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Absolute Time - Crop Circle - Preston Grange - 2 August 2023

Even though this new crop circle is quite simple it is very cleanly made, a simple star with three moons, one in the middle. However, here we will look at this as an amazing symbol for Absolute Time. The three circles represent the threefoldness of time, past, present, and future, and the fourfold star in the middle represents the four directions of space. In this one symbol we incorporate both space and time, it is a SpaceTime diagram. The first circle on the left shows us that the past has already gone, and the circle on the right shows us that the future still has to arrive. Then the cross in the middle shows us that everything spatial, everything that we know of as matter, is only happening now, in the present. This is Absolute Time, that shows us clearly that there is only now, the present, ever, that we always live in the now, and that the now is the only place that we find the physical world.

We have already seen the star as crop circle this year at Chillandham Lane on the 4th of July, the day of freedom. Although it was not a fourfold star, but an eightfold star, the double of this current one. It was a good representation of the matrix of matter, with a circle around it, it shows how we are trapped in matter, trapped in the matrix, the duality of matter and antimatter.

This new crop circle at Preston Grange is going to show us how to escape the duality of the matrix by stepping into time, into Absolute Time.

When we turn the crop circle into a swinging pendulum, we clearly see that a swing to the left takes us out of the now, back into the past, where we have come from, and that a swing to the right takes us out of the past into the future. Both of these swings take us out of the now, they are not real, the only reality is now. These two outer points of the swinging pendulum are held apart by the cross of matter in the middle. Outside of the two arrows, that are pointing towards the past and the future, there is no now, no physical matter, only what has been and what is to come.

This introduces a new concept of time that steps in quanta, rather than the smooth liniear time that we currently use. Time steps into the future one quanta at a time, known to science as a chronon, stepping out of the current now, into the new now, one step at a time, the old now becoming the past. In Quantum Geometry this is known as QuanTime.

Both the crop circle at Hatherden Lane on the 25th of July and at Allan King Way on the 26th of June were showing us the swinging pendulum. Especially the circle at Allan King Way shows us the arrangement of clock time, twelve outer circles, being crowned by physical matter.

Is this the God of Time, Chronos being trapped in matter, or is it showing the way out of matter, by stepping into time. We must use Absolute Time and not relative time. When the Theory of Special Relativity abolished Absolute Time we sank deeper into the trap of matter.

First the Special Theory of Relativity, and then the General Theory of Relativity, after that, took us out of an absolute space, a fixed universe, and absolute time, synchronized time, and made both space and time relative to the observer, SpaceTime. This appears at first sight to set us free of a fixed universe, and allow us to create our own world, as we would see it as the observer, however, it has actually trapped us in a universe that is not anchored in reality, but has become an illusionary world, a world of our own imagination.

Quantum Geometry removes this imaginary world by anchoring space, a non-fixed evolving space, to the zero-point field, the zero-point of space, to a fixed time, Absolute Time. This absolute time is synchronized throughout the universe giving all of space a fixed reference point. As the Universe evolves in space it is anchored in time, this is the opposite of the fixed space and moving time that was scientific belief before relativity. So, instead of setting both space and time adrift on the seas of the universe, we set space free to give and evolving universe and anchor this to a fixed time. QuanTime.

The zero-point between space and counterspace, between matter and antimatter, is a vanishing point or threshold between two balanced worlds, and can be found as the center of gravity in every object that has mass, from an atom all the ay up to the sun, the stars, and the galaxies. The simplest way to imagine this is two light cones, represented by the symbol X, one facing up and one facing down, the center of the cross is the zero-point. All zero-points in every system, whether it is an atom or a star, are synchronized and step together in time. Simply shown in the new crop circle at Preston Grange as the central cross.

Nature has long known this and originally gave us the hour glass, not only as a way of measuring time but as a very simple symbol for time. It is the cross of the zero-point and the balance between space and counterspace. Time is the anchor point of physical reality and always remains fixed, synchronized throughout the whole universe, this is the return of Absolute Time to our world and the moment where, and when, we finally set ourselves free of the imprisonment of matter.

We can now see that time anchors matter into the now, in the center, and fades in from the past or fades out into the future. We are stepping through QuanTime from the past and then on into the future. This our time line. But if you look at this line of reality how can you tell which direction is the past and which is the future? We know from our picture of reality that the past is on the left and the future is on the right, that time always moves from left to right. But this is only a convention, a depiction of time that we adhere to in science. In reality time can move in both directions, and does.

Antimatter is not only the opposite, the reverse of matter in every way it also reverses time. Antimatter is matter moving backwards in time. It fades into reality, into the now, from the right, which is its past, and fades off to the left, which is its future. This is what is happening at every moment of time. Matter moves in from the left and meets antimatter coming in from the right. They meet in the now, they create the now, our reality, and then move on. Just as quantum physics tells us, the world we live in should be made of equal amounts of matter and antimatter, and it is.

So, how is it then that the antimatter coming from the future does not annihilate the matter that is arriving from the past, to meet in the now? Here is where we need Quantum Geometry that allows matter and antimatter to join forces at the level of the fundamental particles, to combine in the subatomic particles in equal amounts without annihilation. It is not a destruction, an explosion, but becomes a unification, a marriage that creates the tension field that is harmoniously present in every atom. Geometry keeps these matter and antimatter particles carefully apart in the atom with a geometric form called the gluon equilibrium. It is at this smallest level, one step above the zero-point, that physical reality appears out of the zero-point field to create all of the material universe.

This super precision at the quantum level can only happen if time is precisely synchronized at every zero-point of the zero-point field, matter and antimatter move through space, creating space, while anchored in time, absolute time, QuanTime.

You can read more about this new science, this 21st Century Alchemy on the website of The Alchemist Studio. This is the paradigm shift needed in science at the moment and we are very interested to hear what you think.

Love & wisdom,

Gary Barham. The Alchemist

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