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Co-creation - Crop Circle Codes - Eastleigh Court - 18 June 2023

We live in a world of duality, light and darkness, war and peace, rich and poor, male and female, for example, and it is this duality that is powering the many wars at the moment as well as the global disruption caused by a wealthy power base against the rest of us. One way to escape this duality is to retreat into oneness, and the other way is to balance each duality with a third aspect, the trinity. When we are no longer thrown back and forth between two extremes, but find the equilibrium point in the middle we can also find peace, harmony. This is what this new crop circle at Eastleigh Court is showing us.

Over the years we have had many good crop circles clearly depicting the geometry of the trinity, with this great circle appearing in 2019, at Long Wood, showing a similar threefoldness and balance. Reminding us a lot of the 3 phase electric motor.

Or this crop circle at Winterbourne Bassett in 2018 which has very similar radiation of waves going outwards from a threefold center. An energy radiating device could easily give us this sort of frequency pattern, strangely familiar to the hundreds of thousands of cell-phone towers now placed throughout virtually every country of the world.

The transmitters typically arranged in groups of three, pointing in three different directions to get full coverage of the area. Not what everyone wants in their backyard but now unthinkable that we could do without this technology.

Almost every asspect of nature, the natural world is being copied by mankind in an endeavor to take over and control not just the world of nature but also all of humanity. We are creating a technological web around the earth, that we currently call home, without any significant idea of how tis will affect life on earth, all living things. This comes from thousands of years of domination over nature, by certain cultures, and a never ending desire to control everything, to have a feeling of safety through domination. Once again the duality of life and death is apparent.

Or we can seek the third aspect of balance, of harmony with nature. Threefoldness, trinity, is about stepping above duality, reaching up to the divine within our-self and creating a much more harmonious world, a world in which we live together in cooperation rather than separated in fear.

This is a co-creation between humanity, nature, and a divine world that is our own collective consciousness, a cosmic consciousness.

In Alchemy this is called the search for the Philosophers Stone, the elixir of life, or of turning base metals into gold, the mixing of fire and water, but is really a co-creation between the masculine, the feminine, and the divine.

Love & wisdom,

Gary Barham. The Alchemist

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