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Q. Where is all the Anti-matter?

A. Everywhere. The Universe is 50% Matter and 50% Antimatter!

Just like Quantum physics says it is. . . our Universe IS half matter and half antimatter. Everywhere. Even though this may not be what you have been told by everyone else it is a new scientific speculation that we will investigate further.

Antimatter is not just hidden in the middle of every star, including our own Sun, or hidden in a halo around the outside of every solar system, or galaxy, it is part of every atom, it is part of every sub-atomic particle, it is part of every molecule and every cell. . . it is part of you, it is half of everything that makes you. . . you. Everything that makes the world around us and the worlds below our feet, the worlds above our heads is an energetic tension field between matter and antimatter. Everything.

It is this one simple fact, this one piece of hidden science that is holding back all of science, which is holding back the advancement of science, and has been holding back the progress of humanity for decades. Ever since the time of the great discoveries of quantum mechanics we have become trapped in a virtual world, a world of make believe that has been created by the greatest minds of the twentieth century. Have they deliberately trapped us all in this world, is it by design, part of a bigger plan, or did it happen by accident? The great minds that tasked themselves with unraveling the wonders of physics at the start of the last century have woven an unexpected layer of illusion over the reality of our world and led us into an artificial darkness of their own making.

By trying to explain the enigmas of light (the photon as a particle, or as the carrier of an electromagnetic wave, or both at the same time, the photoelectric effect, and the speed limit of the physical universe, the speed of light), we have been led into an inexplicabel world where the craziest of ideas are now presented as modern science, as quantum physics, and this brave new world is called the quantum world. This was a rollercoaster ride for most of the last century, taking us from the first worldwide use of electrical energy to power the second industrial revolution, through the development of wireless radio and TV, up to the development of the computer, the world wide web and artificial intelligence, and the closing of the net around the whole of humanity with the out-roll of the web-connected pocket-sized computer and the internet-of-things.

However, the last three decades has seen this Pandora's Box become steadily more disconnected from the real world, from the natural world, from reality itself. Our modern technology and the plethora of high-tech, everyday, gadgets it has created, has become an entwined web that has completely lost touch with the science that originally created it. The new princess of the sciences, quantum physics, has become veiled in a cloud of uncertainties, probability curves, strings, entanglement, paradoxes and impossible to follow explanations, leaving even the most experienced scientists struggling to explain anything and basically understanding nothing.

Already towards the end of the second decade of the last century the evolving princess of quantum physics had completed most of the mathematics that it needed, and is still used today, to describe the quantum world. So, why is it then that we have become so entangled and even more confused than ever, after more than a century of top-grade science? Well, this came about at the moment of adding the finishing touches to the wave equations of quantum mechanics. This addition predicted that not only would matter be real, in this world, but that it would be accompanied by an equal amount of antimatter, the other side of the coin. For every particle of matter created there was also, and always, a particle of antimatter created, always. But this is also where the greatest blunder of science occurs. A simple problem that has gone on to create a snowballing of problems that are still with us today.

When science went out to find the immense layer of antimatter that must be underpinning all of matter, the creation of everything we can see and touch, the creation of visible matter out of the harmonious balance between matter and antimatter, they came up with a blank. They were unable to find anything more than a trace of where the antimatter would be, nothing more than the shadows made by tiny sub-atomic particles of antimatter passing through the earth atmosphere, spiraling off in the opposite direction to particles of matter. Creating yet another paradox for the scientists; antimatter is real, and measurable, it is part of the science that makes up our world, but it is nowhere to be found in any significant amount, and according to the science of today it is certainly not in a 50/50 proportion with the matter that we do see.

Our current theory is that just after the big bang, that created our universe out of nothing, all of the matter and antimatter created was annihilated again. That an immense battle between the matter and antimatter particles that were created saw all of the antimatter destroyed again, this annihilation creating an immensely vast number of photons, light, with a very small proportion of the matter particles then surviving to create the universe of matter that we have come to know, and now call home. If any antimatter survived it has not yet been found. Short lived antimatter particles are still being created by the sun, by other stars, and by particle collisions, but soon annihilate again open meeting up with a particle of matter.

Antimatter cannot survive in our universe of matter, and if it is to be found in any quantity this could only be in a part of the universe where it has become fully isolated from any form of actual matter, or in a parallel, but not touching universe. This is what quantum theory tells us at the moment. However, a new theory of Quantum Geometry introduces a fully alternative view, one in which our known universe is indeed half matter and half antimatter, everywhere, from the smallest of particles up to the largest of galaxies, the stars, and also you.

Firstly, we will find that the most well known and prolific objects in all of space, the stars, are made up of half matter, on the outside of the star, and half antimatter, the inside of the star. Think of our own sun, which is in fact also a star in its own right, we can only investigate the outer reaches of the sun and it appears to be made of matter, protons, neutrons, and electrons, making up all of the atoms and molecules that we know. We have no evidence of what actually makes up the inside of the sun, under that burning, roiling, surface layer that we can see. By peering into the apparent holes in the surface, the sunspots, we begin to imagine what may be there, and we have many theories, even though there is still no way of knowing for sure.

There is no known formula of physics or quantum theory that would prevent the inner workings of the sun from being pure antimatter. In fact, if the sun is to meet the requirements of quantum theory it needs to be half antimatter and the inside of this local star would be a fantastic place to put it. What then is keeping the matter in the outer part of the sun from annihilating all of the antimatter stored within the sun? Well, the answer is nothing. The sun, as you may have noticed fulfills almost all of the requirements of a matter-antimatter annihilation. There is a constant annihilation in progress giving off vast amount of heat and light, photons, just like any annihilation. However, as we can also experience, it is not an instantaneous, complete annihilation, a big bang, as we are still here to watch it slowly unfolding, on a human timescale anyway.

Just like a transistor that regulates the flow of electrons in an electrical circuit, the sun, like most stars, also has a feedback loop of electrons returning towards the sun creating a natural back pressure and containing the explosion. This further explains the electrical nature of the sun and its electromagnetic toroidial form. The sun is powered by an unending matter-antimatter reaction and may in fact have an almost endless supply of fuel, in contrast with the limited lifespan of the nuclear hydrogen theory of the sun. Our sun becomes a much more simple birthplace for the building blocks of the solar system and for all of life, it becomes a natural cauldron for the creation of almost all of the subatomic particles and atoms in our solar system, and therefore of all elements, molecules, and all of our chemistry. The sun is able to mix in an exactly precise way what we now call visible matter, but what is actually, truly a 50/50 mix of matter and antimatter, creating our world.

It is the geometry of the subatomic particles, the neutrons, protons, and electrons, that allows these building blocks of our universe to not self annihilate despite being made up of both matter and antimatter at this smallest of scale. The sun becomes a melting pot of activity with a negative space on the inside, creating the negatively charged electrons from mostly antimatter quarks, and a positive space on the outside, creating the positively charged protons out of mostly matter quarks. By mixing an exact number of quarks and antiquarks, three of each, the sun is also able to make the neutron with a neutral or zero charge. All atoms made of equal numbers of neutrons, protons, and circling electrons, will also then have a neutral charge, with the negatively charged electrons balancing the positively charged protons.

The precise geometry of the subatomic particles, and the atoms they make up ensures an immensely powerful tension field within these particles that allows the atoms, and individual electrons, to carry this energy far from the sun, reaching us here on Earth and also traveling out to the outer reaches of our solar system. The steady stream of photons, electrons and atoms flowing from the sun in the solar wind are what powers all of life on earth. The magnetic torus form of our solar system also ensures that almost all unused energy sent out by the sun is recycled back to the sun again in a continuous loop. The sun is our extremely efficient, constantly recycling, fully balanced, energy supplier, powering our complete solar system.

Essentially, we only need four building blocks, fundamental particles, to create all of our material universe at the subatomic level: quarks, antiquarks, photons, and gluons. The geometric configuration of gluons and photons within each of the subatomic particles, neutrons, protons, and electrons, ensures that the quarks and antiquarks within these constructions do not self annihilate. This not only fully explains where the positive and negative charges, of the protons and electrons, actually come from but also opens a completely new world of quantum physics that goes on to explain all of physics and chemistry in a fully holistic way.

The antimatter of our universe is not lost, but is in fact everywhere, bound up within every subatomic particle, and every atom of our physical world. It is not self annihilating but, in this quantum geometric form, becomes the high-tension powerpack of the worlds. So, although this sounds like science fiction nowadays, it is the basic scientific concept behind the old esoteric knowledge of alchemy and of the ancient highly-advanced civilizations of the earth. It is not lost but is simply awaiting rediscovery.

Our world is duality, everything has its opposite, there are two sides to every coin. When you come to fully see the world, as it really is, you discover that there are no one-way arrows, none. Even the matter that we believe makes up our universe has its opposite in antimatter, and this antimatter is to be found in all of matter, in equal balance, in harmony with everything that is. This is not as difficult to see as we have come believe, life is not about destruction, annihilation, but is about creation, building up, evolution. The one-way arrow of time, driven by a never ceasing entropy, also has its opposite in syntropy and the concept of ant-time, or reverse time.

Modern 21st Century Alchemy has no difficulty with the concept of duality, in fact Alchemy has always worked with nothing else, from the mixing of fire and water, male and female, light and darkness and of course good and evil. All of these dualities have the ability to annihilate each other, and often do, life is all about managing your dualities, holding the balance, and creating harmony. Nature herself has always shown us the way in these things and the harmonic geometric synthesis of matter and antimatter is what really powers our universe, since the beginning of time. Just compare this to one of the most man-made illusions we know of, money. If you have a debt at the bank, which most of us do in one form or another, it is vitally important to keep this separated from your savings account, which has real money in it, otherwise you definitely risk an immediate annihilation of your real money by your negative money, instantaneously, if you let them touch. But this doesn’t stop us from holding our money in the bank, we simply manage this polarity, allowing us to grow both financially and physically.

Knowing how the natural world, the quantum world, manages this dichotomy of matter and antimatter will be the single most important contribution to science this century and the most real opening of our eyes to the truth. This will be an awakening from the darkness of a one-sided science, a science that sees only one half of the picture, to the light of freedom, to the true wisdom of how nature creates out of harmony, balance, utilizing fully the tension fields born of true opposites. Open your eyes to the Light.

Love & Wisdom

The Alchemist.

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