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Quantum Geometry opens the door to a whole new science and amazing possibilities for discoveries that will completely change our lives and society itself. The first of these, and probably one of the most important is Energy. We need to truly power our modern world in a modern way, and this energy must come from the sun itself, our only pure energy source. Correctly understanding the duality of Matter and Antimatter and how we can apply this everywhere will lead on to a new universal Fair-Trade Energy.

Wave particle duality.gif

Using the light of the sun in an electro-chemical way such as used by solar panels, and the whole of the plant world of course, is not really taking us in the right direction. Solar panels are still very, very inefficient at converting sunlight into energy and are using massive amounts of valuable resources in a very planet unfriendly way. Burning fossil fuels and wood, also originally created by the sun, has an even more disastrous effect on the earth and we know that we need to just stop doing this. Nuclear fuel, whether using fission, which is extremely dangerous to the health of the planet, or fusion, which is supposed to be better, is also just an electro-chemical process and not very efficient. Antimatter is also promoted as a massive energy source that is scientifically proven to be available as a fuel for our future technology, however at this stage it is not possible to create antimatter in any viable way. 

Taking energy straight out of the zero-point field, the matrix is a long anticipated dream and many inventors have claimed to have made good progress, however there is still little to show for all of this work. Even from a Quantum Geometry perspective it seems that this is still a zero-sum game, you need to put in just as much energy to run the experiment as you will get out. Up until today there is no well known method to achieve this dream, and just as importantly no commonly known scientific formula or method that is leading towards this. The pure geometry involved in the zero-point field leaves no direct possibility to extract anything without destabilizing the field at that point and so losing contact again.


What Quantum Geometry does tell us though is that our science has been fundamentally missing the true story of how the universe is made and missing the knowledge needed to understand the energy fields of the cosmos and at the quantum level. This new information re-opens the whole field of research into matter and antimatter. We don't need to go searching for antimatter in some far off corner of the universe or try to make in an extremely expensive particle collider, antimatter makes up 50% of everything, it is the tension field that gives matter its mass._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


It is not that we haven't been looking for antimatter all these years, we have just been looking in the wrong places. Now that we finally know where to find it we can start again from the beginning with our research into this endless energy source. Both James Maxwell and Nikolai Tesla were on the right path, however Maxwell was too early to fully reach this new science and Tesla was too late, other vested interests had their own ideas and simply hijacked this work for their own corporations._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   


We are working towards a New Energy that will set all of humanity free from the dependency on corporatized, non-renewable and polluting energy. It will not be a Free Energy system as even nature does not work in this one-sided way of taking for nothing. It will be a Fair Trade energy that works on give and take, in way that those who need energy can receive exactly the amount that they need at that moment for a specific need and no more that that. This energy will not be trade-able as there will never be an over supply at the source or at the point of use. No one will be able to be in charge of this energy, it will just be there when needed, and not before. Like surfing a wave, you can use the energy of the wave for a free ride, but capturing the waves themselves and selling them is just not feasible (by that we mean actually selling the waves themselves, and not the primitive wave driven wave driven electricity generator).

As more people get involved and the public start to understand the concepts involved this New Energy will become available, and most likely change the world in ways that are still unimaginable. Energy is the key to worldwide transformation. 

If you like what you are hearing then stay connected with the Alchemist studio, or get involved yourself.

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