we have looked at viruses, since their first discovery as destroyers of life, as living killers. However, in fact, we have never even been able to see these viruses as they are so incredibly small that even our best microscopes can’t see them at all. We needed to first develop the Electron Scanning Microscope, that uses the electromagnetic properties of individual electrons, and some pretty sophisticated electronics, to see a virus for the first time. The incredibly small size of viruses already tells us that they can’t be living, metabolizing organisms and that they can’t be organized killers. So, what are they then, what isn’t science telling us?

All viruses are too small to have any form of self-motivation, reproductive ability or ability to attack anything, they are created in the living cells of the host plant or animal, contain nothing more than inactive DNA strands in a protein sack and are always expelled by the host as soon as possible. Once outside the host they can’t move anywhere or reproduce, eventually they simply deteriorate in the environment like any inert substance.

You can see, in this artists cross-section drawing of a virus, the helical DNA strands are packed into the small package so tightly that there is no room for anything else in there that could possibly be considered to give the virus any ability to plan an attack, to deliberately mass together, to feed itself for the journey or to even move itself to get to the battlefield. There is certainly DNA in there, but what does it do? Well it can’t do anything, there is nothing to control or govern, except for the thin layer of protein molecules, made by the host cell by the way not the virus, and that’s it, that’s a virus.

How does it kill people then, or plants and animals for that matter, especially the ones we are so dependent on for our own food? Why is it so deadly that it is feared by soldiers, armies, governments and whole populations more than any weapons that they may have? That is a good question and the answer is simple, viruses don’t kill anything, viruses can, in some cases, build up in the host organism to such a degree that the hosts own immune system is overwhelmed or the primary life giving organs of the host begin to fail, leading to death. The strange thing about this whole phenomenon is that the viruses aren’t killing anything at all, the host kills itself. In some pandemics, such as the 1918 Spanish Flu, the victims were even mostly young healthy adults who died of a serious overreaction of their own immune system.

Does this mean that viruses are some sort of secret weapon, so powerful that these, smaller than microscopic, grains of DNA can destroy whole civilizations? Shouldn’t we be getting James Bond onto this as soon as we can? Before it’s too late.

Civilization, well this one anyway, is at a crossroad where it needs to decide which way to go next. We have polluted our water, air and soil to a life-threatening degree, we have depleted the natural resources of the earth at an alarming rate, we have encircled the earth with an extensive net of man-made electromagnetism, and we have pushed ourselves into a social structure dominated by overpopulation and survival of the fittest. We are in fact asking the fittest of us to stand strong while the rest will crumble away through hunger, environmental pollution, disease, and direct damage to the very core of life itself, the DNA of our own cells.

The awakening of this civilization will come at the moment we realize that we have been looking at the many and varied viruses on our earth in the wrong way. Viruses do not kill, they can’t kill, we are killing ourselves through the way we are mismanaging the earth and her resources. We are damaging our own DNA through pollution, chemical use and the exponentially growing use of wired and wireless electromagnetic radiation. This is a direct attack on the very genetic makeup of ourselves and every living organism on this planet. Yet the growing number of viruses is not just a sign that this damage is happening, it is also the solution!

The small packages of DNA being carried into our blood, being removed from our bodies in all ways possible, via immune responses, via our lungs, our excretory organs and via our skin, are not attacking viruses they are a natural cleaning process and should be hailed as heroes not as villains. Viruses are created in our own bodies, by our own cells and our own metabolic processes to remove damaged DNA strands in a way that they can be safely removed from the body. And that is what happens, in most cases, we clean out our system with a common immune reaction no different to all other immune reactions, with the viruses even being packaged in a way that the immune system can easily recognize them and even attach onto them for removal. Unfortunately, this cure is sometimes, just like most medical procedures, too much for the patient and they become overwhelmed, with death as the end result. They are not dying from an attack from Inner-Space, they are dying from the result of our own current disregard for human life, all life in fact, of our host planet, planet Earth.

It is time for change, we need to awaken to the true cause of pandemics on earth and start to address the real causes, we need to stop sweeping everything under the carpet and start informing ourselves more fully, we need to create a holistic vision that includes all of life and even all of death, of the living and the non-living beings. We only have one planet and that planet is more than determined to support us with abundance and with life, if we would only learn to better respect that determination and become co-creators with the earth, become co-creators of life while also respecting all of the processes of death, processes that are nothing more than our way of keeping our living spaces free for the living, and our earth free to evolve a new future for all of her inhabitants.

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