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By coming to understand how Quantum Geometry brings order into the chaos of quantum physics, we truly begin to see a complete Theory of Everything appearing on the horizon of science for the first time. By allowing all the particles of the atom to dance in synchronicity with each other, creating the geometrically in-formed tension fields of the atom, creating all of matter in harmony with the laws of nature we are establishing a New Holistic Science.

It is not by looking up to the heavens that we will find this new theory, but by understanding the smallest sub-atomic particles, as this is where our material world meets the world of the stars, the worlds of the etheric fields. These are higher spiritual realms, that are of pure energy, and contain no physical matter, but are the guiding and governing fields of everything that appears as matter. The etheric fields are essential to our new theory, but we shouldn’t see them as being unreal or impossible to visualise, they are simply one small step away from our physical world and are easy to find by way of their effects on this world. These etheric fields are now known as the quantum fields or the matrix and are already being intimately studied, even if not yet fully understood. These are the worlds of primordial energy, the forces that power our sun and all of the solar system, the Solar Torus, it is from these energy fields that our particles of matter, and matter itself, originate.


So, now that we have the first two of our building blocks of matter, the quarks and antiquarks, we allow these two to come together in a cosmic union of the Mother and the Father. This union firstly creates the Son, the being of light, the Sun, and the multitude of photons. These photons are the carriers of the electrical force in quantum physics, the male aspect of radiating outwards, repulsion, and levity, the force of Life known as syntropy. Secondly, this cosmic union brings forth the Daughter, the being of Darkness, the Moon, and the myriad of gluons. These gluons are the carriers of the magnetic force, the feminine aspect of drawing inwards, attraction, and gravity, the force of Death (decay) known as entropy.


This is all we need to know for a complete Theory of Everything. By clearing all of the mountains of chaotic information out of the way, the endless libraries created after the time of Babylon, we come down to these four basic particles, the quarks and antiquarks, and the photons and gluons, and four fundamental forces of the warmth ether, light ether, sound ether and life ether. With these four basic building blocks and four fields of activity we are able to create all of the known universe, all of matter, the stars, planets, the atoms, the four elements, the minerals, plants, animals and man.

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